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Acousticabs Industrial Noise Control Ltd

  • Acoustic Panels and Noise Control Barriers
  • Acoustic solutions for Yorkshire and nationwide
  • Broad range of Rooftop Acoustic Screens
  • Industrial, Environmental and Building Acoustic solutions


Unit 52, Heyford Road, Pocklington Industrial Estate, Pocklington
East Yorkshire
YO42 1NR

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Acoustic Barrier Panels | Noise Control Panels

Acousticabs Noise Control, established in 1982, provides solutions for Industrial, Environmental, and Building situations with acoustic challenges. We have developed this focus with a broad range of products complemented by innovative designs for special applications.

We have a proven track record in delivering cost effective solutions in schools, community halls, sports halls, community halls and multi purpose spaces, restaurants, studios and auditoria and echoing and large reception areas, atria and entrances.

We manufacture and install our own products so whatever your noise control challenges, please call us to discuss your particular problems with one of our experts.

Acoustic Barrier Panels

Acoustic wall panel treatments in schools, offices and sports halls reducing reverberation times.

Impact resistant Acoustic Barrier Panels are used in sports halls whilst acoustic wall panel treatments in other areas can take the form of fabric faced, painted or stretch fabric acoustic wall panels and treatments.

We also supply an excellent range of Industrial Acoustic Panels.

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Acoustic Screens

Acoustic s+B23creens constructed from our SPS/V panels or APP system to enclose plant and machinery. Acoustic Screens can be installed internally or externally. The acoustic screens are frequently installed at roof level around HVAC equipment. Large acoustic screens are constructed from our profiled APP system. Mobile acoustic screens are available for temporary screening of noisy processes.

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Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic enclosures for large and small machinery. Acoustic enclosures constructed to create control cabins - fitted with glazing, electrics and aircon - delivered to site as a ready to use, plug in unit.

Demountable panels incorporated in acoustic enclosures allow ease of maintenance access.

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Acoustic Baffles

Suspended acoustic baffles and floating acoustic panels. Acoustic baffles are available in a wide range of finishes and colours.

High pressure cleanable perforated aluminium faced acoustic baffles supplied for industrial areas.

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Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Our range of Ceiling Panels are manufactured for the acoustic treatment of both ceiling and wall areas. They providing a sound absorbing finish while at the same time being attractive.

They come in a range of 24 colours, 6 sizes and 3 different thickness.

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Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Wall Panels come in 2 types; Soft or Hard Face both of which provide excellent sound dampening properties as well as an aesthetically pleasing look.

Typical applications include Galleries, Offices, Video Conferencing Rooms, Meeting Rooms and Studios.

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