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    One Stop Shop for Frameworks and Screw Driving Systems

    Aluminium Frame and Tool Solutions offers a totally professional service in two main areas aluminium frame building and the supply of an extensive range of Automatic Screwdrivng Systems, these systems can use any manufacturers drives as required, screw drivers with torque and angle control if required or simple systems using pneumatic tooling. both hand held and machine or robot mounted systems are available.

    This range of high quality tooling has now been complimented by a large selection of torque reaction arms that have been created to counter balance tools when used in the workplace and to take away any torque reaction from higher torques.

    We are also able to manufacture any aluminium framework from our modular systems of extruded profiles which now opens up a whole new range of frame building possibilities making us a true one stop shop for all of your frame building and screwdriver needs.

    We are proud to have recently been selected by a major Italian palletised conveyor system manufacturer to be there UK agent.

    Lammas are able to build full production line conveyor systems for the Automotive world for engine transfer, drive chain transfer axles or any other product as required. we would welcome your enquiries.


    AFTSL are currently building protection screens for small businesses: chemists, trade counters, shops, doctors dentists and anyone still serving the public. Protection screens following government guidelines to protect staff and customers. We build any size required, install and deliver quick turn around.

    Battery Charging Cabinets

    Our battery charging cabinets allow the charging of lithium batteries in a fire rated cabinet. They can be left overnight safety and have fire detection / suppression built in.

    Protection Screens

    AFTSL supplies to a wide range of markets and industries including first and second tier automotive suppliers, automotive OEM plants, builders of special purpose machinery, system integrators and have good success with lighting manufacturers.

    Aluminium Frames

    Let AFTSL contribute to your production and assembly lines.

    AFTSL is able to understand the issues faced by todays industry and can help you develop and de-snag concepts before final design either by using our own range of pre-used equipment or the customers existing equipment.

    Over the years AFTSL has undertaken a vast range of projects for customers over a large spectrum of industries.

    Our Products:

    - Workstations
    - Conveyors
    - Jigs
    - Tables
    - Benches

    - Production Lines
    - Robot Cells
    - Machine Guards
    - Rise and Fall Tables
    - Enclosures

    - Trolleys
    - Internal Office
    - Partitions
    - Battery Cabinets
    - Tooling Cabinets

    Tooling Solutions

    Aluminium Frame and Tooling Solutions system are unique in the method of assembly frames.

    We also do not have to drill any holes for the assembly which in turn offers a huge time saving for frame builders everywhere.

    All joints can be undone with a simple Allen key and repositioned, or if the frame has come to the end of its employment you just disassemble it and utilise the existing materials for the next project!

    Our profiles are some of the strongest on the market today coming only second for strength to a welded joint.

    We can turn your projects around from a simple sketch to a fully assembled frame in no time at all even sometimes on the very same day.

    Tooling Solution Products

    We are able to supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of tooling solutions including but not limited to:

    - Lammas Palletised conveyor systems.
    - Hand held automatic screwdriving systems.
    - Machine mounted automatic screwdrivers.
    - Robot mounted automatic screwdrivers
    - Vacuum advance Screwdrivers Auto - feed of screws and placement in difficult to access positions
    - Kolver Torque - controlled multi-functional screwdrivers
    - Flow Drilling Automatic Feed and Drive of Flow Drill Screws
    - Feeding of Rivnuts and placement / control of the driving in of thee fasteners
    - Supply of bowl feeders and feed systems for any product.

    This is only a tiny sample of the wide range of innovative tooling solutions which are available from AFTSL so if you would like to find out more please visit our website or get in touch.

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    Some exhibition work we done for Classic Dispense

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