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    Presona offers businesses who are positive about sustainability a supply and distribution service for Waste Balers and Recycling Machinery.

     • Balers
     • Conveyers
     • Sorting Plant
     • Waste Extraction

    We will support your business in being more effective and sustainable with a range of recycling and baler machines that have been created to recycle your waste in the correct way.

    Why Our Waste Balers?
    The range of waste balers and recycling machines from Presona all have their own unique modular design which in turn provides endless opportunities for customisation.

    They can also be upgrade, maintained and repaired in the most cost effective way possible.

    Also if you struggle with clearing blockages from your recycling machinery you'll find our waste balers will provide you with the perfect solution.

    Our waste disposal solutions are a fantastic way to see a world where recycling really works so whether your processing paper, cardboard, plastics or metal we can help.

    Expert Design Team
    As well as our great range of machinery we have a team of experts who can support you throughout the whole process including, design, supply, installation and maintenance.

    Presona balers can be used to process a wide range of materials including but not limited to:

     • Cardboard and Paper
     • Textiles and Carpets
     • Plastics
     • Metals
     • Manufacturing Waste
     • Municipal Waste
     • Packaging Materials

    Another of the most essential pieces of equipment used for waste management are conveyors. We supply an innovative new range of conveyers that have been created to cope with even the most demanding recycling applications.

    They’re also easier to maintain and upgrade than ever before so the design possibilities are basically endless.

    Sorting Plant
    Presona also design, build, supply and install bespoke recycling solutions to meet the needs of customers with specific recycling needs.

    Start to Finish Service
    We will take care of the complete contract, from project planning and design through to installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

    Waste Extraction
    Where waste extraction is concerned a well-planned and designed waste collection system can not only improve your organisations efficiency but prove very cost effective.

    Bespoke Waste Extraction Systems
    Every single waste extraction system provided by Presona has been designed and manufactured to meet the specific recycling needs of our customers so if this is an area that may be of interest to you please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

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