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  • Prototype 3D Printing Services
  • Expert 3D Scanning Solutions
  • UK Reverse Engineering Services
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Surface Scan

Surface Scan offers a highly efficient range of 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering and 3D Printing services.

When you use Surface Scan for your 3D Scanning and 3D Printing you'll not only save time and money you'll also be keeping up with your competitors.

With the very latest equipment on the market combined with a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over the years we are able to provide one of the most comprehensive surface scanning services around.

    • 3D Scanning Solutions
    • 3D Printing Services
    • Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning Solutions
We offer customers all over the UK a highly efficient 3D Scanning service. Our services also include a mobile scanning service so if you would like us to visit your business premises we can.

When combined with our 3D Printing and Reverse Engineering services we are sure you`ll agree it really is the complete package.

We have the capabilities to scan almost any object from 30mm upwards either using our handheld scanners or desktop 3 D scanners. Not only does this process bring amazing detail and accuracy it’s also extremely fast.

    • Time Saving
    • Improved Quality Control
    • Keeping Costs Down
    • Re-Manufacturing Old and Obsolete Parts & Components

If you would like to find out more about our 3D Scanning service or have any questions try using the frequently asked questions page on our website, alternatively why not get in touch.

3D Printing Services
Whether a one off prototype, small quantity of parts or batch production run we are able to provide customers in London and the UK with a fast turnaround service including functional ready to use parts so if you’re looking for a 3D Printing service near you please do not hesitate to get in touch with Surface Scan.

Depending on the complexity and size of the part 3D Printing offers a highly competitive alternative to the more conventional types of machining such as CNC machining. Not only that because it doesn’t require the expensive tooling normally associated with this type of production.

Surface Scan offers a highly efficient 3D Printing service. With no minimum order quantities required and no tooling costs we are sure you’ll be more than satisfied with our competitive 3D printing service.

Reverse Engineering
Where Reverse Engineering is concerned Surface Scan offers a number of low cost services including Re-Designing Components, Design Analysis and Product Testing.

We can create 2D and 3D drawings of various products, components, parts and equipment.

Our Reverse Engineering service will not only improve the workflow of your business but keep you one step ahead of your competitors so why not visit our website or get in touch today.

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five stars
A. Wilkins, A Wilkins Design

I would highly recommened using Surface Scans mobile 3D scanning service. They came to my workshop and 3D scanned my prototype. They the cleaned up the data and 3D printed a scaled up model of my prototype. No stress, just an easy solution. If your thinking of whether or not a 3D scanning service could work for you then give Surface Scan a try.

five stars
Rob Williams, Vintage Motor Cars

I had a car part that I could not source anywhere in the UK. It was a small catch for my vintage car. I had searched high and low and could not source the catch anywhere. I posted the broken catch to Surface Scan. They 3D Scanned the part for me and printed me a brand new part. It is a perfect fit. Thank you Surface Scan, you have solved my problem. 3D Scanning and 3D printing is the perfect solution for producing car parts that are no long widely available.

five stars
Julie Ward,

I am a product designer. Surface Scan 3D Scanned my prototype. Gave me the information I needed to be able to improve my design. Once I had made the amendments I asked them to 3D print me a model of my product. Fantastic quality! They were really friendly and helpful. Thank you Surface Scan, I will be using your service again. You really have saved me so much time and money!!

five stars
John Short,

I contacted Surface Scan to ask if they could produce an aftermarket part for my classic car. They took the old part, 3D scanned it and 3D printed me a new part. The quality is fantastic. I could not source this part anywhere in the UK - or come to that anywhere in the world! Thank you Surface Scan. I would highly recommend your services. Good prices, quick turnaround, great overall service.

five stars
Callum Scott, Scotts Garage

I have just received my item from Surface Scan, I am so impressed! I sent them a broken car part from a customers car. They have 3D scanned the part and 3d printed me a new one. The quality is fantastic. Much better than I expected. They also provided a really quick turnaround. My customer will be so pleased that I can now repair his classic car. I never realised how useful 3D scanning and printing would be for my business. I will be using you again!! Thank you.

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