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  • Specialists in all aspects of Height Safety
  • Wealth of experience and expertise
  • Design and implementation of Fall Arrest Systems
  • Specialists in all aspects of Height Safety
  • Wealth of experience and expertise
  • Design and implementation of Fall Arrest Systems
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Steadfast (Anglia) Ltd

Roof Edge Protection

Steadfast is one of the UKs best known suppliers and installers of a specialist range of roof edge protection and abseil systems.

Serving the construction industry throughout the UK Steadfast is able to provide one of the largest ranges of solutions for a wide range of safety applications including:

...• Horizontal Lifeline Systems
...• Guardrail Edge Protection
...• Façade Systems
...• PPE
...• Vertical Lifeline Systems
...• Self-Closing Safety Gates
...• Mobile Man Anchors
...• Roof Light & Skylight Protection

• Rooftop Walkway
• Kee i-bolt Anchor Devices
• KeeGuard Ladder Kits
• Ladder Safety
• Advanced Safety Systems
• TRAM System
• Wind Energy Fall Protection

Steadfast also offers a range of quality services for retesting and certification for safety systems along with a six monthly testing service for eyebolts.

Today more and more buildings are becoming unique architectural statements with complicated and intricate designs which challenge even the most specialised maintenance projects.

At Steadfast we are able to provide a superior level of support and information to main contractors, architects, facilities managers and developers which is designed to overcome the challenges posed by these sophisticated structures.

As part of the Kee Safety Group a leading supplier of fall protection systems Steadfast offers a range of high quality and innovative products including turnkey solutions for companies around the globe requiring safe and secure working conditions for their operatives.

Horizontal Life Lines
The horizontal lifeline systems from Steadfast are specifically designed to provide safe access on roofs where guardrails are not an option. They provide solutions where an invisible fall protection system is required. They also offer hands-free protection for up to 3 users at a time if employed as a fall arrest system.

Guard Edge Protection
KeeGuard modular free standing guardrail is a system which has been specifically designed to provide protection in areas where regular access for inspection and maintenance is necessary. Its unique design incorporates a tried and tested counterweight structure which overcomes the need for fixing the system into existing roofing membrane or the building’s structure.

Rooftop Walkway
The modular rooftop walkway system from Steadfast is a safe and anti-slip level walkway system giving access to anyone needing to inspect or carry out maintenance to buildings otherwise inaccessible areas. It also incorporates a clear demarcation route which protects the roof surface from unnecessary damage.

KeeGuard Ladder Kit
The KeeGuard Ladder Kit has been designed to provide safe access onto a roof for maintenance and inspection purposes from fixed ladders and cat ladders and includes a fixed guardrail either side of the ladder with a self- closing safety gate.

Vertical Lifeline Systems
The Protecta Cabloc vertical climbing system allows for permanent installation in areas that require frequent access. It can also be used in various configurations with different cables, absorbers and traveller options with components in either galvanised or stainless steel. For more information about the Universal Cabloc Anchoring System please visit our website.

Façade Access
With our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry we are able pro-actively engage with main contractors, architects, facilities managers and developers to provide the latest compatibility for buildings that challenge access to complicated structures.

We can identify areas where façade access is required and assess the risk to provide the necessary certification and documentation for future works.

Steadfast is also able to provide a range of additional services such as:

    • Design & Site Surveys
    • Height Safety Training
    • Re-Testing & Certification
    • Façade Access and Maintenance Strategies

This is only a small sample of the wide range of products and services provided by Steadfast so if you would like to find out more please visit our website or contact us directly.

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