Resin Building Products

Resin Building Products

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  • Manufacturer of resin based building products
  • Epoxy and MMA resin based coatings
  • Sealers, screeds, mortars and adhesives
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    'The development and manufacture of resin based building products '

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    Resin Building Products

    For the past twenty years Resin Building Products have been specialising in the design and manufacture of resin based building products and a wide range of materials to meet the needs of the building industry including Epoxy and MMA resin coatings, screeds, sealers, adhesives and mortars.

    With a range of award winning solutions we still continue to grow and develop new materials that are now at the forefront of todays resin industry.

    Resin Building Products can also provide full technical support to its clients using our own in house technical team who can guide you through your whole project.

    Hygienic Coatings - Solvent free and water based epoxy systems
    In certain environments where hygiene is important it is necessary to choose the right surface capable of meeting the rigorous cleaning requirements expected today.

    Resin Building Products provide a comprehensive range of hygienic resin systems for both floor and wall applications that are durable and easy to clean.

    Industrial Flooring - Durable solutions for industrial applications
    The key to minimising down time in any industrial environment is the right choice of floor surface products to enable fast and easy cleaning. We offer a number of high performance Industrial Flooring products that have been specifically designed for this application.

    Chemical resistant systems
    Resin Building Products supply a range of Epoxy Systems for bund protection and floors that may be subject to chemical attack.

    These systems have been specifically developed to provide protection and long term resistance in the most aggressive environments e.g. 96.99% Sulphuric Acid.

    Slip & Skid Resistant Flooring Systems - Resilient solutions for safety critical areas
    Our range of Epoxy & MMA resin based coatings and screeds combined with carefully selected aggregates, have been designed to provide a broad range of solutions to help prevent slips and accidents both in the workplace and where the general public have access.

    MMA Flooring Systems - Fast curing resin systems, offering a rapid return to service
    The MMA resin systems from Resin Building Products offer a vast range of solutions for a fast return to service and where multiple site visits are not economical.

    These floor products can achieve the desired slip and hygienic surface within a day even in sub-zero temperatures.

    Concrete Repair & Protection - Resin based systems for the permanent repair of concrete
    Resin Building Products have the technical ability to tailor a specific repair system to meet your exact requirements.

    These bespoke systems can be used in situations where its important that the repairs to be carried out meet both the structural and the aesthetic requirements of the specifier.

    So whether you're repairing a floor, a bridge structure or even a 100 year old stone cottage we are confident that we can provide you with the perfect solution.

    Resin Building Products operates on a UK and worldwide scale and has the capacity to provide local assistance where necessary.

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    Products and Services

    1. Anti Slip Floor Coating
    2. Anti Slip Floor Coatings
    3. Anti-Slip Polyurethane Floor Coatings
    4. Bespoke Resin Floor Systems
    5. Bespoke Resin Floors
    6. Cementitious Floor Screed
    7. Commercial Resin Flooring
    8. Concrete Protection Products
    9. Concrete Repair
    10. Concrete Repair Products
    11. Concrete Repair Solutions
    12. Concrete Repairs
    13. Decorative Resin Floor Finishes
    14. Decorative Resin Floor Systems
    15. Decorative Resin Floors
    16. Designer Resin Flooring
    17. Epoxy Floor Coating Systems
    18. Epoxy Floor Coatings
    19. Epoxy Floor Screeds
    20. Epoxy Flooring
    21. Epoxy Flooring Systems
    22. Epoxy Floors
    23. Epoxy Poured Resin Floors
    24. Epoxy Resin Floor Coatings
    25. Epoxy Resin Floor Finishes
    26. Epoxy Resin Flooring
    27. Epoxy Resin Floors
    28. External Floor Coatings
    29. Extra Heavy Grade Industrial Flooring
    30. Factory Floor Coatings
    31. Fast Curing Floor Screeds
    32. Fast Drying Floor Screed
    33. Floor Coating
    34. Floor Coating Services
    35. Floor Coatings
    36. Floor Coatings (Screed Applied)
    37. Floor Screed
    38. Floor Screed Contractors
    39. Floor Screed Underfloor Heating
    40. Floor Screeding
    41. Floor Screeding Contractors
    42. Floor Screeds
    43. Floor Sealants
    44. Heavy Duty Resin Flooring
    45. Heavy Grade Industrial Flooring
    46. Heavy Wear Floor Coatings
    47. Industrial Floor
    48. Industrial Floor Cleaners
    49. Industrial Floor Coatings
    50. Industrial Floor Coverings
    51. Industrial Floor Matting
    52. Industrial Floor Refurbishment
    53. Industrial Floor Screeds
    54. Industrial Floor Scrubber
    55. Industrial Floor Services
    56. Industrial Floor Sweepers
    57. Industrial Floor Systems
    58. Industrial Flooring
    59. Industrial Flooring Contractors
    60. Industrial Flooring Services
    61. Industrial Flooring Specialists
    62. Industrial Flooring Systems
    63. Industrial Floorings
    64. Industrial Floors
    65. Industrial Resin Flooring
    66. Latex Floor Screeds
    67. Liquid Floor Screed
    68. Liquid Floor Screed Supplier
    69. Mma Resin Flooring
    70. Mma Resin Floors
    71. Pumped Floor Screed
    72. Resin Floor Coatings
    73. Resin Floor Finishes
    74. Resin Floor Installations
    75. Resin Floor Installers
    76. Resin Flooring
    77. Resin Flooring Contractors
    78. Resin Flooring Manufacturer
    79. Resin Flooring Manufacturers
    80. Resin Flooring Services
    81. Resin Flooring Systems
    82. Resin Floors
    83. Resin Industrial Floors
    84. Seamless Epoxy Resin Flooring
    85. Self Leveling Floor Screed
    86. Self Levelling Floor Screed
    87. Self Levelling Floor Screeds
    88. Slip Resistant Floor Tapes
    89. Slip Resistant Floorcovering
    90. Slip Resistant Flooring
    91. Solvent Free Resin Flooring
    92. Specialist Resin Floor Systems
    93. Supaflo Floor Screed
    94. Warehouse Floor Coatings
    95. Workshop Floor Coatings

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