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    'Designing, Manufacturing and Supplying Hazardous Area Solutions'

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    Abtech Limited

    Abtech is a designer and manufacturer of a wide range of electrical connection and lighting products specifically developed for their high levels of resistance to environmental elements such as corrosion and ingress.

    We offer a wide range of durable and robust products which have been designed to provide long term use in industrial applications such as Oil and Gas, Marine, Rail, Heavy Industry and the Renewable Energy sector.

    All products supplied by Abtech are suitable for both industrial and hazardous applications and are certified to the latest international (IECEx) and European (ATEX) standards.

    Hazardous Area Enclosures
    Industrial Enclosures
    Hazardous Area Controls
    Cable Accessories & Glands
    Medium & High Voltage Hazardous Area Enclosures
    Hazardous Area Lighting Zone 1
    Hazardous Area Lighting Zone 2
    Industrial Marine Lighting
    Vision & Control Systems

    The enclosures manufactured by Abtech are manufactured in stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, polycarbonate and glass reinforced polyester.

    Ever Expanding Product Portfolio
    The ever expanding product portfolio offered by Abtech also includes high voltage enclosures that provide enhanced flexibility. These include a choice of cables, entries and cable terminations, cable glands made from stainless steel and brass, LED, HID and fluorescent luminaires and a whole range of reducers, adaptors, plugs and connection accessories.

    Tailored Solutions
    Abtech also provides a fully tailored service designed to fulfil the requirements of each and every one of our customers. As such we have a range of up to date facilities enabling us to customise our ranges of standard products. These services include silk screen printing, machining, electro-polishing and painting to name but a few.

    This is only a tiny sample of the wide range of quality products and efficient services offered by Abtech so if you would like to find out more please visit our website or contact us directly, thank you.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Aluminium And Metal Large Enclosures
    2. Aluminium Desktop Enclosures
    3. Aluminium Enclosure
    4. Aluminium Enclosure Accessories
    5. Aluminium Enclosures
    6. Aluminium Extrusion Enclosures
    7. Aluminium Instrument Enclosures
    8. Aluminium Portable Enclosures
    9. Aluminium Rack Mount Enclosures
    10. Aluminium Terminal Enclosures
    11. Aluminium Wall Mount Enclosures
    12. Aluminum Enclosure
    13. Armoured Cable Glands
    14. Barrier Exd Cable Glands
    15. Bespoke Electronic Enclosure
    16. Bespoke Electronic Enclosures
    17. Bespoke Enclosures
    18. Bulkhead LED Lights
    19. Bulkhead Lighting
    20. Bulkhead Lights
    21. Cable Glands
    22. Car Park Lighting
    23. Compact Enclosures
    24. Components Enclosures
    25. Control Stations
    26. Custom Electronic Enclosures
    27. Custom Enclosures
    28. Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures
    29. Customised Aluminium Enclosures
    30. Customised Aluminium Enclosures
    31. Customised Enclosures
    32. Electrical Enclosure
    33. Electrical Enclosure Box
    34. Electrical Enclosures
    35. Electrical Instrument Enclosures
    36. Electrical Junction Box
    37. Electronic Enclosure
    38. Electronic Enclosures
    39. Electronic Enclosures Plastic
    40. Electronic Instrument Enclosures
    41. Electronic Project Enclosures
    42. Electronics Enclosure
    43. Electronics Enclosures
    44. Enclosure
    45. Enclosure Box
    46. Enclosure Cabinets
    47. Enclosure Cases
    48. Enclosure Electronic
    49. Enclosure Solutions
    50. Enclosure Systems
    51. Enclosures
    52. Enclosures - To Specification
    53. Enclosures Metal
    54. Enclosures Plastic
    55. Enclosures Plastic Injection Moulded
    56. Enclosures To Specification
    57. Equipment Enclosures
    58. Equipment Enclosures Manufacture
    59. Exterior Enclosures
    60. Fabricated Enclosures
    61. Fibreglass Enclosures
    62. Fibreglass Junction Boxes
    63. Fire Rated Enclosures
    64. Flame Retardant Enclosures
    65. Flameproof Cable Glands
    66. Flameproof Glands
    67. Flood Lighting
    68. Flood Lights
    69. Floodlight
    70. Floodlighting
    71. Floodlighting Design
    72. Floodlights LED
    73. Floor Standing Enclosures
    74. Flush Mounting Enclosures
    75. Generator Enclosures
    76. Glands
    77. Glass Reinforced Polyester Enclosures
    78. GRP Composite Enclosures
    79. GRP Enclosures
    80. Hand Held Enclosures
    81. Handheld Enclosure
    82. Handheld Enclosures
    83. Hazardous Area
    84. Hazardous Area Cable Glands
    85. Hazardous Area Emergency Lighting
    86. Hazardous Area Enclosures
    87. Hazardous Area Equipment
    88. Hazardous Area Floodlight
    89. Hazardous Area Fluorescent
    90. Hazardous Area Light
    91. Hazardous Area Lighting
    92. Hazardous Area Luminaires
    93. Hazardous Area Specialists
    94. Heat Dissipating Enclosures
    95. Heat Pump Enclosure
    96. Heat Pump Enclosures
    97. High Temperature Cable Glands
    98. High Voltage Enclosure
    99. Indoor Enclosures
    100. Industrial Acoustic Enclosures
    101. Industrial Cable Glands
    102. Industrial Enclosure
    103. Industrial Enclosures
    104. Industrial Lighting
    105. Industrial Noise Enclosures
    106. Instrument Enclosure
    107. Instrument Enclosures
    108. Instrument Enclosures Electronic
    109. Insulated ABS Plastic Enclosures
    110. Insulated Cable Glands
    111. Insulated Junction Boxes
    112. Junction Boxes
    113. Large Aluminium Enclosures
    114. Large Metal Enclosures
    115. LED Bulkhead
    116. LED Bulkhead Lights
    117. LED Bulkheads
    118. LED Emergency Bulkhead
    119. LED Flood Lighting
    120. LED Flood Lights
    121. LED Flood Lights UK
    122. LED Floodlight
    123. LED Floodlighting
    124. LED Floodlights
    125. Led Hazardous Area
    126. LED Industrial Lighting
    127. LED Low Bay Lighting
    128. LED Low Bay Lights
    129. LED Low Bay Solutions
    130. LED Panel Lights
    131. LED Panels
    132. LED Street Light
    133. LED Street Lighting
    134. LED Street Lights
    135. Lowbay Lighting
    136. Marine Lighting
    137. Metal Electrical Enclosures
    138. Metal Electronic Enclosures
    139. Metal Enclosure
    140. Metal Enclosures
    141. Metal Instrument Enclosures
    142. Mild Steel Enclosures
    143. Modular Enclosures
    144. Outdoor Electrical Enclosure
    145. Outdoor Enclosures
    146. Plastic Electrical Enclosures
    147. Plastic Electronic Enclosures
    148. Plastic Enclosure
    149. Plastic Enclosure Box
    150. Plastic Enclosure Boxes
    151. Plastic Enclosures
    152. Polycarbonate Enclosure
    153. Polycarbonate Enclosures
    154. Polyurethane Enclosure
    155. Portable Enclosures
    156. Sealed Diecast Aluminium Enclosures
    157. Sealed Enclosures
    158. Sealed Polycarbonate Enclosures
    159. Security Enclosures
    160. Sheet Metal Enclosure
    161. Sheet Metal Enclosure Design
    162. Sheet Metal Enclosures
    163. Sheet Metal Enclosures Manufacturers
    164. Sheet Metal Enclosures To Specification
    165. Sheet Steel Enclosure
    166. Sheet Steel Enclosures
    167. Small Aluminium Enclosures
    168. Small Electronic Enclosures
    169. Small Enclosures
    170. Small Metal Enclosures
    171. Special Design Enclosures
    172. Specialist Enclosures
    173. Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures
    174. Stainless Steel Enclosures
    175. Steel Enclosures
    176. Street Lighting
    177. Street Lighting Equipment
    178. Street Lighting LED
    179. Transformer Enclosures
    180. Transformers Enclosures
    181. Wall Mount Enclosure
    182. Wall Mount Enclosures
    183. Wall Mounted Enclosures
    184. Waterproof Enclosures
    185. Watertight Enclosures
    186. Weatherproof Enclosures
    187. Wire Enclosures
    188. Wired Enclosures
    189. Wiring Enclosure


    ISO 9001 Quality management systems

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