Ascot Tool Hire

Ascot Tool Hire

The Forge, Fernbank Rd, Winkfield Row
Ascot Berkshire

  • Premium, trade-standard tools, equipment or plant machinery
  • Hire tools, buy equipment or rent plant machinery
  • Over 40 years of combined industry-specific experience
  • UK Supplier
    Family Run Business
    Hire Services
    Experienced Staff

    Ascot Tool Hire

    If you've been looking for a reliable tool hire company in Ascot and the surrounding area including Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire and West London look no more because Ascot Tool Hire offers one of the largest ranges of premium tools and what's more at highly competitive prices.

    � Tools & Machinery Hire
    � Tools & Machinery Sales
    � Plant Hire
    � Tool Repairs
    � Consumables
    � Leisure Equipment
    � Site Equipment
    � Garden Equipment
    � Car Equipment
    � Heating, Cooling and Drying Appliances
    � Calor Gas

    With over 40 years of experience in the industry Ascot Tool Hire is able to provide customers with some of the best deals available on the market today.

    Flexible and Affordable

    Whether short term or long term you'll find Ascot Tool Hire offers a range of cost effective and flexible services so why not contact us today to find out how we could help you with your building or DIY project.

    Tools & Machinery Hire

    Whether it�s a small refurbishment or large scale redevelopment project, Ascot can help you with our diverse range of tools, machinery and specialist equipment.

    Power Tools

    If you're thinking of carrying out a DIY project it�s important to ensure you have the safe and appropriate power tools. Ascot Tool Hire has a wealth of experience in the building industry and will direct you in choosing the right tools for the job.

    Car Equipment

    Whether a DIY'er or professional mechanic we have a wide range of premium bodywork and equipment available. From dent pullers, panel beating kits and car polishers to welders and battery chargers you'll find all you need from Ascot Tool Hire so why not make us you're one stop shop for all of your car equipment needs.

    Tool & Machinery Sales

    If you're looking to purchase premium tools or machinery you can save money by choosing Ascot Tool Hire.

    Purchasing Second Hand Equipment

    Have you ever thought of buying for just a couple of days to see if you've got the right piece of equipment?

    Did you know that at Ascot Tool Hire we will give you the opportunity to test drive you're chosen equipment to see if it�s right for your type of work before committing to buy.

    To find out more about this service or anything else please head over to our online shop or give us a call.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:00 to 17:30
    Tuesday 08:00 to 17:30
    Wednesday 08:00 to 17:30
    Thursday 08:00 to 17:30
    Friday 08:00 to 17:30
    Saturday 08:30 to 16:00
    Sunday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Air Cooler Hire
    2. Air Coolers
    3. Battery Charger Hire
    4. Battery Chargers
    5. Blower
    6. Blower Hire
    7. Blowers
    8. Breaker Hire
    9. Breakers
    10. Calor Gas
    11. Car Equipment
    12. Car Polisher Hire
    13. Car Polishers
    14. Carpet Cleaner Hire
    15. Carpet Cleaners
    16. Cement Mixer Hire
    17. Cement Mixers
    18. Chainsaw Hire
    19. Chainsaws
    20. Cleaning Equipment
    21. Cleaning Equipment Hire
    22. Cleaning Equipment Industrial
    23. Cleaning Equipment Repair
    24. Cleaning Equipment Sales
    25. Cleaning Equipment Service
    26. Cleaning Equipment Suppliers
    27. Commercial Cleaning Equipment
    28. Compaction Equipment
    29. Compaction Equipment Hire
    30. Compressor Hire
    31. Compressors
    32. Construction Equipment
    33. Consumables
    34. Cooling
    35. Cooling Fan
    36. Cooling Fans
    37. Cultivator
    38. Cultivator Hire
    39. Dehumidifier
    40. Dehumidifiers
    41. Dent Pullers
    42. Dent Pullers Hire
    43. Drying
    44. Dust Extractor Hire
    45. Dust Extractors
    46. Electric Heater
    47. Electric Heater Hire
    48. Electric Heaters
    49. Flame Gun Hire
    50. Flame Guns
    51. Floor Cleaning Equipment
    52. Garden Equipment
    53. Garden Machinery
    54. Gas Heater
    55. Gas Heater Hire
    56. Gas Heaters
    57. Generator Hire
    58. Generators
    59. Grease Gun Hire
    60. Grease Guns
    61. Hand Tool Hire
    62. Heating
    63. Heavy Construction Equipment
    64. Heavy Plant Hire
    65. Hedge Trimmer
    66. Hedge Trimmer Hire
    67. Hedge Trimmers
    68. Leisure Equipment
    69. Machinery Hire
    70. Mower Hire
    71. Mowers
    72. Office Air Cooler
    73. Office Air Cooler Hire
    74. Office Air Coolers
    75. Panel Beating Kit Hire
    76. Panel Beating Kits
    77. Petrol Pressure Washer Hire
    78. Petrol Pressure Washers
    79. Plant And Machinery Hire
    80. Plant And Tool Hire
    81. Plant Hire
    82. Plant Hire Companies
    83. Plant Hire Equipment
    84. Plant Hire Sales
    85. Plant Hire Specialist
    86. Plant Machinery Hire
    87. Plant Tool Hire
    88. Power Tools
    89. Pressure Washer Hire
    90. Pressure Washers
    91. Rake Hire
    92. Rakes
    93. Roller Hire
    94. Rollers
    95. Rotavator Hire
    96. Rotavators
    97. Saw Hire
    98. Saws
    99. Self Drive Plant Hire
    100. Shovel Hire
    101. Shovels
    102. Site Equipment
    103. Space Heater
    104. Space Heater Hire
    105. Stump Grinder Hire
    106. Stump Grinders
    107. Tool Hire
    108. Tool Repairs
    109. Tool Sales
    110. Tools
    111. Welder Arc Hire
    112. Welder Arcs
    113. Welder MIG
    114. Welder MIG Hire
    115. Welder MIGs

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