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    'From fire retardant coatings and liquids, to surface biocides, mould control coatings and water repellents.'

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    Advanced Chemical Specialties Ltd

    Welcome to Advanced Chemical Specialties Ltd

    Advanced Chemical Specialties Ltd has over 30 years experience in the provision of advice and specialised products to solve the problems encountered in construction, building rehabilitation and property refurbishment.

    You may not know us, but bodies as diverse as the MOD, electricity companies, local authorities, shop-fitters, builders and property managers make extensive use of our products and advice.

    Fire Protection
    A comprehensive range of fire retardant and intumescent coatings and products for pre and post completion use such as, exterior cladding protection or lath and plaster ceilings upgrading. Most products will increase the fire resistance of many common building materials with the minimum of disruption to occupants or other trades.

    Mould Control
    An easy to use and apply range of coatings and biocides for eliminating and controlling disfiguring mould growth on most interior surfaces including timber, plaster and brick. The coatings and biocides provide long-lasting protection and contain the means to both sterilize the surface and re-decorate quickly and efficiently. All products are suitable for use by both homeowners and professional applicators.

    Antibacterial Paints
    A range of highly effective antibacterial coatings designed for use on walls, floors and ceilings in area where potentially pathogenic bacteria could have serious consequences such as, food preparation areas, hospitals, schools, breweries and abattoirs. The products are available in a range of finishes and colours.

    Specialist Wood Preservatives
    A versatile range of boron based preservatives to treat and protect wood, which is used in a variety of ways such as embedded timbers, joists, joinery, posts and poles.

    Masonry Protection
    An extensive range of products providing protection against weather and erosion on stone, plaster, brick and render. Ready to use and concentrated waterproofing liquids, together with masonry impregnation solutions are supported by an array of masonry paints and primers. These systems are further strengthened by a comprehensive range of surface biocides, formulated specifically to control algae, mosses and lichens on all forms of masonry, from statuary to tower blocks.

    Woodworm Treatment
    We now supply a brand new woodworm treatment called ACS Lignotec. This new treatment is a ready to use, multi purpose surface biocide and wood preservative. ACS Lignotec can be used to treat and kill wood boring insects and woodworm. This woodworm treatment is ideal for exposed timber, internal beams, cladding, sheds, barge boards, general construction timber and sheds.

    An experienced technical team, who are available to give thorough, detailed information and provide complete specifications for any situation you may encounter, supports these, together with many more special purpose coatings.

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