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  • Postcode and Direct Debit software.
  • Full range of web based services also.
  • Established in 1994.
  • Postcode and Direct Debit software.
  • Full range of web based services also.
  • Established in 1994.
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Mosaic Software Ltd

Bacs Payment Solutions

Mosaic Software is a leading developer of software solutions (Postcode Software, Direct Debit Software) and web based services. We have a mix of turnkey solutions such as our direct debit management software, Bacs software and expenses management software; and also a range of web based services which can be incorporated into your own software developments using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).

Mosaic Software Ltd. was established in 1994 and has a large and growing customer base spanning the UK & Ireland, Europe and the Far East. We have developed long-standing relationships with our customers and have a proven track-record of good service, reliability and value for money.

We are specialists in Bacs related products and are a Bacs approved solutions supplier providing direct debit management software, Mandate, and Bacs communications software, BacscomIP. BankCheck is a web based service for validation of bank sort codes and account numbers. Xl-Expense is a hosted web solution for the management of business expense claims simplifying the workflow around expense payments. We are an authorised Solutions supplier for the Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF™) and our web-based service PostcodeIT provides an address lookup of 28 million addresses in the UK and Channel Islands.

Direct Debit Management
Direct Debit Software is seen as the most effective method of collecting payments especially for regular subscriptions and memberships. Mandate is the most effective Direct Debit management software package on the market today. We offer three separate versions of Mandate for managing direct debits. Mandate Web was developed for larger organisations where many users need access to the direct debit information concurrently. Mandate Express is our windows application and is ideal for small to medium organisations. Mandate Hosted, while retaining all of the features of Mandate provides an easy entry and cost effective solution for organisations with a small number of direct debits to collect.

Bacs Payments
BacscomIP is our Bacs approved application for transmitting both credits and debits directly to Bacs. Most companies already make payroll payments directly to Bacs however, many businesses could also benefit from cost savings by changing their payment method for supplier payments from cash or cheques to direct credits through Bacs. BacscomIP is a simple solution that can accept payment files from most accounting and payroll packages, meaning important payment information does not need to be re-keyed.

Sort Code and Bank Account Validation
Accepting direct debit instructions by telephone or online is now very common. To ensure that payments are collected successfully it is essential that the bank sort code and account number is accurate. BankCheck is our web based service to validate sort codes against the Industry Sort Code Directory (ISCD) and then performs a modulus check on the account number to ensure the sort code and account number combination is valid. The ISCD is a directory of all UK banks and branches. Using the industry standard SOAP interface means you can incorporate the service directly into your products or website developments. Alternatively we have a simple free standalone windows application or web site application for licensed users of the service.

Postcode Software (Address Lookup)
Getting address quickly and accurately is a valuable tool for any business, Postcode Software can really help reducing keystrokes and improving accuracy. Collecting addresses on a website as part of the ordering process can be vastly improved using PostcodeIT to lookup the address details from only the postcode. It creates a professional image and improves your customers’ experience of your website. PostcodeIT is provided as a web based service using the industry standard SOAP interface so incorporating it into your own web developments could not be simpler.

To learn more about any of our software solutions or web-based services please call us or send us an email or visit our website. We will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements and how our products can help your business.

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