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    As a one stop shop for customers with moulding and assembly requirements Polymermedics offers the complete bespoke solution 24/7 in order to meet the demands of a wide range of markets including the medical, scientific and technical sectors.

    From sketch and design through to development and manufacture Polymermedics utilises a number of tried and tested services to produce customerís high quality and tolerance critical moulded components ranging from numbers of just a few dozen parts up to orders of 2 million parts.

    - Tooling & Procurement
    - Manufacturing & Coating
    - Metrology & Assembly
    - Validation & Verification
    - Packaging & Logistics

    Tooling Design

    Polymermedics offers customer the entire service plan throughout the journey of either their new or existing moulded component project including new plastic injection mould tooling, transfer of existing tooling to include maintenance and refurbishment, verification, mould surveys, inspection and visual appraisals.

    Manufacturing & Coating

    Whether low or high production Polymermedics uses state of the art injection moulding machines and the latest technology to produce the most complex components to meet each and every customerís specifications and supply chain needs.

    To further complement this manufacturing service we offer a range of value added services which can include insert moulding, decoration of parts and coating.

    Metrology & Assembly

    From a dedicated metrology and assembly department set in a temperature and humidity controlled environment using the latest Minitab analysis software, we are also able to offer our customers statistical reports, gauge research and development studies as well as a full range of metrology services.

    Validation & Verification

    Polymermedics is committed in meeting its customers specifications regarding the manufacture and quality over all of the processes we carry out and endeavour to follow all industry standards, these include:

    - Designed Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
    - Factory Acceptance Test
    - Site Acceptance Test
    - Installation & Operational Qualification
    - Process Development & Performance Qualification

    Packaging & Logistics

    Where packaging and logistics are concerned we have the capacity to provide full supply chain management and warehousing which consistently ensures excellent traceability results.

    From automated packaging, downstream print operations and pressure and vacuum leak testing through to paint finishing and plating, consignment stock and Kan ban stock each service can be tailored according to the customerís specific requirements.

    If you have been looking for a dedicated injection moulding company to support you through every stage of your production needs please do not hesitate to contact Polymermedics.


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    Products and Services

    1. 3D Scanning
    2. 3D Scanning Metrology
    3. Annealing
    4. Assembly
    5. Bespoke Manufacturing
    6. CNC Tooling
    7. Coating
    8. Custom Tooling
    9. Dimensional Metrology Services
    10. Faro Metrology
    11. Faro Metrology Services
    12. Fully Automated Assembly
    13. Hand Assembly
    14. High Precision Tooling
    15. High Volume Manufacturing
    16. Injection Mould Tooling
    17. Injection Tooling Manufacturer
    18. Insert Moulding
    19. Insert Mouldings
    20. ISO 7 Manufacturing
    21. Low Volume Manufacturing
    22. Machine Tooling
    23. Manufacturing
    24. Manufacturing Companies
    25. Manufacturing Consultants
    26. Manufacturing Parts
    27. Manufacturing Service
    28. Manufacturing Services
    29. Manufacturing Solutions
    30. Manufacturing Technologies
    31. Manufacturing Technology
    32. Medical Device Manufacturing Cleanroom
    33. Medical Manufacturing Consultancy
    34. Metrology
    35. Metrology Services
    36. Metrology Systems
    37. Metrology Tooling
    38. Micro Moulding
    39. Micro Moulding Tooling
    40. Micro Mouldings
    41. Micro Tooling
    42. Mould Tool Validation
    43. Mould Tool Verification
    44. Mould Tooling
    45. Multi Axis CNC Tooling
    46. Multi Cavity Tooling
    47. New Tooling
    48. Non-Contact Coordinate Metrology
    49. Non-Tactile Metrology
    50. Optical Metrology
    51. Precision Injection Manufacturing
    52. Precision Injection Moulding
    53. Precision Manufacturing
    54. Product Verification
    55. Prototype Tooling
    56. Rapid Tooling
    57. Semi Automated Assembly
    58. Special Purpose Tooling
    59. Specialised Tooling Design
    60. Sub Contract Manufacturing
    61. Sub-Contract Manufacturing
    62. Subcontract Manufacturing
    63. Tactile
    64. Tooling
    65. Tooling Component
    66. Tooling Components
    67. Tooling Design
    68. Tooling Manufacture
    69. Tooling Manufacturer
    70. Tooling Parts
    71. Tooling Spares
    72. Tooling Support
    73. Ultrasonic Testing
    74. Ultrasonic Welding
    75. Validation
    76. Validation Service
    77. Verification
    78. White Room Manufacturing

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