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  • Full production process for books and journals
  • Copy editing, typesetting and proof reading
  • Illustrations, indexing, e-books and printing
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    Riverside Publishing Solutions Ltd

    Copy Editing - Typesetting - Proof Reading - Illustrations - Printing

    With a combined experience of over eighty years in the publishing industry Riverside Publishing Solutions is able to provide a full production process for books and journals.

    This experience also allows Riverside Publishing Solutions to understand what it is that our customers consider important.

    From the receipt of an unedited manuscript through to final product for print, online and e-book we offer you the complete service for all of your publishing needs.

    Online Book Store

    Check out our Book Store where you will find our growing catalogue of books all of which are available to buy on our website and delivered by Royal Mail. Our library is always growing so be sure to check back regularly. We accept PayPal, Bank Transfer and Cheques.

    Project Management

    Our project managers understand the importance of deadlines and budgets and are dedicated in making sure your books or journals are produced in a professional and cost effective manner.

    Our project managers are also UK based with considerable knowledge of the publishing industry as well as able to discuss your projects without any cultural differences and time zones.


    Yes a book is judged by its cover and it plays a large part in whether we like it or not so it pays to get it right.

    We can design your book from colour, typeface, images and layout through to space above headings and character spacing so why not let us produce for you a great looking publication.

    Self Publishing

    If you have just written the next best seller, let us help you achieve the best results for publishing your book and showing off your creation to its maximum potential.

    Riverside Publishing Solutions offer book and manuscript copy editing, typesetting, book page layout design, illustration, cover design, and many other services to help you publish your book. Whether it�s a collection of photographs, a recipe book, a children�s story, poems, help book or your first novel, we have the expertise to help turn it into a professional publication and can provide Mobi, ePub and PDF files.�

    Copy Editing

    Riverside Publishing Solutions will ensure your content is correct, so whether it needs a full language and sense edit or just a basic style applied we have high calibre freelance editors to make sure your copy editing will be just right.


    Riverside believes that a good typeset page is extremely important although it�s not a problem for us to achieve.

    Our publishing systems include APP (3b2), LaTeX, InDesign and Quark although XML has now become the main form of text mark up.


    Working in partnership with Jellyfish Solutions in Southampton Riverside is able to ensure you get the very best print package at a competitive price. The best materials, correct methods and competitive price makes up the perfect print.

    Archiving and Digitisation

    Riverside utilise the very latest in scanner technology and can convert your archive material into the latest PDF version with searchable text with the option to generate XML and eBook versions.

    This is just a brief description of the wide range of publishing services Riverside Publishing Solutions is able to provide. More details and specific information may be found by visiting our website.


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