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  • AATi is a privately owned organisation.
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    'Leading supplier of heavy duty cast metal anti-slip stair nosings'

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    Leading UK Manufacturer of Cast Metal Anti Slip Nosings and Treads

    Anti Slip Nosings

    AATi Limited (formally Antislip Antiwear Treads International Limited) was formed in 1984 and adopted the antislip cast metal stair tread designs traditionally seen on the London Underground. These have been ever present and effective features on the UK rail network for over 5 decades.

    Since the late 1990's we have designed and developed our product range to embrace the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) requirements. Also focusing on uses outside the traditional rail markets using our in-house CAD design and pattern making facilities we are able to offer bespoke products often required for commercial and architectural applications. All products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

    Our stair nosings offer a very cost effective solution with unrivalled performance when taking into account 'whole of life' costs. Using the London rail networks as the best example, with footfalls exceeding 148 million users per annum at Liverpool Street Station and our products being installed here well over 20 years ago but they are still functioning adequately despite these extreme conditions.

    AATi Limited have 3 departments, International, Rail, Commercial. Our international sector specialises in the manufacture and supply of cast metal anti-slip nosings for international railway mass transit systems. Tread patterns can be bespoke with corporate branding incorporated.

    Our rail sector specialises in the supply heavy duty cast metal anti-slip stair nosings for the UK Rail industry. Some of our products for rail include anti slip floor plates, tactile corduroys and much more.

    AATI's commercial sector provides a diverse range of stair nosings for stairways in public, retail, heritage and residential spaces. We can create bespoke designs using our in-house modelling facilities.

    Previous Project

    FSE Group: FSE Foundry, AATi Limited Cast metal products, Paul Smiths shop at No. 9 Albemarle Street, London. The building exterior features a bespoke, cast iron panelled front (Cast by FSE Foundry) and regency balustrade which is set against distinctive black painted walls. The fa�ade, designed in conjunction with 6A architects, discreetly incorporates Paul's hand drawings.

    About Us

    Due to the continued successful growth of AATi into new product markets and overseas territories a restructuring of the company was necessary.

    AATi Group now includes AATi Rail Limited which is the company responsible for processing enquiries and orders from our customers in the UK rail industry. AATi Limited is primarily focused on the international marketplace and AATi Commercial Limited is handling enquiries and orders from UK non-rail domestic clients.

    Although the company might be separating its focus it will still be providing the same first-rate service which past and present customers have grown used to and expect of us.

    AATi now also part of the FSE Group, specialists in a wide range of cast metal products. This is a privately owned organisation, and nominated supplier to Transport for London and Network Rail.


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