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ABAC UK A Division of Air Compressors & Tools Ltd

  • Over 60 years of experience
  • 1000 Service Centers worldwide
  • Guaranteed quality and reliability in all products
  • Fourth largest European manufacturer
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ABAC Ari Compressors can claim to have shaped the history of the Italian and indeed the International compressed air industry.

The company was founded in 1980 by Antonio Balma who with o
ver 60 years experience in the industry was regarded by many as the “Father of compressed air” - ABAC has grown into the strong and dynamic company of today that now heads the multi-national ABAC Group of companies.

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Belt Drive

ABAC Professional, heavy duty piston type systems are mounted on receivers and feature motor protection switches with mechanical relief valves, air outlet valves, pressure gauges and starting solenoid valves. The complete range includes Professional and Economy models, pressure ranges up to 35 Bar, single and 3phase models, horizontal and vertical receiver models.

Professional Models (Blue Line)
- From 1.5 to 7.5 kW
Economy Range (Red Line)
- Up to 4 kW
Medium Pressure Models
- Pressures to 35 Bar
Vertical Compressors
- 2.2 kW Single & 3 Phase
Tandem Model
- 2.2+2.2 kW

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Energy Saving Solutions

Energy Savings and Energy saving solutions are top of the Agenda at ABAC. Through our network of distributors, we can offer Compressed Air Energy Audits with a full report of any savings that may be achieved when following our recommendations. Use Variable speed & plant control equipment for amazing energy cost reductions.

- Energy Saving Solutions

- Energy Saving Calculator

- Compressed Air Audits

- Request an Air Audit

- Data Logger

- Plant Control System

- Telemonitoring

- Variable Speed Compressors

- Carbon Trust Links

- Interest Free Loans

- Tax advantages

- Enhanced Technology List

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Direct Drive

The ABAC range of Direct Drive (blue Line) air compressors represent the most popular, durable, efficient and reliable product in it's sector. The range includes special voltages (110V and 12/24 V), and the RedLine economy range. Designed to offer the user with smaller compressed air applications ideal for semi-professional and 'do-it-yourself' use.

- From 1.5 kW to 2.2 kW
- Professional Range (Blue Line)
- Economy range (Red Line)
- Horizontal & Vertical models
- Compact & Portable
- Oil Free models available
- 110V and 12/24 V models
- Ideal for many DIY and semi-professional applications
- Use Our "Compressor Choice Table" to select the compressor & the tools you need.

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- From 5.5 to 540 HPP
- Energy efficient and Variable speed models
- Can be connected to each other for efficient energy cost reductions.

ABAC screw compressors boast patented technology to increase efficiency and save energy.

- Automotive range up to 15 kW
- SPINN to 11 kW
- SPINN to 2.2 – 5.5 kW
- Workshop range up to 60 kW
- Formula, Genesis, SCK
- Variable speed models 16 -260 kW
- Allegro
- Industrial range up to 420 kW
- SCK, Largo
- Oil Free Models
- Lento

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110V & 12/24 V & Petrol/Diesel Models

The ABAC range of 110V models have been designed for outdoor use, also available are 12/24V ones that can be run from a van or car battery.

A range of Petrol & Diesel models is also available from ABAC

- Tradeline 110V range
- Designed for Outdoor use
- 110V supplied with plug
- 12/24 V
- Petrol up to 9 HP
- Diesel up to 9 HP

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Genesis - Complete Workstation

A unique solution comprising of an encapsulated screw, dryer, pre-filter, final filter, electronic drain all mounted on a 275 or 500 litre air receiver, ready to be installed and connected to the mains and air supply.

- From 5.5 to 22 kWW
- Ready for use, minimal installation required.
- Compact size.
- Self diagnostics.
- Low maintenance costs
- Energy saving variable speed on selected models

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CLEAN-AIR compressors

For surgeries, laboratories, clean rooms and other critical applications, CLEAN-AIR compressors provide a reliable and efficient source of compressed air to a variety of quality dependent applications.

Available as standard units or with air dryers and optional acoustic cabinets making the Clean-air range the choice of clean air professionals.

- Dental Air models
- Oil-Free models when air quality is important
- From 1.5 to 1.9+1.9 kW
- Optional integral dryer
- Bacteriological filters available
- suitable to comply to HTM2022
- Dental Air requirements

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Air Treatment

ABAC offer a wide range of air treatment products to give you quality air as per your requirements.

Refrigerated air dryers, thermal mass dryers, high inlet temperature dryers and compressed air filters.

Refrigeration dryers:
- Up to 180000 Lt/min (6350 cfm)
- High efficiency, Low pressure drop, Modular construction

Other Products:
- Adsorption Dryers

- High Inlet temperature dryers

- Air filters to 0.01 micron & 0.003 mg/cu mt oil content
- Water/Oil Separators

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High Pressure & Diving

ABAC have introduced a revised range suitable for breathing air, paint ball and many other industrial processes.

The new range comprises skid mounted and cabinet versions with the option of electric motor, petrol engine or diesel engine drive. The range spans 12 standard models from 2.2 kW up to 15 kW.

- ALT Diving Compressors
- 230/300 Bar
- Breathing Air Compressors
- Electric Models
- Petrol Models
- Diesel Models

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Silent and Super Silent Models

From 1.5 kW to 7.5 kW. Silenced and super silent for use virtually anywhere. Complete range includes portable and static models. Reliable, simple and robust construction. Ease of use, simple automatic control.

- Silenced models from 1.5 to 7.5 kW

In cabinet with/without receiver
- Super Silent Models

Using fridge technology noise levels of below 45 dB(A) can be achieved where air requirements are below 150 Lt/min
- Oil free Silenced CleanAir range
- For dental & Oil Free applications
- In cabinet or with acoustic enclosure.

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DIY Shop & Products

Our shop allows to buy an extensive range of DIY & semi-professional compressed air products online:

Starter kits, Direct Drive, Belt Driven, Silent compressors. Safety equipment, Lubrication and sealants, Spares and fittings. Tools for Spray painting, Garage and workshop, Inflating, Washing and cleaning, Nailing and stapling.

- Airbrushing Products:
- Airbrushing Compressors
- Airbrushing Kits
- Airbrushing Guide step by step
- Badger airbrushes
- Model & general art
- Tanning, Nail & Body Art
- Cake airbrushing
- Paints and accessories
- DIY Compressors
- DIY Accessories
- Couplings & Hoses
- Air Tools
- Regulators, Adaptors, etc.

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Boosters & Special

Pre-compressed air is compressed to the desired higher final pressure - simply, safely and economically. No need to invest in a dedicated high-pressure network or to have a separate, decentralized system. The booster is slow running, air cooled and adaptable to almost all operating conditions due to its well-designed modular principle.

- Boosters
- Input pressure of 10 Bar, can achieve up to 40 Bar
- 35 Bar receiver mounted
- 35 Bar base plate mounted
- Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen is used on a lot of industries like packaging of food, electronics, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, etc.

Automotive Air Tools

ABAC offers an extensive range of automotive air tools for use with our air compressors.

- Spray Guns
- Air drills
- Impact & ratchet wrenches
- Nail guns
- Blow guns & wash guns
- Sand blasting guns
- Chipping hammer

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