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Silvaflame-Cleervue Co Ltd

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  • Manufacturer of Machine Safety Guards in the UK
  • Lathes, Drillers, Millers and Grinders
  • British made for over 70 years
  • UK Manufacturer
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    Silvaflame-Cleervue Co Ltd

    Silvaflame-Cleervue has been manufacturing and supplying high quality machine guard solutions since the year 1946.

    Full Range of Safety Guards
    Today they are now the number one go to for businesses that require reliable and robust machine tool guarding for their manufacturing and production purposes such as engineering, woodworking, garage workshops and a whole range of other applications where the safety of machine operators is paramount.

    Standard Range & Bespoke Machine Guards
    90% of the safety guards supplied by Silvaflame-Cleervue are from our standard range, however in addition to these products we produce bespoke safety guards which can be tailored around special purpose machinery such as air drillers and perimeter fencing etc.

    Drilling Machine Guards
    We manufacture a wide range of drilling machine guards to cover all types and sizes of pedestal and bench drilling machines all of which are available with or without our electrical interlock system.

    As already mentioned we are able to offer a complete bespoke service for our entire range of machine guards so if this is something you may be interested in please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Lathe Machine Guards
    To protect the operator from coming into contact with rotating parts of the lathe it is now a legal requirement to fit EN:23125:2010 Certified interlocking guards to your lathe.

    We supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of lathe machine guards anywhere around including chuck guards, traversing guards and leadscrew covers as well as a range of chip guards for eye protection purposes.

    Milling Machine Guards
    No matter what size of milling machine you operate, Silvaflame-Cleervue supplies a range of machine guards to suit virtually every eventuality so whether it’s a small manual turret mill or state of the art CNC 5 axis machine we've quite literally got them covered.

    Grinding Machine Guards
    Where guarding for grinding machinery is concerned we are able to supply full length sliding windows designed to provide the operator with immediate access for component loading and unloading. These operate on our own unique self-cleaning roller system which incorporates a positive latch.

    Hydraulic Press Machine Guards
    We have a range of superior high quality hydraulic machine guards available that have been specifically created for use on hydraulic press machinery. If you're looking for specially designed guards we can also help so please get in touch and talk to one of our machine guard experts.

    Other Equipment
    To further complement our range of machine guard products we offer the following:

      • Clamping Accessories
      • Eye Shields
      • Injection Brakes
      • Personal Protection Equipment
      • Ancillary Safety Equipment
      • COVID Screens
      • Powder Coating Guards
      • Sand Blasting Guards

    This is only a small sample of the wide range of high quality machine guard solutions we have to offer. For more information about Silvaflame-Cleervue please visit our website.