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  • Rainwater harvesting systems and components.
  • Rainwater tanks, pumps, filters and controls
  • Fast delivery from UK stock.
  • Rainwater harvesting systems and components.
  • Rainwater tanks, pumps, filters and controls
  • Fast delivery from UK stock.
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RainWater Harvesting Ltd

Rainwater Harvesting Ltd supply all the components needed to build a rainwater harvesting system. We sell everything from Complete Rainwater Harvesting systems to jubilee clips online or over the phone for fast delivery from stock anywhere in the UK mainland. The web site contains a huge information bank including vital downloads, manuals, information packs and videos from manufacturers’ sites.

Catch rainwater, collect, store and use rain water and make the most of a free resource. Flush the toilet, water the garden and wash clothes with soft clean filtered rainwater.

The bigger rainwater storage tank, the bigger the gain
A 200 litre water butt will not give you a huge amount of protection during a drought. You can easily install bigger tanks, anywhere from 1600 to 10000 litres in size. By doing this, you not only protect yourself against any future water shortages but reduce your overall consumption of mains water. With extra investment, rainwater can be used for WCs and washing machines and we offer a wide range of tanks that are adaptable to many different locations: wall tanks that fit neatly and discreetly against your house, large tanks which can be located either above or below ground, keeping them away from your roof. Many of our tanks come from Germany where rainwater harvesting is commonplace and has been well-established for many years.

Rainwater In The House
With a small amount of additional investment, rainwater can be used With a little extra investment, rainwater can be used inside to feed WCs and washing machines. Installing a domestic system is more straightforward in a new-build home, but with some alterations to down-pipes and interior plumbing, a system can be added to existing houses.

Water tanks of 2000 to 7000 litres are needed for feeding the home and we can supply you with the accessories needed, including pumps, super filters and a mains switchover panel which transfer the rainwater supply system to the mains if the tank runs out. We now have a wealth of information about managing rainwater in the home and articles about rainwater in multi-home developments.

Rain Director
Rainwater Harvesting Ltd is the home of the WRAS approved Rain Director®, the rainwater management control system that will help you feed cleaner rainwater to toilets and washing machines at constant pressure. The Rain Director® saves you money on energy and reduces the wear and tear on your pump.

RainWaterHarvesting.co.uk website offers rainwater harvesting information, technical rainwater harvesting information and information about about companies associated with rainwater storage, recycling, rainwater, harvesting, systems. We sell rainwater harvesting systems so you can flush toilets and wash cloths and save a very precious precious resource. We sell tanks from Graf like the Carat, Hercules, Rondus and tanks from Balmoral. We stock filters and pumps from top European suppliers for rain harvesting and the unique HOG and H2OG tanks for saving rain. We answer questions about rainwater harvesting, rain collection, drought protection, water barrels, water butts, water storage, garden watering, pumps, filters, water tanks and rainwater collection. The site includes facts about environmental protection, water shortage, flood and irrigation. We show how much water you can recover from roofs of houses, outbuildings and greenhouses to top up swimming pools, ornamental ponds, hot tubs, clean your car, power wash your patio.

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