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Pre-Treatment Solutions

  • Manufacturer of unique chemistry products
  • For industrial and agricultural communities
  • Innovative & environmentally conscientious solutions
  • Eco-friendly chemistry

A Manufacturer of Unique Chemistry Products

As a leading manufacturer of unique chemistry products Pre-Treatment Solutions is able to provide a wide range of innovative and environmentally conscientious solutions for industrial and agricultural applications.

We are able to supply cleaners and coatings based on eco-friendly chemistry to minimise the costly effects of harmful by-products all of which are supplied through a network of trade partnerships on a global distribution level.


PTS offers a range of tried and tested agricultural solutions from Equine Care and Cow Care through to Poultry Care with products to include:

Clearound products have been developed to enhance the appearance of your horse or pony and maintain that all important groomed look all year round.

Healthy Hooves
This cost effective product is safe and easy to use and provides an environmentally friendly solution to maintain hoof health and increase your milk yield.

Healthy Udders
Healthy Udders is basically a `teat dip solution` for cows. It offers a range of benefits including improved milk quality, protection between milking and ease of application.  It not only conditions skin but also offers protection against bacteria and viruses.

Carefree Enzymes
Carefree Enzymes provides protection against parasites and insects such as mites, lice and fleas. It also increases body weight and egg production so to find out more please visit our website.

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PTS supply a wide range of unique chemistries for multi-metal processes.

Our diverse knowledge and partnerships with some of the world’s leading international organisations means PTS is the technological leader when it comes to metal phosphate pre-treatment products.

Phos-Prep PP 971
Phos-Prep PP 971 T from PTS is part of a wide range of solutions designed to serve the backbone chemistry for an equally wide range of applications. It offers zero sludge, low temperature and is a cost effective alternative to zinc phosphates.

Phos-Prep PP 920
This innovative product is a chrome free alternative pre-treatment for traditional chrome based processes; aluminium and zinc based substances. It also provides a no rinse process making it an extremely cost efficient product providing an ecological solution to the ever increasing problem of today’s waste disposal.

Powder Coating
PTS also provides a wide range of powder coating materials with a huge colour palette available for multi-material surfaces.

Powder coatings are available in BS4800, RAL and BS 381C.

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This is only a small sample of the wide range of innovative and environmentally friendly products PTS is able to supply so to find out more please visit the website.

  • PHOS-PREP PP 971 T
  • Powder Coating Colours
  • PHOS-PREP PP 920
  • Chemistry Products

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The Auto-wash is our fully automated, pre-treatment machine for use in the powder coating industry.

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