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  • Design & Manufacture of Volumetric Powder Feeders
  • Supplying Gravimetric Screw Feeders
  • Range of Modular Stainless Steel Feeders
  • Design & Manufacture of Volumetric Powder Feeders
  • Supplying Gravimetric Screw Feeders
  • Range of Modular Stainless Steel Feeders
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Trantec Solids Handling Limited

A leading innovator of powder handling solutions…

Trantec Solids Handling Ltd is a leading supplier of powder handling equipment to the world-wide solids and bulk handling industry, providing solutions aimed at metering, dosing, weighing, filling and conveying. Spanning over two decades, our continual dedication to research and development has enabled us to produce innovative solutions, setting the highest standards of equipment manufacture.

Our products are designed for use in industries such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental and plastics. Our commitment to quality and reliability means our customers receive a product they know they can rely on time and time again.

Our Products

Our aim is to meet each individual customer’s needs. At our modern production facility in Clayton-le- Moors in Lancashire, our experienced design engineers together with our enhanced manufacturing techniques produce superior products that can be adapted for use in any application.

Our product range includes –

...• Volumetric Screw Feeders
...• Gravimetric Feeder Systems
...• Loss-in-weight Screw Feeders
...• Modular Stainless Steel Feeders
...• Specialist Auger manufacture
...• Conveyor Spares - Spiral & Tube
... Flexible Screw Conveyors
...• Bulk Bag Dischargers
... Sack Tip Stations
... Powder Samplers

Volumetric Powder Feeders

Trantec’s Volumetric Powder Feeders provide accurate feeding of powders and dry bulk solids. Consisting of a hand-held power unit, which drives just one moving component (the Auger Screw), Trantec’s Powder Samplers offer minimal maintenance. Their simplistic design means cost-effective construction is achieved with low power consumption as standard.

Auger samplers are widely used in dairy manufacturing processes, typical applications include milk powders or baby formula. Pharmaceutical manufacturers often use samplers as a part of their strict quality monitoring standards.

Configured for the volumetric feeding of powders, the material can be continuous or as batches. Typical materials handled include milk powders or baby formula used in dairy manufacturing processes and pharmaceutical manufacturers often use samplers as part of their strict quality monitoring standards. Other materials handled include powders, pellets, flakes, grains and pills.

An automated sampling solution, Trantec’s Powder Samplers are more suited to free-flowing materials however, additional features can be included where necessary to aid product flow of more difficult materials. Using the latest powder dosing technology, our innovative 3D Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacturing techniques can accurately reproduce your existing system and auger, or we can assist you in choosing an alternative system, based on your material specifications. Trantec now also offer a free product testing and trials service for all applications.

Trantec can manufacture your sampler in a selection of construction materials, including mild steel, stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316 with a variety of polish finishes to choose from - welds as laid, standard, crevice-free, and sanitary. We also operate stringent quality control methods and can provide full traceability of all our construction metals and plastics.

The benefits of choosing Trantec -

...• High accuracy.
...• Volumetric consistency.
...• Gentle product conditioning.
...• Compact, Robust construction.
...• Low maintenance.
...• Low power consumption.
...• Single moving part.
...• Sanitary construction available.
...• Premium quality at a sensible price.

Gravimetric Screw Feeders

Not all Screw Feeders are the same. We understand one Screw Feeder cannot always meet all customer’s requirements. Utilising the latest powder dosing technology, Trantecs Stainless Steel Screw Feeders or Gravimetric Screw Feeders can be quickly configured to meet the demands of any application.

Most Screw Feeder manufacturers claim to offer quick-release, easy-clean features however, dis-assembling and re-assembling your machine for essential cleaning between batches can still take a considerable amount of time, especially when using a spanner or socket set. Trantec recognised that this was still a problem for many industries, especially food and pharmaceutical and over the past few years have developed a screw feeder with tool-less strip down features. With the addition of Trantec’s quick-release, easy-clean features, your machine can actually be stripped, cleaned and re-assembled in 5 minutes, a breakthrough in powder feeder design.

Selection of the correct Metering Screw Feeder configuration is essential for achieving optimum performance and accuracy. We offer a free product testing service to all our clients and upon completion of testing, we will provide a report detailing our findings along with our recommendations. Alternatively, our customers can witness material trials first-hand at our production facility in Clayton-le-Moors. For more information, please contact our sales team.

Modular Stainless Steel Feeders

Our latest design is our 'M Series' Stainless Steel Feeder, modular in design, with the addition of quick and easy ‘add-on’ components. Although our screw feeders are available as standard, cost-effective base models, a variety of additional features can be installed upon request, including:

An option of motors
AC 3 phase motor as standard, DC Motors for slower speed capabilities and Servo Motors for maximum accuracy, precision control and maximum feed range. Stainless Steel AC motors also available.

Specially designed Dry Running Shaft Seals
100% food compatible and easy to replace.

Quick-release / Easy-clean Features
Saving time and effort when dismantling your machine for quick and easy cleaning and of course, reducing downtime.

Ranging Storage Capacities
With manual refill or automatic refill options.

Integrated Weighing Base & PLC Controls
For added precision and feed accuracy. Gravimetric controls can be installed, with both batching and continuous Loss-in-weight and Gain-in-weight configurations available.

Independently Driven Product Agitator
Controlled conditioning via a separate motor drive and gearbox combination, specifically selected to suit your material properties.

A selection of stainless Polishes and Finishes
From simple welds as Laid, to sanitary finish. Painted finish (mild steel only), Bead Blasted, Standard, 2B.

Specialist Auger Screw Manufacture

For over two decades, Trantec have supplied an array of replacement Auger Screws for use in Powder Dosing Systems, Screw Feeders and Filling Machines. Often the replacement part needs to come from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), who charges a premium for such a bespoke component. Trantec now offer a custom-made auger screw manufacturing service and specialise in supplying replacement parts for existing auger-screw based machinery at a fraction of the cost of the OEM and even other auger screw manufacturers.

Trantec particularly specialise in producing full flight augers for the Food and Pharmaceutical industries, as well as Environmental, Chemical & Plastics, investing in state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) as our method of production. Quality and reproducibility is inherent to our production process. Fractions of a millimetre in accuracy are typical and can be maintained across batches. This method of manufacture produces a stronger, more robust auger that is longer lasting and very cost-effective.

Not all customers require a full flight screw, with some customers opting for the simpler spiral type auger. Trantec have added to their development program by including the manufacture of customer-made spiral augers in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes.

The benefits of Trantec Augers include -

...• Accurate reproduction of your existing auger.
...• Direct replacement for your machinery.
...• Completely interchangeable.
...• Robust, longer lasting.
...• Quality, reliability and reproducibility are all maximised.
...• UHMWPE, 304 & 316 stainless full flight augers.
...• Carbon steel, 304 & 316 stainless spiral augers.
...• EC & FDA approved materials of construction.
...• A choice of finishes from welds as laid to 0.2Ra um.
...• Costs are significantly reduced.
...• Delivery times are reduced.

Flexible Screw Conveyors

We are a leading conveyor manufacturers, typically that of Flexible Screw Conveyors, offering efficient, low cost transport of powders and dry bulk solids, conveying materials such as very fine powders, granules, flakes, pills and large pellets. We have considerable knowledge and expertise in the Powder Handling industry, whether your material is free-flowing or poor-flowing, Trantec can produce Flexible Screw Conveyors for the most demanding applications.

Trantec offer tailor-made units, both stationary and mobile with customised, interchangeable components including Spiral, UHMWPE Tube, Motors, Hoppers, Controllers, Sensors and more. Our Flexible Screw Conveyors or Flexible Spiral Conveyors are constructed in mild steel or 304 and 316 stainless steel with a variety of finishes to choose from and can advise on the most suitable finish for tour application.

We use EC and FDA approved materials of construction and can offer sanitary finishes for all contact parts.

For poor flowing materials, an agitation device may be required to constantly condition and break up the material, avoiding build-up. The type of agitation required can be specifically selected to suit your application and your materials flow properties. Vibratory agitation is occasionally used for materials that are difficult to condition using traditional techniques however, this is far less common.

Benefits of Trantec’s Powder Conveyors

...• Low cost.
...• Low maintenance.
...• Dust free.
...• Sanitary contact parts for food and pharmaceutical applications.
...• Complete containment of product.
...• Custom-made options available.
...• Multi-directional.
...• Stationary or mobile options.

Conveyor Spares

Trantec supply replacement Spiral and Tube for Flexible Screw Conveyors. Our parts are supplied to the same, exacting standards as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), providing guaranteed interchangeability, at a sensible price.

We have seen a large increase in spares sales, with newer and more diverse applications relying on our services regularly. Transferring to Trantec’s Flexible Screw Conveyor spares has made a difference to many small businesses, universities, multinational companies and household brands, helping them save money and further improve their processes, omitting the need to return to their OEM.

Our Conveyor Spiral is made from 316 stainless steel or carbon steel, available in round, flat or square section. We can provide custom-made spiral to your exact requirements and we also have a range of standard sizes in stock with next day delivery as standard.

Our Conveyor Tube is made from UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and conforms to all EC and FDA approved food contact material. Available in a range of stocked sizes, we can offer next day delivery as standard.

Trantec supply a full range of replacement parts for Flexible Screw Conveyors for use in the Bulk Powder Handling industry. With over 20 years experience, serving some of the largest companies in the food, pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical, and plastics industries, Trantec’s Flexible Screw Conveyor spares can be seamlessly integrated into your existing process.

Trantec’s Flexible Screw Conveyor spares include:

Conveyor Spiral
Made from stainless or carbon steel, available in round, flat or square section. We can provide custom-made spiral to your exact requirements, or we hold many standard sizes in stock with next day delivery as standard.

Conveyor Tube
UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Tube is extruded from FDA and EC approved food contact materials and is available in a range of sizes with next day delivery as standard.

Fabricated/Machined Parts
Our in-house fabrication and CNC machining facilities enables us to offer better pricing. We manufacture specialist stainless steel parts in a range of finishes including sanitary finish.

Auxiliary Components
Electrical Controls, Flexible Connectors, Dust Socks and custom manufactured parts are also available.

Benefits of choosing Trantec conveyor spares -

...• No premium prices to pay.
...• Fast delivery on all orders.
...• Custom-made solutions.
...• Seamless integration into your existing process.
...• No reduction in performance.
...• Parts are designed for use in Food and Pharmaceutical industries.
...• EC and FDA approved materials of construction.

Bulk Bag Dischargers

Modular in design, Trantec Bulk Bag Dischargers ensure complete, controlled discharge of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (Big Bags) under safe, dust free conditions. Used widely among industries such as Food, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Chemical and Plastics, our Dischargers are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing application.

Consisting of a Floor Mounted Frame, Extension Hopper and Lifting Cruciform, our Dischargers are tested to 1000kgs and are designed to accommodate a whole range of different FIBCs on the market. Four lifting hooks situated at each corner of the lifting cruciform, along with fork lift truck channels, enable the operator to safely load the FIBC into the top of the floor mounted frame. Tensioning support side frames with telescopic spring-loaded twin arms urge the FIBC upwards, elongating it to aid product discharge. A hinged Neck Access Door with peripheral seal and closure catch is located in the FIBC chute and ensures easy, safe access to the FIBC neck ties.

Materials that are difficult to discharge from the ‘big bag’ can be problematic, an optional Discharge Aid can be fitted, e.g. Pneumatic Massage, comprising of two pneumatic rams mounted on the side frames astride the FIBC to push the sides and break up the material, including a ‘blind’ pneumatic control system to accept input from main plant PLC.

With the addition of a Trantec Screw Feeder or Flexible Screw Conveyor, we can supply a complete solution to your powder handling requirements. For applications requiring the delivery of materials for the Food and Pharmaceutical industries, an alternative construction of stainless steel 304 or 316 would be used for all contact parts, in compliance with all EC and FDA food contact regulations.

The benefits of choosing Trantec -

...• Modular design can be seamlessly integrated into your existing process.
...• Cost effective solution to your Material Handlings requirements.
...• Safe handling of ‘Big Bags’.
...• Environmentally friendly (dust free).
...• Easy and safe to use.
...• Low maintenance.
...• Robust, durable construction.

Sack Tip Stations

Designed to allow safe deposit of 25kg sacks at a better working height, Trantec’s Sack Tip Stations provide a Health and Safety aid to any application. Simply place the sack onto the front shelf of the hood and cut open, emptying the contents into the hopper. The hopper will then feed the contents to your Trantec Screw Conveyor or Metering Screw Feeder, or to your existing process machinery. The addition of a dust curtain to the front of the hood keeps Powders and Bulk Solids contained, reducing the risk of cross-contamination or dust clouds also reducing product waste.

For use in food, pharmaceutical, environmental, plastics and chemical industries, Trantec’s Sack Tip Stations are available in Mild Steel, Stainless 304 and Stainless 316 and can be integrated into your existing process.

Modular in design, we can offer the following upgrades to include:

...• Keg-tip mechanism powdered by a Belimo actuator.
...• Mobile sack tip on wheels.
...• Door with safety interlock and switch for ‘dust-free’ loading.
...• Metal detectable silicone gaskets.
...• Also available in 304 and 316 stainless steel, ideal for use in Food and Pharmaceutical applications.

The benefits of choosing Trantec -

...• Cleaner, safer, dust-free working environment.
...• Customisable solution for easy integration into your existing process.
...• Cost effective production, allowing cost savings to be passed onto our customers.
...• Controlled environment, reducing product waste.
...• Variety of finishes available including sanitary,
...• Robust construction.

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Mathew, Anon

We are very impressed with the quality and manufacture of the screw and are in the final stages of finishing this piece of equipment for delivery to our client next week.

five stars
David, Wild Flag Studios

They are beautiful! We were very happy with how the film turned out and the Augers were especially beautiful and well made! Hopefully we can work together again

five stars

I have received the auger and am impressed with the quality of it. Thanks again for the excellent service.

five stars
Paul Wilson,

We’re delighted with Trantec’s support and looking forward to getting our experimental work under way, confident that the conveyor will do all we ask of it.

five stars

Just thought I’d let you know that the auger you guys made for me is in and working. So far it’s done a couple of days running, it’s working a treat and I’m very pleased with it. Thanks for your help, I’ll certainly know where to come when I need any more augers made. Kind regards Cliff

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