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  • Experts in Vibration Isolation
  • Rubber Bonded to Metal Products
  • Products to Customer Specifications
  • Based in Farnham, South of England


Unit 1 Monkton Park, Farnham Trading Estate

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Saturday : 8:30 - 5:30

Welcome to AVA Ltd

You have reached AVA Ltd we have been producing Anti-Vibration Solutions for high stress and mission critical machine mounts and applications for 70 years. Our expertise can be relied on to ensure that you receive completely reliable Vibration Isolation solutions.

No other company understands the complexities involved in Anti Vibration technologies like
AVA, we can develop and manufacture solutions for our clients by examining your application. To do this please contact a member of our team or visit our website for more details.

Not only do we specialise in Anti Vibration Mounts but we can also manufacture any Rubber Bonded to Metal Products to customers specifications.

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Anti Vibration Mounts

If you are looking for totally reliable Anti Vibration mounts then look no further than AVA, we are the experts in manufacturing and defining the very highest quality Anti Vibration Machine Mounts.

Our mounts are fully bespoke and designed to your individual specifications.

Our range of Anti Vibration Mounts can be used in:

- Formula 1 Racing Cars
- HVAC Applications
- Industrial Applications
- Medical Equipment
- Military Equipment
- and more...

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