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RSA Cutting Technologies Ltd

Unit 1, Tweedale Court, Tweedale North Industrial Estate
Telford Shropshire

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    RSA Cutting Technologies Ltd

    Leading Supplier of Cutting and Deburring Systems

    RSA Cutting Systems offers a unique range of products for the manufacturing sector.

    Products from RSA Cutting Systems have been specifically designed to fit seamlessly into the customer�s production processes and deliver the perfect quality you would expect from a leading supplier.

    Products from RSA Cutting Systems include sawing centres, deburring, brushes and saw blades all of which can either be utilised as separate units or in conjunction with other production machinery.

    HÄBERLE® Heavy Duty Cold Saws

    RSA now owns HÄBERLE®, a well known German manufacturer of heavy duty cold circular saws. Manual and semi-automatic solutions are available.

    HÄBERLE® offers a range of robust, durable and virtually maintenance free cold saws suitable for a wide range of applications and industrial sectors where high accuracy and repeatability are essential.

    Steel Saws
    Whether your requirements are for cutting steel, stainless steel of non-ferrous metals we are able to provide the right equipment to meet your specific needs.

    From the H25 saw model for cutting small diameters up to 80mm through to the semi-automatic H350 and H450 for the processing of diameters of up to 120mm RAS offers a high performance range of cold saws from HÄBERLE®.

    All have a large dimensional saw drive, low vibration and fast blade change benefits.

    Additionally RSA supply the following solutions including bespoke products to meet your specific needs.

    - Alusaws
    - Special Applications
    - Peripherals

    Deburring With High Performance Brushes

    When cutting and manufacturing products or components from tubes, section and bars, it essential to deburr the cut surfaces not only for accuracy and assembly but also for safety purposes.

    As a manufacturer RSA understands the requirements of clients deburring issues and have addressed this need by offering a system that allows low cost, safe and trouble free deburring using high performance brushes.

    This system has been designed to provide perfect results resulting in saving time and money for your company.

    RSA have developed a range of systems for tubes and profiles including:

    The RASAMAT, RASAMAT Machine, RASA Mono, RASA Duo, TURNAMAT 2.1, TURNAMAT Machine and the RASAPLAN have all been specifically designed to cater for a wide range of material types and specifications.

    Deburring machines for sheet metal edges, straight and shaped, include the RASAMAX Mono which is suitable for deburring both single and multiple parts and the RASAMAX Duo for straight edge deburring, top and bottom for punched, guillotined and laser cut parts.

    Sawing Tools

    For sawing blades RSA offers brands RASABLADE for saw blades and RASABAND for band saw blades both of which have been created to provide the professional with a long working life and precision cutting solution.


    With a program of continued investment in research and development RSA constantly strives to find new products, tooth geometries and protective coatings to optimise cutting efficiency, cutting accuracy and repeatability.

    At RSA we strongly believe that availability plays a strong role for customers who are looking for not only quality products at a competitive price but a range of accessible cutting equipment exactly when they need it.

    RSA always carries a huge range of standard sawing tools ready for delivery; likewise we offer a bespoke sawing tool service with products available within just a few days.

    Technical Brushes

    Technical Brushes from RSA are available for all industrial sectors from Engineering to Automotive, Marine through to Aerospace. Whatever your application may be we have the right brush or can develop it for you. We can supply in a full range of filaments from our special wire to diamond or high temperature abrasive nylon to give you high performance and longer lifetimes.

    We can also offer you full technical backup and advice from our UK specialist.

    RSA Sawing Centres

    RASACUT high performance saws for cutting tubes, sections and solid bars. Further Integration with processing modules such as deburring, chamfering, measuring, washing, drying and stacking can be installed.

    RASACUT sawing machines have very short set up times as well as high hourly output which guarantees efficiency for both small and large batch production.


    At RSA our philosophy is 'help at the right time' which means we will take steps both internally and externally to make sure your problems are solved efficiently and promptly. For this reason RSA also provides a range of services starting from test production through to international repair.

    We provide worldwide installation and commissioning starting with the machine being shipped to you followed by full commissioning from our highly skilled service technicians. What's more if a spare part is needed we will get it to you directly even before the exchange.

    Mobile Demonstration Service
    Nothing's more convincing than first-hand experience. We will gladly allow you to test whether our deburring systems are suitable for your parts - free of charge and non-binding. Not only here on site in Telford but also at your factory site.

    Test the deburring system on your own work pieces from our demonstration van. Convince yourself of the cost benefits in production conditions. Please contact us to arrange an appointment at your company or schedule your appointment now by calling 01952 585183.

    RSA RASACUT SC Sawing of 2 fixed lengths

    Deburring of symmetrical and asymmetrical workpieces in only 3 seconds

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