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Robotraders Ltd

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Welcome to RoboTraders

Robotraders Limited was formed in 2007 to complement our sister company Ebild Limited, who have been involved in the robotics industry since 2004, supplying Robot programmers and Simulation engineers to companies worldwide. As Robotics became more established, smaller companies, as well as the bigger Blue Chip companies, started to invest in automation. We realised that a large number of these smaller companies, who wanted to invest, could not afford to invest in brand new equipment. For this reason we decided to form a new company offering customers more affordable solutions by supplying good quality used robots and automation at a fraction of the cost.

Industrial Robots

At Robotraders, we specialise in providing new and used industrial robots for a large number of robotic applications. If we cannot supply a robot directly from stock we will endeavour to meet your requirements by sourcing a robot or robots from our many contacts and partners worldwide. We try to stock a number of major manufacturers robots, including; Kuka, Motoman, ABB, Fanuc, Comau and Nachi but please do check availability on our website as stock levels can change weekly.

Mig Welding Cells

We also specialise in supplying basic standardised robotic Mig Welding cells for small to medium sized components. All of the necessary equipment is included. An ABB 1400 robot complete with its own welding package, robot bulls eye, cell perimeter guarding with interlocked operator safety gate, an interlocked operator load guard and the necessary electrical safety circuits. Installation and commissioning, anywhere in the UK is also included in the package price. We can also supply quotations for the design and manufacture for your tooling needs.

Palletising Cells

Our standardised robotic palletising cells can be tailored to suit most palletising requirements whether you require a single or double palletising facility. Again, we supply the necessary electrical safety circuits, safety guarding, interlocked gates for pallet loading and unloading, as well as an interlocked operator access gate. The robot will include a pneumatically operated gripper, designed to suit your particular product. Again, installation and commissioning for sites within the UK is included.

Palletising Simulation

Robot Spares

Robotraders buy, sell and source a number of robot spares in order to fulfil our customers’ needs. Teach pendants, I/O boards, Power Supplies / Drives / Serial Measurement Boards and Rectifiers are just some of the robot spares we can supply or source.

Turnkey Packages

We understand that our standard robotic cells are not always the solution for your own business needs so we are always pleased to investigate and offer you a bespoke turnkey solution for your own robotic needs. If you feel that you would like to, or need to, invest in automation but are unsure of the initial cost implications, please give us a call to discuss your particular situation. We are more than happy to offer you technical and budgetary advice. Also, in conjunction with our systems partners, we can offer proposals and solutions for most applications within the automotive, white goods, material handling, food and stone cutting industries.

Training & Fault Finding

Robotraders can undertake training courses for robot programming and robot operational fault finding. The training normally takes place either at our site but we appreciate that some customers cannot always free up their personnel for this period of time so we can also try to arrange for more bespoke training at their own site. The courses are normally for 4 or 5 people, our services include a 5 day course in Robot Programming and Advanced Robot Programming, as well as a 2 day course in Mechanical and Technical Awareness. Please be aware that these courses are not always available immediately so please enquire before making any arrangements.

Robot Programming

We can normally supply a robot programmer or programmers for most robotic applications for long term or short term requirements. We can usually supply programmers with experience of all of the major industrial robots, ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, Motoman and Kawasaki.

Health & Safety

We like to assure all customers that site installations or modifications are always carried out safely in accordance with Health and Safety requirements. Risk assessments and method statements are supplied prior to work commencing. Again, if you require advice regarding the safe use of robots in the work place then please give us a call.

Existing Installations

As well as offering new stand alone solutions, we can also offer modifications or relocations of existing robotic cells and equipment so again please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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The 2400L robot is an easy to install, accurate medium sized robot and is ideal for ARC and MiG welding applications as well as material handling and tending operations.

ABB IRB 7600 S4C+ M2000 ROBOT - USED

The IRB 7600 robot is a versatile robot and with it's massive 400 kg payload it is ideal for the automotive and heavy engineering / handling industries where heavy load manipulation is required.


The IRB 6400R is a very popular robot and widely used in the automotive, manufacturing and other industrial environments.

ABB IRB 6600 S4C+ 2005 175KG 2.55M OR 2.80M ROBOT - USED

IRB 6600 175kg Robot in excellent condition


HSD500 SX Positioner including Plinths and Platform

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