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Cube Products & Services Ltd - (Trolleys)

  • Nearly 20 years experience.
  • Supply/Manufacture material handling equipment.
  • Bespoke solutions available.
  • Huge variety of products available.

Cube Products & Services Ltd - Platform Trucks & Trolley Manufacturer

Trolley Manufacturer Cube Products & Services Ltd is proud to present ‘’, the number one online product selector for manual handling trucks, platform trucks, turntable trucks and trolleys.

With over fifteen years of knowledge and experience within the materials handling sector, you can be sure that the trolleys we supply are exact to each requirement.

Our extensive product range is designed to specifically meet our customers’ individually needs. All Turntable Trucks, trolleys and Platform Trucks are manufactured in the UK and delivered direct to the customer from the factory. In the case that the exact product cannot be found on our online portfolio, our design team have great expertise in developing new ideas in combination with our sales team who are ready to offer advice and solutions to your problems.

All trucks and trolleys available from Trolley Selector can be ordered through our website or by contacting our experienced sales team. We are one of the leading Trolley Manufacturers in the UK.

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Platform Trucks

The range of platform trucks available from Trolley Selector increases with various size options.

The standard starts at 600mm long x 400mm wide and can be as large as 1200mm long x 800mm wide. There are options for the single handle to be of a tubular nature, or to have the end filled in with plywood or even steel mesh. Further to this, the platform trucks can have one or more sides giving the change of name from single end to double end trucks, three sided or four sided also known as a box trucks.

The standard range is extensive, but not exhaustive; the sheer variety of applications makes way for the bespoke range of platform trucks which allows for a whole host of different alternatives.

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Turntable Trucks

The turntable truck is the first choice for many when it comes to moving larger and heavier items over longer distances and over uneven ground.

The sheer diverse nature of the turntable truck means that it can be designed and constructed to suit a wide range of applications.

The basic turntable trucks has a steel welded frame with four solid rubber or pneumatic tyred wheels located close to each corner. The rear wheels will be fitted to a solid axle and the front wheels fitted to a turntable steering mechanism allowing for increased manoeuvrability. The platform is usually manufactured from plywood and finished with a lacquer to protect it against any damage from liquids.

The basic turntable trucks has a handle fitted to the turntable steering mechanism which is connected to the front axle.

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Sack Trucks

All Sack Trucks from Trolley Selector are manufactured from steel and are finished with a paint coat.

Sack truck wheels fitted as standard are solid rubber but may be provided with pneumatic tyres for operations over uneven ground or gravelled areas.

Sack Trucks are manufactured from tubular and angle steel sections welded together. The back is normally open but can be fitted with steel mesh or even solid steel plate. The shoe or foot of the sack truck is as standard a criss-cross of flat bar steel but can be provided with plate steel if required. The back of the sack truck may be supplied as a ‘v-section’ to allow loads such as cylinders to be moved without fear of the load rolling off.

The sack truck may also be retro fitted with protective taping to allow the easy loading of white goods such as fridges and freezers.

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Mailroom Trolleys

The range of Mailroom Trolleys from Trolley Selector are designed for use in the office mailroom environment. Each trolley is ideal for the distribution of stationery, post and other lightweight items.

Mailroom Trolleys are a derivative of the shelf trolley with a slight modification. Mailroom trolleys use steel wire mesh to create compartments suitable for the sortation and distribution of mail.

The mailroom trolley range consists of two or three basic designs each with a variety of options based on a theme. Mailroom Trolleys are manufactured from a combination of tubular and wire mesh steel finished with an epoxy powder paint coat. A range of complimentary mailroom trolleys is available to suit our standard range of products. We also offer a bespoke range of products available to suit each of our clients individual requirements.

To view our Mailroom Trolleys Click Here

Plastic Trolleys

All plastic trolley products are manufactured from high quality medium density food grade polyethylene.

Polyethylene offers qualities including; good resistance to most acids, alkalis and chemicals; wide operating temperature range of -20º to +60ºc.; Durable – polyethylene products are very easy to clean and are ideal for wash down applications; Flexible – although polyethylene is flexible, we recommend support frames for large tanks when filled with liquid.

We offer a large range of standard colour finishes including red, blue, yellow, green, orange, white, natural, grey and black, with non-standard colours available to order.

Panel Trolleys

A concise range of panel trolleys is available from Trolley Selector, the very basic panel trolley is an ‘A-Frame’ trolley which is designed to carry sheets of material with an operator at each end.

The next trolley up is a variant to the platform trucks with tubular sides and no ends. Trolleys are also available with moveable sides which allow the user to keep panels upright whilst being moved. Baskets may also be added to certain trolleys to provide additional storage.

The largest panel trolley available from trolley selector has the ability to carry larger loads such as worktops which can be as long as 3600mm. This large panel trolley also has a basket for additional items. These trolleys are mainly used in DIY stores where large quantities and multiple products are required to be moved over distances.

Other trolleys available to order from Trolley Selector include; Turntable Trucks, Office Trolleys, Table Trolleys, Shelf Trolleys, Janitorial and Housekeeping Trolleys, Container Trucks, Maintenance and Workshop Trolleys.

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