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  • Sole distributors for Aralab, QualMark, Suga & Sentek Dynamics
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    Alphatech Limited

    For the Hire, Sale and Service of Environmental Test Chambers, Humidity Chambers, Plant Growth Research Chambers, Vibration Shakers and Controllers, look no further than Alphatech, your trusted supplier and independent UKAS 17025 Accredited Test Lab.

    Established in 1997, Alphatech serve all industry sectors offering testing services from our UKAS test lab and environmental chambers of all types for hire/lease, sale, servicing and support.

    We are the sole UK distributors for Aralab (plant growth research chambers) QualMark corporation (HASS and HALT chambers), Suga and CME chambers, Crystal Instruments and Sentek Dynamic Vibration test and measurement solutions.

    Operating from our state-of-the-art test house facilities, Alphatech always have and always will aim to achieve excellence, strive to exceed our customer's expectations and value the quality of products and services we provide.

    Environmental Test Chambers

    In the UK and Ireland Alphatech are exclusive distributors for some of the worlds most prestigious manufacturers of environmental test chambers like Aralab.

    Aralab are a Portugal based manufacturer that design and develop some of the world�s highest performance environmental test chambers and temperature chambers.

    Alphatech supply 3 variations of Aralab Environmental Test Chambers - Reach-In, Walk-In and Mini:

    Reach-In Chambers
    Aralab TESTA temperature and humidity test chambers offer the most advanced technology in climate control, providing reproducible and precise conditions for temperature and climactic testing. The interior is flexible with removable and height adjustable stainless steel shelves. To ensure uniformity of climactic conditions the TESTA reach-in chambers incorporate internal aerodynamic optimisation and are compliant with international requirements and standards.

    Walk-In Chambers
    Their range of FitoClima and FitoTerm walk-in environmental test chambers provide the ideal solution for humidity testing, temperature and climactic testing, accelerated aging and stress testing, simulation and exposure to weather. Walk-in chambers are perfect for production facilities, research and development studies, quality control and material testing. They are easily programmable with internal testing volumes from 8000 - 12000 litres.

    Mini Test Chambers
    The TESTA_e temperature and humidity testing chambers includes all the features of the TESTA reach-in chamber but in a compact form. Mini test chambers are ideal for the Electronics, Aerospace and Automotive industries for testing military equipment, building materials and materials in general research.

    Plant Growth Research Chambers

    Aralab are also our manufacturer of choice for Plant Growth Research Chambers & Controlled Environment Rooms, they have been perfecting ways to create and control humidity, temperature and a range of environmental conditions for more than 25 years.

    We offer a specialist range of plant growth research chambers that includes Arabidopsis Growth Chambers, Tissue Culture Chambers, Seed Germination Chambers and an extensive range of reach-in-rooms, single-tier, multi-tier and Benchtop Plant Growth Research Chambers.


    - Recreate humidity and temperature with exceptional uniformity & precision
    - ClimaPlus (touchscreen controller) provides easily programmable conditions
    - FitoClima 600, 1200 & PLH are also suitable for Arabidopsis
    - The FitoClima HP is equipped with dimmable (full spectrum) ceramic metal halide lamps
    - Walk in plant growth research chambers range from 5000 litres internal volume to 25000 litres


    With our huge experience and extensive product range Alphatech will ensure you get the right solution at a competitive price, no matter what product testing requirements you may have.

    Alphatech offer a vast range of Environmental Test Chambers & related products:

    - Climatic Chambers
    - Stability Chambers
    - Battery Testing
    - Plant Growth Research Chambers / Entomology Chambers
    - HALT & HASS Chambers
    - Vibration Test Systems & Controllers
    - Chambers for Metrology, Calibration and Quality Control
    - Psychrometric Test Rooms
    - Data Acquisition & Data Loggers
    - Weather Meters
    - Thermal Shock Chambers
    - Corrosion Test Chambers
    - Dust Test Chambers
    - Heating & Drying Ovens
    - Altitude Test Chambers

    UKAS-Accredited Test Lab

    Our UK based and UKAS accredited test lab specialises in performing a range of tests in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17025:

    - Temperature Testing
    - Humidity Testing
    - Thermal Shock Testing
    - Vibration Testing
    - Shock Testing
    - Bump Testing
    - Drop Testing
    - Ingress Protection Testing
    - Salt Spray Testing

    Alphatech have a specialist team of engineers and technicians that ensure testing is performed to our customers own specific requirements or in accordance with the appropriate industry standards.

    During the duration of testing customers are welcome to be on site in our laboratory located in Haverhill, Suffolk, they will receive refreshments and complimentary wifi in our dedicated customer room.

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