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    Innavisions Recyclable Packaging Ltd

    Innavisions Plastic Packaging offers a complete range of injection moulded and thermoformed plastic food packaging containers and trays.

    As exclusive UK sales agents for Intopack bv of The Netherlands and Decapac bv of Belgium, Innavisions can provide unique tamper evident containers for both food and non food applications.

    We aim to be the complete plastic packaging supplier for our customers and hence also works on behalf of a small number of excellent UK suppliers to complete the range of plastic food packaging offered.

    Ready Meal Packaging
    High transparency and microwaveable packs display premium ready meal products in the way possible way. Tamper evident design allows for easy closing and efficient production.

    Tamper Evident Containers
    Probably the widest range available in the UK, available in round, square, rectangular and oval. Easy to pack and reclosable for the consumer. All tamper evident containers are suitable for microwaving and have liquid tight push on lids.

    Film Sealable Containers
    Consistent quality makes containers easy to film seal. Optional over lids are available. Can be suitable for HPP processing.

    rPET Containers
    New and unique tamper evident design packs in round and square. Excellent transparency without the need for film sealing.

    Microwaveable Packaging
    Moulded in a transparent PP with the option of IML decoration. Suitable for hot filling and microwaving.

    Sauce & Dressing Pots
    Small film sealable single portion pots made from PP or rPET depending upon fill criteria. Bespoke sizes can be easily designed and manufactured.

    Round Tamper Evident
    Size range from 30ml to 2500ml. Lids easily applied to give a secure liquid tight closure. Ideal for chilled or ambient products.

    Square Tamper Evident
    Square offers greater efficiency for transport and on shelf display. Ranging in size from 125ml to 5000ml.

    Rectangular Tamper Evident
    Particularly suited for certain products such as salads, sandwich fillings and confectionery. Used both in retail and food service.

    IML Decoration
    The best quality decoration for tamper evident film sealable ranges. Offers one material decorated packaging as labels and packaging is 100% PP. No glues or adhesives.

    Paperboard Containers
    Produced in white or Kraft board and available with a lid. Ideal for many products such as ice cream, confectionery, dried snacks, salads, popcorn etc. Sustainable and recyclable.

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