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    Alan Butcher Components Ltd

    Alan Butcher Components are a leading electronic components supplier distributing electro mechanical and electronic components since 1986. We have developed considerable experience over this time, supplying OEMs, designers, manufacturers and broad-line distributors within a variety of industries.

    We are a family business with a strong focus on our customers and the belief of communicating with you. Our products are of the highest quality and our customer service is excellent no matter how big or small the order.

    - A person at the end of the telephone
    - Competitive pricing
    - Exceptional customer service
    - Ex-stock delivery for most products
    - High quality & reliable products
    - Innovative, modern and beautifully designed products
    - Pro-active delivery updates
    - Rapid responses to enquiries
    - Scheduled/call-off ordering
    - Technical support
    - Wide product portfolio

    Reed Switches and Sensors
    ABC supplies reed switches and reed sensors manufactured by PIC, Germany. Reed switches and sensors offer a highly economic, non-touch switching solution. They are widely used within every day applications, such as:

    - Washing machine door lock controls
    - Window and door security systems
    - Medical products - pace makers and hearing aids
    - Speedometers

    In addition to the reed switches and sensors, you can also purchase magnets from ABC.

    IEC Connectors
    ABC offers a wide range of mains rated inlet sockets conforming to IEC/EN60320 specifications. Applications include power tools, office equipment, heating/air conditioning products, medical equipment and power distribution panels. We supply IEC connectors manufactured by Molveno, Italy

    Signal Lamps
    We offer signal lamps and indicator lights in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Light sources include neon/incandescent lamps and LEDs.

    Sounders / Buzzers
    We have a comprehensive range of piezo and electromechanical audio indicators (DC) and audio transducers (AC). We are also very happy to discuss the development of products, manufactured specifically for individual customers.

    Electret Microphones
    We supply a range of Omni, uni-directional and noise cancelling microphones which are used in applications such as PDAs, small recording devices, security entry systems, hearing aids and computers.

    As the UK distributor for Molveno, Italy we supply high quality switch products including rocker, push button, water resistant, slide and rotary switches. Molveno also manufacture a comprehensive range of IEC connectors, neon indicators and signal lamps, having purchased the Signal Lux brand. We are also UK distributors for PIC Germany, manufacturers of reed switches, sensors, float switches and level sensors. ABC's non-franchised switch products include round rocker switches, low voltage rocker switches, tactile switches and IP67 & IP65 anti-vandal switches.

    Electric Motors & Ventilation Fans
    When it comes to motors and ventilation fans we stock the Everel/Glem brands as they combine to offer high performing and highly efficient products.

    Miniature Speakers
    8ohm, 16ohm and 32ohm paper and mylar speakers. Whatever your application, ABC will offer technical advise and support to find the right speaker for you.

    Berker Sockets and Switches
    Contact us now for all your electronic component requirements, you can either call using the number above, click on our website link also above, or email us using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Products and Services

    1. 16 Ohm Speakers
    2. 4 Ohm Speakers
    3. 8 Ohm Speakers
    4. Anti Vandal Switches
    5. Audible Alarms
    6. Buzzers
    7. Change-Over Reed Switches
    8. Changeover Switches
    9. Control Switches
    10. Directional Microphones
    11. Electret Condenser Microphones
    12. Electret Microphones
    13. Electric Motors
    14. Electric Switches
    15. Electrical Components
    16. Electrical Switches
    17. Electro Mechanical Switches
    18. Electronic Component Distributor
    19. Electronic Component Distributors
    20. Electronic Component Specialist
    21. Electronic Component Supplier
    22. Electronic Component Suppliers
    23. Electronic Components
    24. Electronic Components Distributor
    25. Electronic Components Distributors
    26. Enclosed Switches
    27. Engraved Switches
    28. European Sockets
    29. Float Switch
    30. Float Switch Supplier
    31. Float Switches
    32. Flow Switches
    33. Harsh Environment Switches
    34. High Voltage Reed Switches
    35. IEC Inlets
    36. IEC Mains Connectors
    37. Illuminated Push Button Switches
    38. Illuminated Switches
    39. Indicator Lamps
    40. Indicator Lights
    41. Indicators
    42. Instrument Switches
    43. International Sockets
    44. IP67 Switches
    45. Key Operated Switches
    46. Latched Switches
    47. Latching Switch
    48. Led Indicators
    49. LED Lamps
    50. LED Panel Lights
    51. Level Indicators
    52. Level Sensor Float Switch
    53. Level Sensors
    54. Level Switches
    55. Lighting Switches
    56. Liquid Level Indicators
    57. Loudspeakers
    58. Low Voltage Switches
    59. Low Voltage Switchgear
    60. Marine Electrical Components
    61. Metal Switches
    62. Microphones
    63. Microswitches
    64. Miniature Slide Switches
    65. Miniature Speakers
    66. Miniature Switches
    67. Miniture Push Button Switches
    68. Momentary Switches
    69. Moulded Reed Switches
    70. Multipole Switches
    71. Neon Indicators
    72. Neon Lamps
    73. Neon Lights
    74. Noise Cancelling Microphones
    75. Omnidirectional Microphones
    76. Panel Mount Printers
    77. PCB Switches
    78. Push Button Switches
    79. Push Buttons
    80. Push-Button Switches
    81. Pushbuttons
    82. Reed Switches
    83. Rocker And Push-Button Switches
    84. Rocker Switch
    85. Rocker Switches
    86. ROHS Compliant Components
    87. RoHS Compliant Products
    88. ROHS Complient Components
    89. Rotary Switches
    90. Sealed Switches
    91. Selector Switches
    92. Sensor Switches
    93. Signal Lamps
    94. Single Pole Latching Push Button Switches
    95. Single Pole Momentary Push Button Switches
    96. Single Pole Push Button Switches
    97. Slide Switches
    98. Small Electric Motors
    99. Snap Action Switches
    100. Socket Outlets
    101. Sockets
    102. Sounders
    103. Speakers
    104. Stainless Steel Switches
    105. Surface Mount Buzzers
    106. Surface Mount Indicator
    107. Surface Mount Reed Switches
    108. Surface Mount Transducer
    109. Surface Mounted (SM) Miniature Push Button Switches
    110. Switches
    111. Switches & Indicators
    112. Switches - Specials
    113. Switches For Hazardous Environments
    114. Switches For Wet Environments
    115. Switches Specification
    116. Toggle Switches
    117. Touch Switches
    118. Transducers
    119. Two Pole Latching Switches
    120. Two Pole Momentary Push Button Switches
    121. Two Pole Push Button Switches
    122. UK Sockets
    123. Vandal Resistant Switches
    124. Waterproof Switches


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