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  • Industrial Insulated Electric Garage Doors
  • Retail Aluminium Shop Door Repair & Maintenance
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    Prestige Doors

    Prestige Doors offers one of the most comprehensive supply, fit and maintenance services in Worthing and surrounding areas so whether its industrial, retail or domestic doors we will deliver both on price and service.

    - Industrial Doors
    - Commercial Doors
    - Domestic Doors
    - Garage Doors
    - Security Doors & Garages
    - Repairs & Maintenance
    - Emergency Roller Shutter Repairs

    We provide and install all types of doors as well as offer a reliable repair service and routine maintenance service for domestic garage doors, shop roller shutters and industrial doors.

    Commercial Roller Shutters
    For Worthing and surrounding areas Prestige Doors offers customers a second to none supply and fitting service. As specialists in the design and installation of commercial roller shutters we can help you create a more secure and functional space for your business, so why not get in touch to find out more.

    Security Shutters
    Where security shutters are concerned it's important to have a well-planned routine maintenance program in place and that�s where Prestige Doors can help. From lubrication to the replacement of failing or broken parts we will ensure your security shutters operate to their optimum.

    Industrial Insulated Doors
    When choosing the right materials, the colour and specification of your new industrial door installation, another important factor to take into account consider is insulation. A properly insulated door can make all the difference to the everyday running of your business by keeping your staff warm as well as reducing your energy costs. As specialists in this area we can advise the right type of insulation to suit your installation so why not get in touch to find out more.

    Sectional Garage Doors
    We offer a wide range of sectional door products to customers throughout East and West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. Sectional doors are an extremely cost effective way of opening up more precious space as they take up virtually no space at all. They also provide a high level of security against break-ins and vandalism. Please speak to us today about the sectional garage doors we supply.

    Electric Garage Doors
    If you've been looking for a professional and reliable supplier of electric garage doors in Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey then please call Prestige Doors today and speak to the experts, we can comfortably take care of any electric door requirements you have in mind.

    Retail Shop Door Repair
    Where retail shop door repairs are concerned we provide both a standard repair and emergency repair service. At Prestige Doors we understand the impact a faulty or broken door can have on a business so we are always ready to react promptly when you most needs us. No matter what size or specification we can supply the door best suited to your requirements.

    Aluminium Shop Door Maintenance
    To provide the best possible level of security for your home or business we only supply doors that are made from the best quality materials. These doors can a incorporate a wide range of options including manual hand crank operation or electric switch operation which ever best suits your needs.

    To find out more about Prestige Doors and the wide range of highly efficient door supply and installation services we are able to provide please visit our website or get in touch.

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