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Polishing Jewellery by Moleroda

  • We make polishing felts - felt points, felt wheels
  • Manufacturing polishing tools for over 25 years
  • Equipment and Tools for jewellers
  • A wide range of Polishing Machines and motors
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Leaders in Tooling and Equipment for Jewellers

Polishing Jewellery also known as Moleroda Finishing Systems offers one of them most comprehensive ranges of Jewellers polishing products.

From an up to date manufacturing facility based I n Wiltshire we design and manufacture a large range of jewellery, goldsmiths and silversmiths tools and associated consumables including:

...• Mounted Tools
...• Wheels, Mops & Cones
...• Hand Tools
...• Polishing Compounds
...• Polishing Equipment
...• Ultrasonic Cleaning & Laser Welding
...• Polishing Kits
...• Magnifiers, Lights, Aprons
...• Special Offers

To further compliment this range of high quality products we also offer a range of other well-known brands including:

...• Fordom
...• Faro
...• Milbro Pendant Motors
...• Compounds from Dialux & Cannings and Menzerna
...• Abrasives from Matador, Artifex and Cratex

Mounted Tools

The large range of mounted tool products we have to offer is too vast to list here but briefly includes products such as Flick Wheels, Radial Discs, Mounted Cotton, Yarn and Chamois, Mounted Polishing Felts, Abrasive Nylon Mounted Wheels, Mounted Calico & Mini Stitched Mops, Self-Adhesive Discs, Mandrels, Mounted Polishing Kits, Abrasive Rubber Points, Wheels, Cups & Pencils, Diamond Points and many more.

Wheels, Mops and Cones

Polishing and Buffing Mops, Bristle, Brass, Steel, Hair and Radial Discs, Abrasive Nylon Sateen Polishing Mops, Abrasive Rubber Wheels and Tapers, Mounted Ring Felts and Unmounted Felt Products are just a small sample of the wide range of high quality polishing products that can be found at our online shop.

Hand Tools

Polishing Jewellery by Moleroda offers one of the widest ranges of Hand Tools for the Jewellery industry, from Stones, Hand-E-Files and Ceramic Stones through to Degussit Stones, GarryFlex Abrasive Blocks, Hand Brushes and Bench Stones.

Polishing Compounds

Polishing Compounds available from our online shop includes Polishing Bars, Menzerna Compounds, Dialux & Rouge Compounds, Ceramic Sprays, Powders and Pastes so to find out more please visit our online shop.

Polishing Equipment

The range of Polishing Equipment supplied by Polishing Jewellery has been designed and manufactured by some of the industry’s leading brands including Foredom, Faro & Milbro and Proxxon.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional jewellery manufacturer this range has been chosen to suit a wide range of polishing applications.

Ultrasonic Cleaning & Laser Welding

We offer a range of Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaning Systems incorporating features such as time and temperature control. Our easy to operate equipment is perfect for all types of ultrasonic cleaning operations including optics, dental, laboratory, watches and electronic components.

With the very latest in Laser Technology, Polishing Jewellery by Moleroda offers a range of Laser Welding and Laser Engraving products, more information of which may be found at our online shop.

Magnifiers, Lights and Aprons

Our Optivisor lenses are ground and polished to precision ophthalmic standards and set in a lightweight yet durable impact resistant headband. Interchangeable lens plates are available to order for a wide range of applications.

We also offer a range of Dust Masks, Safety Glasses and Workshop Leather Aprons.

For more information about any of the products mentioned here please visit our online shop.

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Good stuff, fast delivery. Feedback for you: Excellent. For your product Diamond File - DS - 3mm - ROUND - MEDIUM : Excellent

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Feedback for you: Excellent. For your product: Excellent Service rating : Order dispatched promptly. Product : Tremendously useful product.

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