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  • EMC / Surge Testing and Quality Assurance
  • All our Products are Independently Tested
  • Safety standard EN60950
  • EMC / Surge Testing and Quality Assurance
  • All our Products are Independently Tested
  • Safety standard EN60950
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Zymax International Ltd

Welcome to Zymax International Ltd

Zymax is based in the United Kingdom specializing in the design and manufacture of lightning and surge protection devices (SPD, TVSS). We have devices for the protection of: AC Mains power, DC Power Supplies, CCTV, Load Cells, Aerial/antenna and Co-Ax, Telecom PSTN, RS485 and more.

The ZM Mains protection range incorporates our unique MMOV (Monitored Metal Oxide Varistor). This is patented technology that continually monitors the actual ageing (the protective state) of the ZM devices primary protectors.

Some of our barriers also allow for preventative maintenance - for instance our ZM mains power surge protection range:

1. Alerts user to incorrect wiring (phase reversal & bad earth connection).
2. Alerts user by alarm and LED (when the device needs or is nearing replacement).

We hope to be able to help you whatever your application.

Selected Products

ZD200BT-4 (PSTN Telecom line SPD protector with BT sockets)

Easy connection for protecting Phone, Fax, Modem. High energy 4 wire protection (6 wires connected). Incorporates two UK BT631 line sockets for easy connection and supplied with a 1M line connection cord. Push the button on the top panel and the LED will indicate the state of protection and the line. No power supplies or batteries are required. Standard 35mm top hat DIN rail mounting or direct to any surface using the built in tabs. Can also be supplied fitted into an enclosure complete with cable entry glands and external earth connection. Versions also available for worldwide telecom networks with RJ11, IDC or screw terminals.

Other members of the Zymax ZD and ZW data protection range:

The ZD200BT-4 is part of the Zymax data protection range (ZD and ZW is a range of lightning and surge protectors for data networks. The initial letters stand for Zymax Data and Zymax Wide bandwidth. The following numeric is the maximum voltage that is encountered on the line during normal operation. A ZD33 thus will start to clamp above 33 volts and is ideal for 4-20mA process loops that are powered from a 24 volt supply. ZD16 is suitable for RS485. ZD and ZW range devices are available with clamping voltages of 6, 16, 33, 51, 75 and 200v.

ZM06 (Mains 6A Power Protector & Filter)

Use the ZM06 series filter and surge protector where a clean supply is important or where there is a proven risk of surges. This unit will filter as well as surge protect the supply. Wire in series. These barriers can be easily fitted onto a convenient DIN rail, screwed directly to surface or supplied in an IPU (integrated Protection Unit) solution (Supplied in a wall mounting enclosure pre-wired complete with fused isolator)

420 Joule surge suppression with high specification 6A RFI filtering. Utilizing Zymax's patented MMOV technology giving visual and audible status indication. The ZM06 will also check its connections for live-neutral swap and earth integrity. More thorough ageing (and status information) can be obtained using our ZMR reader. Available as 230V and 110V versions.

ZA90 (Aerial Protector Lightning & Surge Suppressor)

The ZA is a range of High energy Lightning and Surge protectors for wireless coaxial and aerial/antenna cables. The initial letters stand for Zymax Aerial and the following numeric is the maximum voltage that will be encountered on the line during normal operation. A ZA90 therefore will start to clamp above 90 volts and is ideal for low power radio telemetry. For transmitting more than 50W the ZA350 is recommended.

Available with a variety of connector terminations including BNC, N Type or TNC (50 or 75 ohm impedance). The Ni plated precision made body ensures low attenuation of signals up to several GHz. A range of mounting options is also available for this device including fitting to DIN rail, please contact us for more information.

ZT (Field Mounted Protector)

The ZT range of barriers are ideal for field-mounted transmitters and remote instrumentation, both analogue and digital. Being of a "shunt" configuration means that they can easily be retrofitted and are simply wired in parallel with any existing wiring that requires protection.

Protects 2, 3 or 4 wire transmitters from induced lightning surges and transients. Also ideal for all Field Bus Systems. Shunt barrier for direct connection to field mounted equipment. Stainless steel enclosure. Available in 2, 3 and 4 wire versions with 1/2" NPT, G(BSP) 1/2" and 20mm ISO thread options. ATEX certification also available.

ZW (Wide bandwidth Data Protector)

ZW Available to clamp at 6, 16, 33, 51, 75 & 400 volts. ZW400 for Siemens Milltronics EnviroRanger, HydroRanger and HydroRanger plus networks.


EN55022, EN61000-4-5 CCITT K17, EN410003, EN60950 ,BS6651, BSEN62305.

Any design requests, information or technical help then please do not hesitate to contact us. Also see our website.


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