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The Scuba Box!

Solent Plastics News and PR from Solent Plastics - Published 20 December 2016 The very best in storage innovation!
The Scuba Box offers the very best in innovation, style and affordability for a huge variety of purposes.
These multi-purpose big boxes, available in 65 and 90 Litre versions are the only water resistant trunk available in the UK.
A hermetically sealed lid provides a watertight product unless submerged.
Available in Black or Opaque and made from heavy duty polypropylene these boxes really are extremely tough and suitable for many used.
Ideal for the marine industry, the hermetic seal offers both protection at sea but also at home!
Perfect for damp area storage; in the garage, loft or cellar. All your valuable possessions will benefit from added protection that other products cannot offer.
Featuring 2 wheels, Padlockable and 4 point detachable/hinged lid, this product really does offer everything.
The very best storage for Volume, Innovation and quality on the market today.
Check our website soon for more information on a new size!

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Innovation, Style and Affordability for a huge variety of purposes.

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