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Omega Plastics Ltd

  • Conservatory and lightweight polycarbonate roofing.
  • Cut-to-size to both trade and DIY customers.
  • Domestic and commercial polycarbonate Roofing
  • Over 15 years experience with polycarbonate roof sheets


West Ley, Alswear Old Road, Queens Nympton
South Molton
EX36 4LE

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Thursday : 8:30 - 5:30

Specialists in Polycarbonate Roofing and Sheets

Omega (roofing) Plastics Ltd manufacture and supply Polycarbonate Roofing, Polycarbonate Sheets and a wide range of components and services to the conservatory and lightweight roofing market. We are able to offer professional advice, based on over 15 years experience from our dedicated staff in helping our customers select the most suitable solution for their roofing requirements. The professional advice includes the design and supply of bespoke conservatory roofs.

Polycarbonate Roofing

We manufacture and supply structured polycarbonate (SPC) panel roof-packs, cut-to-size to both trade and DIY customers. The projects we are involved with range from the relatively simple lean-to roofs, through the huge variety of domestic conservatory designs to large commercial roofing solutions for supermarkets, warehousing, large public projects.

We supply all polycarbonate roofing components from stock to anywhere in the UK. We supply a variety of glazing bars and accessories. These include rafter-supported bars (suitable for timber supported roofs), self-supporting bars, wall plates, eaves beams, hip rafter bars, ridge beams, finials. We also supply roof vents suitable for all installations with either glass or Polycarbonate glazing.

Our range of accessories include all the components required to complete a roof installation. These accessories are Sheet Closure Extrusions (used to protect and finish the bottom edge of the polycarbonate panel), Eaves Filler (to close gaps at the Eaves and prevent draughts), Screw Buttons, Solid Aluminium Top Tape and Breather Anti-Dust Tape to seal the ends of the polycarbonate roof sheets, Silicone Sealant and Self Adhesive Flashing

Polycarbonate Sheets

Our polycarbonate sheets are supplied in a wide variety of colours and thicknesses. The colour range is clear, bronze opal, bronze-opal and heatguard-opal. Heatguard-opal is designed to control the heat build-up in conservatories and is effective in reducing the impact of the suns’ energy by 50%. We are also able to offer solar inserts as a factory fit option fitted to the polycarbonate sheets. These are the most effective solution in controlling heat build-up in conservatories. The solar inserts reflect 80% of the suns’ radiant heat and reduce glare by 80%. Solar inserts can also be fitted by Omega fitters to existing polycarbonate roofs through our Omega Solar Insert Retrofit Service and, in addition, solar inserts are supplied as a solar insert DIY kit.

The polycarbonate Sheets vary in thickness from 10mm, through 16mm, 25mm, 32mm to 35mm. The thicker polycarbonate panels offer the highest level of insulation of any glazed roofing solution. The 35mm polycarbonate has a U-value of 1.2.

A similar solution is provided as a supply and fit service for glass roofs, employing a solar film with similar specifications to the solar inserts.

Omega Smart Canopy

Omega Smart Canopy - Wall Mounted Lean-To
The quality range of Omega Smart Canopy’s are of course wall mounted and also come with a range of options including 16mm clear, Opal or Bronze Polycarbonate or 6mm Clear Glass Plate Polycarbonate. With its powder coated framework this system is easy to install and includes an installation guide.

Omega Smart Canopy - Free Standing with ` Lean-To` Style
The free standing range of Omega Smart Canopies is a `Mono` pitch system with a standard 16mm glazing material in clear, bronze or opal structured polycarbonate.

Various projections available including 2.0m, 2.5m and 3.0m with widths to include 3,106mm up to 8,406mm.

Omega Smart Canopy - Free Standing with Gable Roof (type 2)
The range of free standing canopies from Omega incorporates a 17.5 degree gable roof that pitches down from both sides of the structures ridge to the eaves/gutters.
The two Standard projections on the free standing gable roof (type 2) include 6.2m and 7.0m.

Omega Smart Canopy Accessories include:
...• Omega Smart Canopy Gutter Adaptor – Gutter Fitting (White)
...• Omega Smart Canopy Gutter Adaptor – Gutter Fitting (Brown)
...• Omega Smart Canopy Post Protector

Multiwall Polycarbonate Glazing sheets

Omega supply a comprehensive range of Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets for use on various applications such as green houses, canopies, roof lights, conservatories and carports.

Secondary Glazing

Omega also supply a great range of Secondary Glazing which has the ability to greatly reduce heat loss and improve sound insulation more information of which may be found on our online shop.

Glazed Roof Components

With a comprehensive range of Glazed Roof Components we will always find the perfect solution for your conservatory roof glazing requirements whatever style of roofing you may have.

Conservatory Roof Kit

Our Conservatory Roof Kits have been specifically designed to suit a wide range of standard sizes so why not head over to our website to find out more.

Roof Lanterns

Suitable for both new build and refurbishment flat roof projects. Available with either aluminium or uPVC top caps with no optional upstand.

Door Canopy

We offer a wide range of Door Canopy products in various styles and sizes with prices ranging from as little as £85.00 to £159.00(excluding VAT).

Conservatory Roof Vents

Aluminium/uPVC Conservatory Roof Vents, Aluminium ridge Level Ventilators and more may be found by visiting our online shop.

Solar Inserts

We can also supply you with Solar Inserts that have been designed to fit into polycarbonate sheets to provide a high level of solar reflection. Available sizes include 16mm, 25mm and 35mm.

Dome Rooflights

Omega offer a comprehensive range of Dome Rooflights suitable for both new build and the refurbishment of flat roofs. These have been specifically designed to provide natural daylight for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.


We offer a range of solutions for your greenhouse projects including shelving, work/potting benches and greenhouse frames available in green and silver.

Garden Equipment

Omega also offers a range of options to cater for the needs of the gardener in the form of Grow Stations, Cold Frames, Double Cold Frames and more all in unbreakable polycarbonate.


In order to provide a comprehensive range of roofing solutions we also supply and fit a number of different types of canopy. These canopies can be Cantilever or Self-supporting. The cantilever options are suitable for a wide range of applications. Their key attribute is that no supporting posts are required and therefore provides an uninterrupted floor area. These are particularly popular as car ports. The Post-Supported Canopies are very flexible as they can be configured to fit most customer specifications for an outside covered area. Both types of canopy can be used as Smoking Shelters. We do supply specialist standalone Smoking Shelters in addition to the canopies.

We are able to provide Roof Light Domes to suit any requirement, both in terms of the dimensions required, but, also, importantly the level of insulation required. These roof light domes are designed specifically for flat roofs.

As part of our range of energy conserving products we supply a very simple secondary glazing solution and light tubes supplying natural light into the home.

The secondary glazing can be supplied with different thicknesses of glazing material to suit the installation and also in either acrylic sheet or plate polycarbonate sheet. Plate polycarbonate is specified where security/safety is a key customer requirement, being 250 times as strong as glass. All secondary glazing can be cut-to-size in our factory.

The tubular roof lights are supplied in both rigid and flexible variants. The flexible roof light is very popular as it is very easy to install.

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