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    Metro Sales

    Metro Sales serves as a one stop solution for all compressed air related needs with a fully stocked online shop and a physical store located in Byfleet, Surrey. At the Byfleet Air Centre, they provide more than just sales, offering services like air compressor repair and expert product guidance. Metro Sales makes it easy to get everything needed for compressed air requirements in one convenient place.

    Compressed Air Sales

    Customers visiting Metro Sales will benefit from over 30 years of the team's pneumatic expertise. Whatever you need relating to compressed air, you can rest assured that you will receive guidance focused on your actual requirements, free from unnecessary upselling.

    Some popular stocked products include:

    - Air Compressors
    - Air Hose & Assemblies
    - Air Treatment Products
    - Air Fittings (Coupling & Adaptors)
    - Air Tools (Pneumatic Tools)
    - Nitrogen Equipment
    - Ring Main Pipework
    - Workshop Equipment
    - Car Body & Spray Equipment

    Authorised Distributors for Parker and PCL

    Metro Sales is a proud PCL Partner + Distributor with a Specialist Air Center onsite and a Certified Distributor for Parker Hanifin with a ParkerStore alongside.

    They offer a wide range of high-quality air tools, fittings, including Legris fittings, XF Euro fittings, safety couplings, blow guns, tubing, and hoses. If you want to learn more about their Parker or PCL compressed air solutions, feel free to get in touch with them.

    Air Compressed Repairs Surrey

    From design and installation through to servicing and repairs, Metro Sales offers a highly efficient compressed air service in and around Surrey. These services include:

    - Compressor System Design & Fit
    - Compressor Installation
    - Air Compressor Repairs (On-Site & In-House)

    From Metro Sales:

    "We know how disruptive a broken air compressor can be to your business or hobby. In many cases customers depend on your service and you hate letting them down because of a faulty product. That's why first and foremost we like to talk you through any minor issues which could be easily fixed over the phone.

    Only when it's apparent that it requires a professional engineer, we will book you in. Afterall, if we can diagnose the issue over the phone, we could offer you guidance to fix it yourself!"

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:30 to 17:00
    Tuesday 08:30 to 17:00
    Wednesday 08:30 to 17:00
    Thursday 08:30 to 17:00
    Friday 08:30 to 16:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

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    5. Air Compressor
    6. Air Compressor Companies
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    8. Air Compressor Dryers
    9. Air Compressor Installation
    10. Air Compressor Installations
    11. Air Compressor Installers
    12. Air Compressor Maintenance
    13. Air Compressor Oils
    14. Air Compressor Parts
    15. Air Compressor Parts Supplier
    16. Air Compressor Pipework Systems
    17. Air Compressor Pneumatic Equipment
    18. Air Compressor Pump
    19. Air Compressor Pumps
    20. Air Compressor Purifier
    21. Air Compressor Purifiers
    22. Air Compressor Repair Service
    23. Air Compressor Repairs
    24. Air Compressor Service
    25. Air Compressor Services
    26. Air Compressor Servicing
    27. Air Compressor Spare Parts
    28. Air Compressor Spares
    29. Air Compressor Suppliers
    30. Air Compressor Water Separators
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    37. Air Dryers All Types
    38. Air Hose
    39. Air Hose Assemblies
    40. Air Hose Reels
    41. Air Hose Restraints
    42. Air Hoses
    43. Air Impact Wrenches
    44. Air Ratchet Wrenches
    45. Air Ratchets
    46. Air Sanders
    47. Air Tool Accessories
    48. Air Tools
    49. Air Tools Repair
    50. Aircompressors
    51. Automotive Air Tools
    52. Belt Driven Compressors
    53. Breathing Air Compressors
    54. Comp Air Compressors
    55. CompAir Compressors
    56. Compressed Air
    57. Compressed Air & Ancilliary Products
    58. Compressed Air Accessories
    59. Compressed Air Audit
    60. Compressed Air Couplings
    61. Compressed Air Dryers
    62. Compressed Air Drying
    63. Compressed Air Equipment
    64. Compressed Air Filters
    65. Compressed Air Filtration
    66. Compressed Air Fittings
    67. Compressed Air Generating Systems
    68. Compressed Air Header Tanks
    69. Compressed Air Installation
    70. Compressed Air Installations
    71. Compressed Air Leak Repairs
    72. Compressed Air Leakage
    73. Compressed Air Leakage Management
    74. Compressed Air Paint Spray Guns
    75. Compressed Air Pipe Work
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    85. Compressed Air Safety
    86. Compressed Air Separators
    87. Compressed Air Servicing
    88. Compressed Air Specialists
    89. Compressed Air Supply
    90. Compressed Air System Monitoring
    91. Compressed Air Systems
    92. Compressed Air Treatment
    93. Compressor
    94. Compressor Accessories
    95. Compressor And Pipework Installation
    96. Compressor And Pipework Maintenance
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    111. Compressor Part Supplier
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    135. Diesel Compressors
    136. Dive Compressors
    137. Diving Compressors
    138. Energy Effecient Air Compressors
    139. Energy Efficient Air Compressor
    140. Energy Efficient Air Compressors
    141. Energy Efficient Compressors
    142. Energy Effiecient Compressors
    143. Energy Saving Compressor
    144. Energy Saving Compressors
    145. FINI Compressors
    146. Flexible Hose Fittings
    147. Garage Air Compressor
    148. Garage Compressor
    149. Garage Compressors
    150. Geka Hose Fittings
    151. General Hose Fittings
    152. Hand Held Air Drills
    153. Heated Hose Fittings
    154. High Pressure Air Compressors
    155. High Pressure Compressors
    156. Hose & Fittings
    157. Hose Fastenings
    158. Hose Fittings
    159. Hose Fittings And Clips
    160. Hot Air Dryers
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    162. Industrial Air Compressor Parts
    163. Industrial Air Compressor Parts Suppliers
    164. Industrial Air Compressor Suppliers
    165. Industrial Air Compressors
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    167. Industrial Air Tools
    168. Industrial Compressor Supplies
    169. Industrial Compressors
    170. Industrial Hydraulic Hose Fittings
    171. Large Compressors
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    173. Low Pressure Compressors
    174. Lubricated Compressor
    175. Mini Air Compressors
    176. Mobile Air Compressors
    177. Nitrogen Equipment
    178. NUAIR Compressors
    179. Oil Free Compressed Air Systems
    180. Oil Free Compressor
    181. Oil-Free Compressors
    182. Oil–Free Compressors
    183. PCL Fittings
    184. Pipework Compressed Air
    185. Piston Compressor
    186. Piston Compressor Pumps
    187. Piston Compressors
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    190. Pneumatic Equipment Supplier
    191. Pneumatic Equipment Supplies
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    193. Pneumatic Systems
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    195. Portable Compressors
    196. Process Air Dryers
    197. Quiet Compressor
    198. Quiet Compressors
    199. Reciprocating Air Compressors
    200. Refrigerant Air Dryers
    201. Ring Main Pipework
    202. Rotary Air Compressor
    203. Rotary Air Compressors
    204. Rotary Compressors Air Compressors Reciprocating Compressors
    205. Rotary Screw Air Compressors
    206. Rotary Screw Compressor
    207. Rotary Screw Compressors
    208. Rubber Air Hose
    209. Rubber Hose Fittings
    210. Screw Air Compressors
    211. Screw Compressor
    212. Screw Compressors
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    214. Silenced Compressors
    215. Silent Compressor
    216. Silent Compressors
    217. Small Compressors
    218. Stainless Steel Hose Fittings
    219. Stainless Steel Hydraulic Hose Fittings
    220. Stationary Compressor
    221. Thread Repair Tools
    222. Tyre Care Tools
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    224. Universal Air Tools
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