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  • UK supplier of pinch valves
  • Valves to suit all requirements
  • Custom made process valves
  • UK supplier of pinch valves
  • Valves to suit all requirements
  • Custom made process valves
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'Leading Supplier of Strahman Sampling Valves, Tank Drain Valves ,Pinch Valves, Steam & Water Mixer Valves, Automated Valves and More'

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AJG Waters (Equipment) Ltd

For over 60 years AJG Waters (Equipment) Ltd has been providing a comprehensive valve supply service to many industries including Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Food and Wastewater.

Our range of specialist process valves are from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers including RF Valves and Strahman Valves Inc.

Our Valve Products include:

• Bespoke Valves
• Butterfly Valves
• Control Valves
• Customised Valves
• Diverter Valves
• Disc Type Vessel Outlet Valves
• Disc Type Sampling Valves
• Dual Seated Valves
• In Line Valves
• Knife Gate Valves
• Metal Seated Valves
• Mixing Valves
• Multi Way Valves
• Line Blinds
• Pinch Valves
• Piston Type Vessel Outlet Valves
• Piston Type Sampling Valves
• Plunger Type Vessel Outlet Valves
• Plunger Type Sampling Valves
• Pneumatic Valves
• Poppet Type Sampling Valves
• Ram Type Tank Outlet Valves
• Reactor Outlet Valves
• Rubber Lined Valves
• Sampling Valves
• Spray & Rinse Valves
• Slab Gate valves
• Soft Seated Valves
• Spray Nozzles
• Steam & Water Mixers
• Tank Outlet Valves
• Vessel Outlet Valves
• Wedge Gate Valves

RF Valves
Pinch Valves especially suited to Abrasive, Scaling and Corrosive Slurries, Liquids or Powders. Heavy Duty Valves DN25 to DN1000 ANSI or DIN Flanged.

Pinch Valves include a patented non stretch design of rubber sleeve that has an increased wear life when compared with their rivals.

A variety of Elastomers are available to suit the process.

Mechanically Operated Pinch Bars pinch the sleeve at the centre line. Manual, Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Electro-Mechanical Actuation. Pinch Valves can also be used as Control Valves with actuators fitted with positioners.

Airflex Direct Air Operated: Air Pressure supplied in between the valve casing and sleeve forces the sleeve to close. DN 25 to DN 350.

Imsamcor Slurry Knife Gate Valves: Stainless Steel or Ductile Iron Rubber Lined. Full Bore, Bi-directional with primary, secondary sealing, no seat cavity and PTFE scrapers.

SKG Type 2” to 24” 150 lb Rated.

Also available for end of line installation:

MH Slurry Valves: 2” to 24” 16 Bar
MLB Slurry Valves: 28” to 48”

PB Ported Blade Slurry Valves: For slurries with large particles

Strahman Valves
Cast or Fabricated Valves which can offer flexibility of design features for special process requirements.

Piston or Plunger Type Sampling Valves: No dead space valves designed for sampling viscous process media such as bitumen, sugars, slurries, oils, polymers, tars & waxes. Soft, Metal or Dual Sealed.

Poppet or Disc Type Sampling Valves: Manual Quarter Turn with spring to close “Dead Man’s Handle”

Piston, Plunger or Ram Type Tank Drain Valves: No Dead space for draining tanks, vessels, reactors used in viscous processes. Soft, Metal or Dual Sealed.

Disc Type Outlet Valves: Rising or Lowering Disc Type for emptying tanks, vessels, reactors.
Metal or Dual Sealed.

Spray Rinse Valves: Top Mounted Valves between batch cleaning of reactors as used in VCM and PVC Process.
In- Line Piston or Disc Valve: Dead space free for high viscosity and abrasive slurries.

Diverter Valves: Disc Type or Piston Type – Multi Port 2,3,4,5 or 6 way.

Wedge & Slab Gate Valves: Customised “key equipment” valves for special applications: Polymers / Ethylene Furnace Isolation.

Butterfly Valves: High Performance metal seated “key equipment” valves for special applications Ethylene Transfer and De-Coking r Isolation in Cryogenic conditions such as LNG units.

Line Blinds: Quick operating absolute shut off required during shut downs and maintenance.
Rotating, or Sliding Types.

API 607 rev 4 Fire safe / Lloyds register certified for cryogenic applications: LNG

Strahman Washdown Equipment
Steam & Water Mixing Valve Units, Hot & Cold Water Mixing Valve Units. Manual or Thermostatic.

The Mixing Valve Units are available with a selection or hoses, hose reels & spray nozzles for safe and efficient cleaning of factories and industrial plant: Industries include Food, Dairy, Brewing, Pharmaceuticals.

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'Leading Supplier of Strahman Sampling Valves, Tank Drain Valves ,Pinch Valves, Steam & Water Mixer Valves, Automated Valves and More'

Full Range Discover more Click Here

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