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    Addtime Recording Company Ltd

    Addtime Recording have over four decades of experience providing bespoke workforce management and time & attendance solutions. We supply the very latest software and hardware to manage workforces across the UK.

    To find the best solutions for your needs our experienced team will work closely with you to help choose the best hardware and Addtime live software version to suit your requirements.

    We help with every step from training to ongoing Addtime Live software support. Addtime will help streamline and simplify your business processes.

    Time and Attendance Hardware

    Addtime have a range of time and attendance hardware to meet all budgets and requirements from best in class partners. From RFID attendance terminals to touch biometrics and contactless access control.

    Proximity Card Readers
    Perhaps the most commonly used hardware for time and attendance are proximity card readers. These contactless cards, fobs or badges work via 125kHz radiofrequency fields and contain a unique number that is assigned to an individual when they enrol. Upon enrolment the individualís assigned number will be stored in our time and attendance software which is then cross referenced once the card has been swiped to find a match.

    Biometric Facial Recognition Scanners
    Our facial recognition scanners verify an individualís identity by using deep learning algorithms to compare the stored faceprint to a digital image or live capture. The facial recognition software is so advanced that in identifies 80 endpoints of the human face from the width and length of a nose to the shape of cheekbones and the depth of an eye socket.

    Biometric Fingerprint Scanners
    Biometric fingerprint scanners are available in 2 varieties; the first effectively takes a digital print of your finger by shining a bright light over it and compares it to the image stored on our database, the 2nd and most common type of scanner is a capacitive fingerprint reader which measures you electrically. Both your forefinger and thumb will be registered and the templates will be held on our central server which completely eliminates the risk of biometric identity theft.

    Biometric Hand Scanners
    Hand geometry technology is used to identify the users hand with measurements taken from over 90 different points of the hand. Our software is advanced enough learn the users hands over time allowing for changes in age and weight loss.

    Palm Vein Scanners
    Addtime's palm vein scanners are quite advanced and work via a 3 in 1 verification process which establishes a userís unique identity. If anything but a palm is placed by the scanner our software will not even activate to start the verification process. Users will register their palms upon enrolment allowing them to clock in and out.

    Time & Attendance / Workforce Management Software

    Time and attendance software provides an easily accessible and simple way of monitoring and tracking the hours of attendance an individual is in the workplace/premises. Our Addtime Live time and attendance solution gives you greater control over your business and allows you to manage the attendance of individuals with ease.

    Addtime Live doesnít just track attendance, it can help you learn more about HR, giving you control over attendance, payroll integration, absence management and fire roll call.

    Our revolutionary software is available in 3 bespoke options to cover the needs of various sized businesses:

    Addtime Live Lite
    Designed for small companies with under 50 employees that use clock machines or time sheets.

    Addtime Live Premium
    For SME's with up to 150 employees looking for payroll, attendance and absence integration.

    Addtime Live Enterprise
    The complete suite of time & attendance and workforce management applications for large organisations.

    Visitor Management Software

    The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires employees to secure the welfare, health and safety of themselves and persons at work. Visitor management software helps with this by keeping track of people who visit the place of work.

    Our visitor management software can keep track of who is on the site, the types of visitors that come in and whether they require any form of identification.

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