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Tama UK

PO Box 157
Cannock Staffordshire
WS11 9WL

  • Manufacturing lever presses, tooling & punching
  • Producing high quality products for over 50 years
  • Custom-made tools
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    Tama UK

    TAMA is one of the world's leading suppliers of hand punching tools, DIN Rail shears and pneumatic presses. We also produce special made machines and equipment to meet our customers specific manufacturing needs.

      • Punching Tools
      • Manual Punchers
      • Punching Machines
      • DIN Rail Shears
      • Special Purpose Machinery

    Punching Tools
    TAMA designs and manufactures punching tools for a wide range of manufacturing applications.

    The First and Best in the Field
    Whether car body production, the manufacturing of guards or for punching and embossing metal in one simple operation, you’re guaranteed to find the right type of punching tool when you visit the TAMA website.

    Manual Punchers
    We design and manufacture one of the largest ranges of manual punchers in the world, some of which include:

      • Punchers and Embossers
      • Edge Setters
      • Folding Tools
      • Plannishing Tools
      • Jogglers
      • Slot Punchers
      • Special Purpose Punches

    Punching Machines
    Where punching machines are concerned TAMA's range of pneumatic equipment covers applications such as notching, punching and corner punching all of which have been designed to cut through even the robust of metal materials.

    The punches and dies made for our punching machines are capable of holding tolerances as close as 1/10 mm on diameters of up to 28mm making them well suited for most precision sheet metal applications.

    Special Purpose Machines
    In addition to our hand tool products we have a vast experience in designing and producing special made tools depending on the customer's particular manufacturing operations.

    If you have any requirements in this area please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Customer Focused
    Our approach to special purpose machinery is extremely simple. First and upmost we always focus on our customers individual wishes and every single product is made here at our Denmark based factory.

    The TAMA Process
      1. Step one requires the customer to give us an overview of their requirements.
      2. Second stage involves TAMA sending you a competitive quotation.
      3. If approved by the customers we will start preparing your tooling.

    Where delivery is concerned we guarantee you will not find another supplier that will react as fast as TAMA so please get in touch today and talk to one of our team of experts.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:00 to 16:00
    Tuesday 08:00 to 16:00
    Wednesday 08:00 to 16:00
    Thursday 08:00 to 16:00
    Friday 08:00 to 13:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Alloy Shearing
    2. Aluminium CNC Punching
    3. Aluminium Hole Punching Kit
    4. Aluminium Punching
    5. Aluminium Punching Services
    6. Aluminium Shearing
    7. Aluminium Sheet CNC Punching
    8. Aluminium Sheet Fine Limit Punching
    9. Aluminium Sheet Punching
    10. Amada Punching
    11. Automation EquipmentPunching
    12. Battery Hole Punching Tool
    13. Battery Hole Punching Tools
    14. Battery Operated Metal Hole Punching Tools
    15. Bench Presses
    16. Beryllium Copper Punchings
    17. Brass Sheet CNC Punching
    18. Brass Sheet Fine Limit Punching
    19. Brass Sheet Punching
    20. Card Punching
    21. Card Punching Machines
    22. CNC Hole Punching
    23. CNC Punching
    24. CNC Punching Alloy
    25. CNC Punching Aluminium
    26. CNC Punching Copper
    27. CNC Punching Machines
    28. CNC Punching Metal
    29. CNC Punching Mild Steel
    30. CNC Punching Services
    31. CNC Punching Stainless Steel
    32. CNC Punching Steel
    33. Cnc Sheet Metal Punching
    34. CNC Sheet Metal Punching Machine
    35. CNC Turret Punching
    36. Copper Sheet CNC Punching
    37. Copper Sheet Fine Limit Punching
    38. Copper Sheet Punching
    39. Credit Card Punching
    40. Credit Card Punching Machines
    41. DIN-Rail Shears
    42. Fine Limit Punching
    43. Foil Punching Machine
    44. Galvanised Steel CNC Punching
    45. Hand Presses
    46. Handheld Punching Tools
    47. Hole Punching
    48. Hole Punching Kits
    49. Hole Punching Tool
    50. Hydraulic Punching
    51. Hydraulic Punching Machines
    52. Manual Punchers
    53. Metal Hole Punching
    54. Metal Hole Punching Kit
    55. Metal Punching
    56. Metal Punching Cutters
    57. Metal Punching Dies
    58. Metal Punching Machine
    59. Metal Punching Process
    60. Metal Punching Services
    61. Metal Punching Tool
    62. Mild Steel CNC Punching
    63. Mild Steel Punching
    64. Plastic Card Punching
    65. Plastic Hole Punching Services
    66. Pneumatic Presses
    67. Portable Punching Machines
    68. Precision CNC Punching
    69. Precision Punching Press
    70. Precision Punching Presses
    71. Punchers
    72. Punching
    73. Punching Accessories
    74. Punching Busbars
    75. Punching Cnc Punching And Manual
    76. Punching Fabrications
    77. Punching Fabricators
    78. Punching Machinery
    79. Punching Machines
    80. Punching Metal
    81. Punching Press
    82. Punching Presses
    83. Punching Process In Sheet Metal
    84. Punching Services
    85. Punching Sheet Metal
    86. Punching Tools
    87. Sheet Metal CNC Punching
    88. Sheet Metal Fine Limit Punching
    89. Sheet Metal Hole Punching
    90. Sheet Metal Hole Punching Tools
    91. Sheet Metal Punching
    92. Sheet Metal Punching Machine
    93. Sheet Metal Punching Process
    94. Sheet Metal Punching Services
    95. Sheet Steel Hole Punching
    96. Sheetmetal Punching
    97. Special Hole Punching
    98. Square Steel Hole Punching
    99. Stainless Steel CNC Punching
    100. Stainless Steel Hole Punching
    101. Stainless Steel Punching
    102. Stainless Steel Punching Services
    103. Stainless Steel Sheet CNC Punching
    104. Stainless Steel Sheet Fine Limit Punching
    105. Stainless Steel Sheet Punching
    106. Steel CNC Punching
    107. Steel Punching
    108. Steel Sheet CNC Punching
    109. Steel Sheet Fine Limit Punching
    110. Steel Sheet Punching
    111. Toggle Presses
    112. Tool For Punching Holes
    113. Turret Punching
    114. Zintec Punching