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    'Professional washroom services for your office and commercial premises'

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    Sterling Washroom Services

    To back up the vast range of highly reliable washroom products we have available we provide a second to none range of maintenance and back up services.

    These cover the following products:

    � Sanitary Hygiene
    � Clinical Waste Disposal
    � Entrance Mats
    � Air Fresheners
    � Biozone Air Care Systems
    � Cabinet Roller Towels
    � Baby Care Units
    � Nappy Units
    � Electric Hand Dryers
    � Urinal Sanitising and Water Management
    � Paper Towels and Soap Dispensers
    � Cleaning Washroom Supplies

    Washroom Supplies
    Sterling provides a wide range of washroom supplies and cleaning products such as paper products, soaps, janitorial supplies and more. All of the products we supply can either be on a one time purchase or a regular source of supply basis.

    Electric Hand Dryers
    Where electric hand dryers are concerned we have a range to suit any environment and usage. All hand dryers are also offered on a sales or rental basis so to find out more please visit our online shop or get in touch.

    Air Fresheners
    Whatever air freshener you choose we will programme it to run automatically and spray at a frequency that compliments your washroom, reception area or other communal space.

    Urinal Sanitizing and Water Management
    The urinal sanitizing systems provided by Sterling Washroom Services use the Quadrasan cleaning and dosing system which is an extremely effective biological formulation created to clean and reduce bacteria.

    Regular service visits are also available so please call us for further details.

    Cabinet Roller Towels
    It has been reported that it is very important to dry hands thoroughly as an aid to reduce bacteria spread. Our cabinet roller towels are a cost effective and efficient solution.

    Clinical Waste Disposal Service
    If you've been looking for a reliable and cost effective clinical waste disposal service then look no more because here at Sterling Washroom Services we offer you a collection service which can be tailored around your specific needs.

    Paper Towels and Soap Dispensers
    We offer a reliable rental and top up service for hand towels and soap dispensers. Our paper towel and soap dispensers are available in both manual and automatic formats although freestanding units are also available.

    Baby Care Units
    Our bay care units are safe, hygienic and convenient and suitable for a wide range of commercial environments. Why not contact Sterling Washroom Services to find out more.

    This is only a tiny sample of the wide range of washroom services we are able to provide. If you would like further details about Sterling Washroom Services please visit our website or get in touch.

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    Saturday Closed
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    Payment Terms

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    Products and Services

    1. Air Freshener Supplier
    2. Air Fresheners
    3. Antibacterial Liquid Soap
    4. Antibacterial Soap
    5. Automatic Hand Dryer
    6. Automatic Soap Dispensers
    7. Baby Care Products
    8. Bags
    9. Bin Liners
    10. Bins
    11. Black Refuse Bags
    12. Bleach
    13. Bottles
    14. Brooms
    15. Brushes
    16. Business Waste Disposal
    17. Catering Products
    18. Cleaning Chemicals
    19. Cleaning Products
    20. Cleaning Tools
    21. Clinical Bags
    22. Clinical Waste
    23. Clinical Waste Bags
    24. Clinical Waste Bins
    25. Clinical Waste Sacks
    26. Cloths
    27. Commercial Hand Dryers
    28. Commercial Soap Dispensers
    29. Commercial Waste Disposal
    30. Disinfectants
    31. Dispensers
    32. Disposable Catering Products
    33. Electric Hand Dryers
    34. Floor Cleaning Chemicals
    35. Floor Surface Cleaners
    36. General Cleaning Chemical Supplies
    37. Glass Cleaner
    38. Gloves
    39. Hand Dryers
    40. Hand Protection
    41. Hand Sanitisers
    42. Hand Soap Dispensers
    43. Hand Soaps
    44. Hard Surface Cleaners
    45. Health & Safety Products
    46. Health And Safety Products
    47. High Speed Hand Dryers
    48. Industrial Cleaning Chemicals
    49. Industrial Toilet Rolls
    50. Janitorial Supplies
    51. Jumbo Toilet Rolls
    52. Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals
    53. Kitchen Cleaning Products
    54. Leisure Centre Hand Dryers
    55. Mirror Cleaner
    56. Mop Handles
    57. Mop Heads
    58. Mopping Equipment
    59. Office Cleaning Products
    60. Paper Hand Towel Dispensers
    61. Paper Hand Towels
    62. Paper Products
    63. PPE
    64. Premium Washroom Service
    65. Premium Washroom Services
    66. Professional Catering Products
    67. Refuse Bags
    68. Refuse Sacks
    69. Safety Products
    70. Sanitary Bags
    71. Sanitary Bins
    72. Sanitary Dispensers
    73. Sanitary Disposal
    74. Scourers
    75. Scrubbers
    76. Sheets Toilet Paper Suppliers
    77. Skincare
    78. Soap Dispensers
    79. Soaps
    80. Sprays
    81. Standard Toilet Rolls
    82. Swimming Pool Hand Dryers
    83. Toilet Cleaning Blocks
    84. Toilet Paper
    85. Toilet Products
    86. Toilet Roll Dispensers
    87. Toilet Rolls
    88. Toilet Rolls Tissue
    89. Toilet Tissues
    90. Urinal Cleaner
    91. Urinal Cleaning Blocks
    92. Urinal Mats
    93. Urinal Products
    94. Urinal Screens
    95. Vacuums
    96. Washroom Cleaners
    97. Washroom Hygiene Services
    98. Washroom Services
    99. Washroom Signs
    100. Washroom Urinals
    101. Waste Bins
    102. Waste Disposal
    103. Waste Disposal Management
    104. Waste Disposal Services
    105. Wet Wipes



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