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    Unisto Ltd

    We specialise in solutions for the security and authenticity of brands and products starting with the manufacture and continuing right through to point of sale. Unisto design and manufacture a wide range of Security Seals and Name Badges along with Brand Enhancement in the form of Product and Packaging Design such as decorative branded seals and tags.

    Electronic Truck Seals
    Unisto offers a range of electronic truck seals powered by long life lithium cells that generate unpredictable random numbers each time they are closed. It is this number that must be recorded on the documentation of the truck so any tampering with the on board payload will be easily identified if that number has changed.

    Emergency Door Seals
    We supply a wide range of emergency door seals designed to cover the vast majority of types of doors. Applications include securing staff and public areas where fire regulation compliance is essential.

    Bolt Seal Remover
    We supply a range of tried and tested bolt seal removers available only for bona fide companies so please visit the cutter page on our website and take a look at some of the highly recommended products we are able to provide.

    Meter Sealing Kit Supplier
    Unisto is a manufacturer of tamper prevention seals including environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional lead metal security seals.

    Security Seal Special Offers
    We always have a number or products on special offer including our security seals, name badges and identification products so it�s always worth visiting our online shop to find out the latest deals and their availability.

    Reusable Truck Seals
    The C2K Reusable Security Seal from Unisto is an electronic alternative to the traditional metal or plastic security seals for trailers and trucks. These have been designed to provide one simple point of security control and can be used up to an amazing 35,000 times. For further details on the C2K Reusable Seal from Unisto please refer to our website.

    Security Seals & Tamper Evident Seals
    We offer innovative and customised security seal solutions to suit almost every conceivable requirement including: Tamper evident seals in plastic, metal or various combinations of both, pull tight seals, padlock seals, push fit seals, fixed length seals, cable seals and high barrier bolt seals. Our range of single use seals including ISO17712 certified barrier type seals and indicative seals or reusable electronic seals are also available in the range. These can be bar coded, consecutively numbered or offer RFID and IrDA data communication.

    We supply easy break seals for emergency exit seals, defibrillators, crash and resuscitation trolleys along with a range of associated healthcare and hospital applications. Unisto also supply security and closures for chemical drums and distribution tote boxes ranging from low to high level security applications. Additionally we offer a range of ancillary tools and equipment for the safe and quick removal of all types of barrier seals. We supply crimping pliers for the closing of lead and high density plastic meter seals and retail security 1.5m coated cable for use with padlocks or seals to protect display products from opportunistic theft.

    Name Badges
    At Unisto we help companies design and develop name badges that communicate stylishly and professionally to leave a lasting effect and give an impression of quality and pride. Our advanced manufacturing capacity and design experience enables us to provide you with the best possible solution that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our expertise and capabilities allow us to produce a wide range of styles and various types of name badges such as conference badges, identification badges and uniform badges. Typical applications include banqueting, promotions, training events, hotels, restaurants, special achievement and long service awards.

    Brand Enhancement
    Unisto work with well-known and celebrated brands to build, enhance and protect their reputation including products in the clothing, jewellery and drinks industry. This helps these leading brands enhance and refine their image at the point of sale. Areas covered include ticketing, front of house branding and behind the scenes quality control solutions to make sure your customers only see of the best products you have to offer.

    So for more information about Unisto and the vast range of products we are able to offer including special offers please visit our main website.

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