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  • Manufacturers of Rotary & Diverter Valves
  • Detection Systems, Couplings, Elbows & Slide Valves
  • We produce high specification Rotary Valves
  • Manufacturers of Rotary & Diverter Valves
  • Detection Systems, Couplings, Elbows & Slide Valves
  • We produce high specification Rotary Valves
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Rota Val Ltd

Rotary & Diverter Valves, Detection Systems, Couplings, Elbows & More

Since 1970 Rota Val has been developing and manufacturing high performance rotary and diverter valves to a wide range of sectors including powder processing and solids handling industries.

Markets range from dairy, food, plastics and aggregates to power and biomass, process and petro and general industry.

We continue to expand our range of high quality products and have recently introduced a line of new patented rotary valves to provide these industries with improved productivity and less down time where frequent cleaning of the valve internals is necessary.

... Rotary Valves
... Blowing Seals
... Diverter Valves
... Slide Valves
... Butterfly Valves
... Ball Valves
... Couplings
... Smart Elbows
... Foreign Body Detection

These new cleaning procedures are now carried out by operators without special equipment within minutes.

Another addition is our product RotaSafe which is a detection system designed to stop a rotary valve instantly when detecting rotor to house contact thus avoiding damage and product contamination. More details on the RotaSafe may be found by visiting our website.


Rotary Valves

Rota Val offers a range of high quality rotary valves including:

... Heavy Duty Modular Rotary Valve (HDM)
... Heavy Duty Modular Fast Clean Rotary Valve (HDMF)
... Heavy Duty Modular Cleanable Rotary Valve (HDMC)
... Fast Clean Valves (FCT)
... Extra Heavy Duty Rotary Valve (EHD)
... Hypergienic Rotary Valve (HG)

Heavy Duty Modular Fast Clean Rotary Valve (HDMF)

This rotary valve is based on the HDM valve and provides increased productivity through a unique design that offers minimal downtime for frequent cleaning intervals.

Applications include metering, airlock, explosion containment, flame barrier and system isolation. Much further details may be found by visiting our website.

Blowing Seals

Rota Val `fast clean` rotary valves are well suited to any application that requires frequent cleaning of the internal components and will be of particular interest to the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

Diverter Valves

Rota Val also offers a comprehensive range of diverter valves including:

... Conveying Plug Valves
... Fill Vent Valves
... Flap Diverter Valves
... Heavy Duty Plug Diverter Valves
... Pipe Selector Diverter Valves

CP plug diverter valves have been specifically created to route powders and granular materials within a lean phase system and are well suited to vacuum conveying systems that handle abrasive products.

Whatever your product our range of rotary and diverter valves will keep you flowing.

This is only a small sample of the wide range of rotary and diverter valves available from Rota Val so if you would like to find out more please visit our website of get in touch.

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