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  • Suppliers of Non-Destructive Test Equipment
  • Providing equipment to most leading UK companies
  • We supply NDT equipment to most industries
  • Suppliers of Non-Destructive Test Equipment
  • Providing equipment to most leading UK companies
  • We supply NDT equipment to most industries
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Advanced NDT Limited

Advanced NDT Ltd are suppliers of Non-Destructive Test Equipment including Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors, Coating Thickness Gauges, Bond Testers, Automatic Testing Systems and Ultraviolet Lights. We offer optimum NDT solutions for a wide range of applications and use our expertise in this field to provide our customers with a product that is cost effective and fitting for their particular requirement.

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Thickness Gauges:

Ultrasonic Thickness measurement is a method of performing non-destructive measurement of local thickness of a solid element based on time taken by the ultrasound wave to return to the surface. This type of measurement is typically performed with and Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge. At Advanced NDT we supply a number of products for this application and these include: Nova TG110-DL, Dakota MX-1, Nova 900 Series, TG210 & TG410, NovaScope 5000 and CB110.

Coating thickness products in this category include PosiPen, PosiTest, PosiTest DFT and PosiTector 6000.

Flaw Detectors:

From easy to use, Hand-Held Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors to Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors for many Ultrasonic Flaw Detection applications including crack detection, weld inspection, defect sizing and more. Our product range includes: Avenger EZ, Raptor, QuatumTE, Curlin TE, the ISonic Series and USPC.

Bond Testing:

The BondaScope Series of Ultrasonic Testers are available to meet simple to complex applications at virtually any budget and all units offer a tremendous mix of high speed performance, features and values and include: BondaScope 300, BondaScope 350 and BondaScope 3100.

Portable Imaging:

Two models available in this range including the ISonic 2006 which uses airborne sound to plot the path of a conventional Ultrasonic Probe. It monitors the coverage of the scan area by the operator and produces C-scan images ETC. The Raptor-Imaging Flaw Detector is an all new category in the Ultrasonic Flaw Detector range and is not only a fully contemporary High Speed Flaw Detector but also includes a full featured C-Scan imaging system within the same package.

Ultraviolet Lights:

These products have a wide range of applications including non-destructive testing, magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant testing, leak testing, purity control, smart water detection, sanitation, crime scene investigation, forensic work, hotel inspection, art verification and restoration and much more. Products in this area include UV Lights and Torches, Mains UV Lights, UV LED Torches, Forensic Lighting, UV Protection, Light Meters, DUV-35W Bulbs, UV Spares, Labino Repairs and LabinoOil.


At Advanced NDT Ltd we are also able to advise on and supply a wide range of associated products including Transducers, Probes & Automated Testing

At Advanced NDT , we pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to offer our customers expert advice on the best possible product available whatever their application.

So, please contact us with your NDT requirements and we will be only too happy to assist and answer any questions you may have about our products and there applications. Our main website also contains detailed information about all of our products along with download brochures and an e-mail request form.

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