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TESA - The Event Services Association

  • Launched in 1990.
  • Representing suppliers, promoters and organisers
  • Opportunities for members to meet and network.
  • New business opportunities.


Association House, 18c Moor Street

NP16 5DB

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Phone: 01291 Reveal Click Here

Todays Opening Hours

Thursday : 8:30 - 5:30

TESA - The Event Services Association

Launched in 1990, The Event Services Association (TESA) is the industry association representing suppliers, promoters and organisers in the events industry throughout the UK.

TESA was established to promote the interests of organisations in the events industry and to ensure best practise is implemented throughout the industry. Information and advice is also available for businesses and individuals working in the sector.

One of the primary objectives of the association is to support members through promoting their interests and business activities in a number of areas:

  • TESA provides opportunities for members to meet and network.
  • An active tender service provides new business opportunities.
  • Members are featured in each issue of the associationís Event Organiser magazine.
  • The TESA website includes a wealth of information about supplier member companies.
  • Memberís views are centrally communicated to opinion formers and Central and Local Government.

TESA Membership

Becoming a member of TESA means far more than just joining another association... Membership provides significant benefits as the association is an active organisation whose main concern is raising standards throughout the industry with the objective of improving the commercial environment for members.

There are two membership levels available for different areas of the industry:

  • Event Organiser Membership
  • Supplier Membership

If you are interested in becoming a member of TESA, please contact a member of our team or visit our website where you can find and download an application form.

Please visit our Website for further information

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