• We were formed back in 1988
  • Over 11 years experience within the industry
  • We operate from 3 sites across the UK
  • We were formed back in 1988
  • Over 11 years experience within the industry
  • We operate from 3 sites across the UK
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Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd

Specialising in The Supply of Titanium & Titanium Forging

You have reached Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd, we have been the recognised name in the Sheffield metals and manufacturing industry for over 11 years. Advanced Titanium Materials carry a large range and have access to metals and manufacturing processes to suit every task great or small. Advanced Titanium Materials range includes titanium grades 2, 5, A286, 718. In bar, billet, ingot, sheet and plate forms.

We were formed back in 1988 and now operate from 3 sites across the UK. We are proud to be abler to provide Titanium in any form and grade, from customer defined shapes to ingot. We have a wealth of knowledge gathered from the best subcontractors, converters and producers from all over the world.

What We Provide

We have any titanium alloy product you could ever require with current stocks of over £1 million including products like Ingot, Tube, Bar, Sheet, Plate, Fittings, Black Forgings, Weld Necks, Flanges, Galvanic Equipment, Fasteners and special parts by request.

We have open access to a variety of forges giving us complete flexibility and control in everything we do. For more information about the products and services we can provide for you, please contact a member of our team via phone or email. Alternatively you can click through to our website where you will find a wealth of information relating to Advanced Titanium Materials.

Titanium Suppliers

For over 11 years we have been a name synonymous with Titanium Materials in the Sheffield manufacturing industry because we are specialists in the sourcing and supplying of all titanium products.

Advanced Titanium Materials prides itself on its ability in delivering titanium in any grade or form, whether itís a simple titanium ingot to a specified shape we are able to use our extensive knowledge in this industry along with manufacturers and converters to bring to you a product that will meet your exact requirements.

Titanium Forging

Advanced Titanium Materials stock one of the largest ranges of titanium around including sheet, bar, ingot, plate and forgings.

Having immediate access to a range of forges including closed die, GFM pressing, open die and drop stamping provides us with complete flexibility and control when allocating the stock of ingots for further manufacturing processes.

Titanium Fasteners & Fixings

Advanced Titanium Materials are also able to offer its clients a wide range of titanium fixing and fastener products for an equally wide range of specifications and applications and much more information about these products may be found on our website.

Titanium Sheet & Tube

Currently stocking over $ 1 million of titanium Advanced Titanium Materials can provide you with all of your titanium sheet and tube products at the best prices and with fast delivery times.


10 Popular Products We Offer

  1. Bolts
  2. Butterfly Valves
  3. Forgings
  4. Heat Exchangers
  5. Metal Supplier
  6. Non Ferrous Metal Stockholders
  7. Titanium Fabrications
  8. Titanium Strip
  9. Tube Bending Machines
  10. Welded Titanium Tube