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  • The largest perforation company in the world
  • Perforation patterns & perforated metal screens
  • Perforated embossed sheets for cladding Buildings
  • The largest perforation company in the world
  • Perforation patterns & perforated metal screens
  • Perforated embossed sheets for cladding Buildings
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The Worlds Largest Perforation Company

As the largest perforation company in the world RMIG is able to offer a huge range of perforation patterns, perforation metal screens and associated products so please believe us when we say perforation is without limits.

Whatever your business or organisation here at RMIG we know that your performance and success is what keeps us going, therefore let us both together find the perfect perforated solution to meet your specific needs.

RMIG offers a vast range of perforated products to an equally vast range of industries, from industrial processing, food processing and household appliance manufacturing through to buildings, interiors, multi-media, communication and automotive.

Industrial Processing
Perforated screens for petrochemical, chemical energy, waste water, healthcare and the paper industry.

Food Processing
Perforate screens for increased crop yields in sugar production, agriculture.

Household Appliances
Long life corrosion resistant perforated products.

Buildings, Interiors
Perforated and expanded metals.

Loudspeaker grilles, ventilation grilles.

Perforated and pressed metal components.

Perforation Products
At RMIG we are not only the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal because no one understands the market like us. We are able to provide our customers with high quality products to meet their exact requirements, at a competitive price and whats more with an uncompromising service.

RMIG Perforation
Whether functional or decorative RMIG offers a perforated sheet product for every application including round hole perforation, square hole perforation, slot hole perforation and more:

• Round hole
• Square hole
• Slot hole
• Hexagonal hole
• Bridge hole
• RMIG Trieur
• RMIG Perfocon
• Embossed
• Ornamental

RMIG Expanded Metal
RMIG expanded metal is light, strong and has anti-skid qualities making it the most popular material for today’s building and industrial design needs. It is also ideal for a wide range of secondary operations so for more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

RMIG Formed Products
RMIG is your innovative partner for formed metal products and components. We are able to supply a vast range of formed products to a wide range of industries including automotive, white goods, decorative lighting, multi-media and more.

RMIG Sugar
For the sugar industry RMIG offers a range of perforated metal screens for cane and sugar beet production processes so why not let us find the perfect solution for your needs.

More Perforation Solutions
RMIG offers more than just perforated sheet products.

We also offer a wide range of finishing options and secondary operations which have been designed to save you time and money including:

• Cutting
• Forming
• Bending
• Welding
• Galvanising
• Powder Coating
• Wet coating
• Anodising

If you would like to find out more about RMIG or search for ideas from our online pattern catalogue please visit our website. The website at RMIG also contains a link to formulae that may be useful when working with perforated materials and information on raw materials along with a PDF download section.

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Key Personnel

Nathan  Cooke

Nathan Cooke
Managing Director

Tel: 01925 839610
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Clare Gibson
Sales Office Manager

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Andy         Wadbrook-McLay

Andy Wadbrook-McLay
Technical Manager

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Wendy Gwatkin

Wendy Gwatkin
Sales Marketing Coordinator

Tel: 01925 839607
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David       Fanner

David Fanner
Business Development

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