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Assyst Bullmer Ltd

Unit 6B, South Park Way
Wakefield West Yorkshire

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    Assyst Bullmer Ltd

    CAD design and Automatic Cutting

    Make upholstery?

    We can help you design products, save fabric and cut any product in plain fabric, pattern matched or leather.

    Design clothing?
    We can help you cut your designs, grading them and seeing the design in 3D as a virtual sample.

    Cut carbon fibre composites?
    We supply ply cutters to cut your products accurately.

    Make leather goods?
    Saddles, handbags, seating can be cut automatically on our cutters.

    Assyst Bullmer supply companies that use flexible materials with the best CAD software, spreading and automatic cutting machines. Materials include all textiles, leather, pvc , carbon fibre composites, pre preg fabrics, fibreglass etc and customers work in areas such as clothing, fashion, upholstery, aerospace, automotive, F1 teams, horse saddles, bags, car mats, carpets.

    Spreading or laying machines lay out the textile multi ply to the correct length and are commonly used in clothing and upholstery manufacture.

    Assyst Bullmer are a UK company, located in Wakefield and covering the whole of the UK and Ireland. Our machines are made in Germany. We install, train and support our customers wherever they are located. Our customers are in varied industries but our systems are critical to their success every day.

    Laser Lining
    Assyst Bullmer Ltd are now able to supply a range of line lasers, cross lasers and point lasers manufactured by LAP.

    The lasers we have can offer a great solution to mark cutting lines or create accurate placement points. This can hugely increase productivity and decrease waste. Our lasers can work for a number of applications, so please give us a call to discuss how we can help.

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    Products and Services

    1. 3D Fashion Design
    2. 3D Textile Rendering
    3. Area Marking
    4. Auto Cutting Machine
    5. Automated Cutting Machine
    6. Automated Cutting Machinery
    7. Automatic Cutting Machine
    8. Automatic Fabric Cutting
    9. Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine
    10. Body Scanners
    11. BW Cutters
    12. CAD Computer Aided Design
    13. CAD Design
    14. Cad/Cam
    15. Car Mat Production
    16. Car Seat Design 3D
    17. Carbon Fibre Cutting
    18. Carpet Cutting
    19. Cloth Cutting Machine
    20. Cloth Cutting Machines
    21. Clothing Grading
    22. Clothing Sizing
    23. CNC Cutting Tables
    24. Cnc Knife Cutting
    25. Composite Cutters
    26. Cross Laser
    27. Crosshair Lasers
    28. Cutter Machine
    29. Cutting Knives
    30. Cutting Lines
    31. Cutting Machine
    32. Cutting Machine For Fabric
    33. Cutting Machinery
    34. Fabric Cutter
    35. Fabric Cutter Machine
    36. Fabric Cutters
    37. Fabric Cutting
    38. Fabric Cutting Machine
    39. Fabric Cutting Table
    40. Fabric Die Cutter
    41. Fabric Die Cutting Machine
    42. Fabric Spreaders
    43. Fashion Design
    44. Flat Bed Cutting
    45. Flatbed Cutting Machines
    46. Gerber Cutters
    47. Kevlar Cutting
    48. Laser Aligner
    49. Laser Alignment
    50. Laser Alignment Systems
    51. Laser Assisted Kitting
    52. Laser Cutting
    53. Laser Cutting Machines
    54. Laser Kitting
    55. Laser Positioning Systems
    56. Laser Projectors
    57. Layup Machines
    58. Leather Cutting Machine
    59. Leather Cutting Machinery
    60. Leather Nesting
    61. Line Laser
    62. Made To Measure Clothing
    63. Mat Cutting
    64. Material Alignment Solutions
    65. Material Cutting Machine
    66. Nesting Software
    67. Optitex Software
    68. Pattern Digitising
    69. Pattern Match Cutting
    70. Plasma Cutters
    71. Point Laser
    72. Processing Laser Points
    73. Saddle Making
    74. Saddlery
    75. Seating Production
    76. Sofa Manufacture
    77. Textile Cutting Machine
    78. Ultra Wide Printing
    79. Ultrasonic Cutting Machines
    80. Upholstery Cutting
    81. Upholstery Cutting Table
    82. Upholstery Design 3D
    83. Upholstery Manufacture
    84. Zund Blades

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