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  • Reduces environmental contamination
  • Reduces lubricant consumption
  • Increases chain life
  • Reduces environmental contamination
  • Reduces lubricant consumption
  • Increases chain life
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Rotalube Systems Limited

The name RotaLube® has now become synonymous with high performance and reliable chain lubrication.

This unique, patented system has now set the standard for chain lubrication. Rotalube delivers the Right amount of lubricant, at the Right time, in the Right place irrespective of chain stretch or chain speed.

This high-performance lubrication system from RotaLube® offers a truly fast and effective solution for a wide range of applications. Extending chain life, reduced lubricant consumption and environmental contamination are just a few of the advantages this system has to offer.

The RotaLube® Solution
Whatever application and whatever chain size you will find a RotaLube® solution.

The unique and patented RotaLube® method of applying accurate quantities of lubricant is simple and highly efficient and offers a wide range of advantages when compared to the more traditional lubricating systems available.

    • Increased Chain Life
    • Reduced Lubricant Consumption
    • Reduced Power Output
    • Reduced Downtime
    • Reduced Environmental Contamination
    • Unaffected by Speed Fluctuations and Indexing
    • Tailored to Specific Requirements

All RotaLube® systems can be designed and customised to meet specific lubricating needs and can be supplied for chain applications such as :

Chains - Food Applications - Ovens, Provers, Food Processing , Bottling and Canning

Chains - Fast Moving - Pin Oven Chains , Packaging lines, Saw Mills, Theme Parks

Chains - High Temperature - Oven Chains

Chains - Low Temperature - Spiral Freezers, Chillers

Chains - Duplex / Triplex - Drive Chains, Power Free Chains

Chains - With Attachments - Pulp Conveyors , Fiberglass Forming Oven Chains

Chains - Large / Small - 12 inch Pitch to 3/8” Pitch Chains

Lubrication System Design & Supply
Rotalube Systems Limited, design, build & supply Automatic lubrication Systems that suit the application needs.

    • Some Rotalube Applicators need to apply very little oil where over lubrication is a problem.
    • Some Rotalube Applicators need to apply large volumes of oil due to the conditions and size of chain
    • Some Systems need to feed multiple Rotalubes
    • Some Systems need to lubricate attachments / bearings fitted to the chain
    • Some systems need to lubricate with Heavy viscous lubricants
    • Some systems need to lubricate with Lite Low viscosity Oils
    • Some systems pre-assembled on back plates
    • Some systems pre-assembled and mounted in enclosures

For further details about the complete range of lubricating systems and services available from RotaLube® please visit the website

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