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  • Plastic Fabrication - Perspex Acrylic Cut to Size
  • Precision Laser Cutting & Engraving
  • Trade Sign Supplies - Retail Displays & POS
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    Plasfab Limited

    Plasfab Ltd offers clients in the UK and around the globe a highly efficient plastic design and fabrication service including precision laser cutting and laser engraving as well as a highly efficient cut to size supply service.

     • Bespoke Perspex Fabrication
     • High Volume CNC CO2 Precision Laser Cutting
     • Precision Laser Engraving
     • Retail Displays and Point of Sale Fabrications
     • Trade Sign Supplies
     • Custom Plastic Machine Guards
     • Polycarbonate Acrylic Boat Windows

    Your plastic fabrication products can be manufactured from a wide range of perspex acrylic and engineering plastics including:

    • Perspex Acrylic
    • ABS
    • PETG
    • PET
    • HDPE
    • HIPS
    • PVC
    • Nylon
    • Polycarbonate

    Bespoke Perspex Fabrication
    Whether a one off prototype, or high volume order, Plasfab offers you the complete plastic fabrication service. We utilise state of the art machinery and software to design and develop visually stunning fabrications to meet the needs of our clients.

    Every single one of our fabrications is manufactured in house giving us complete control over your project, from initial concept through to production and delivery.

    Polycarbonate Acrylic Boat Windows
    The replacement of boat windows can be hard to accomplish and an expensive undertaking. However acrylic can be used to replace boat windows, with out custom acrylic boat windows being up to 10x stronger than traditional glass. They are other benefits to using acrylic for your boat windows... one major benefit is perspex polycarbonate sheets so no sign of ageing, in fact you can expect up to 20 years of continuous use without any signs of deterioration.

    Our polycarbonate boat windows are custom made, we are able to provide windows for any boat type, so please get in touch with your requirements.

    Custom Plastic Machine Guards
    For industrial settings and manufacturing plants plastic machine guards are an essential safety feature. Our custom plastic machine guards provide a barrier between potentially dangerous machinery and workers. We specialise in custom design and the manufacturing of machine guards to suit all applications.

    Plastic CNC Precision Machining
    Our in house laser machines allow us to cut a wide range of plastics so whether you need small delicate parts engraving or large plastic panels we can deliver and what's more at a competitive price.

    Precision Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving
    With a program of ongoing investment in state of the art plastic machining technology we are always ready to meet new challenges in the industry.

    Where signage is concerned Plasfab excels:

     • Laser Cut Letters
     • Panels
     • Small Components
     • Large Commercial Signs
     • Health & Safety Machine Plaques
     • Pre-Drilled Holes
     • Edge Polishing

    COVID-19 PPE
    Plasfab also manufactures a range of high quality COVID-19 PPE products to meet the needs of today’s current pandemic situation.

    Products include Flat Pack Screens, Access Hatches, Acrylic Sneeze Guards, Hygiene Screens, Safety Screens, Office Screens, Social Distancing Screens, and Reception Screens all of which can be purchased through our online store.

    If you would like to find out more about Plasfab and the wide range of plastic design and fabrication services we have to offer please visit our website.

    Opening Hours

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    Friday 09:00 to 16:30
    Saturday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Acrylic Fabrication
    2. Acrylic Fabrications
    3. Acrylic Fabricators
    4. Acrylic Screens
    5. Architectural Commercial Sign
    6. Architectural Commercial Signage
    7. Architectural Commercial Signs
    8. Bespoke Acrylic Fabricators
    9. Bespoke Plastic Fabricating
    10. Bespoke Plastic Fabrication
    11. Bespoke Plastic Fabrications
    12. Bespoke Plastic Fabricators
    13. Childrens Face Visors
    14. CNC Plastic
    15. CNC Plastic Cutting
    16. CNC Plastic Engineering
    17. CNC Plastic Engineering Services
    18. CNC Plastic Machinery
    19. CNC Plastic Machining
    20. CNC Plastic Milling Engineering Services
    21. Commercial Sign
    22. Commercial Signage
    23. Commercial Signs
    24. Coronavirus Face Visors
    25. Cough Guards
    26. Cough Shields
    27. Countertop Guard
    28. Countertop Sneeze Guards
    29. COVID Face Shields
    30. COVID Face Visors
    31. Covid Safety Screens
    32. COVID-19 Barrier Screens
    33. Covid-19 Equipment
    34. Covid-19 Masks
    35. COVID-19 PPE
    36. COVID-19 Signage
    37. Custom Plastic Fabrication
    38. Edge Polishing
    39. Engraved Perspex
    40. Face Visors
    41. Flame Edge Polishing
    42. General Plastic Cutting
    43. Health & Safety Machine Plaques
    44. Industrial Plastic Fabrications
    45. Laminated Plastic Fabrications
    46. Large Commercial Signs
    47. Laser Cut Letters
    48. Luminous Perspex
    49. Machining Machine Centres CNC Plastic
    50. Milling Engineering Services CNC Plastic
    51. Perspex
    52. Perspex Cast Acrylic
    53. Perspex Display
    54. Perspex Display Cabinets
    55. Perspex Display Case
    56. Perspex Display Stands
    57. Perspex Displays
    58. Perspex Domes
    59. Perspex Engraving
    60. Perspex Fabrication
    61. Perspex Furniture
    62. Perspex Holdback
    63. Perspex Holder
    64. Perspex Kitchen Splashbacks
    65. Perspex Lectern
    66. Perspex Letters
    67. Perspex Mimic Fascias
    68. Perspex Mirror
    69. Perspex Monolith Structures
    70. Perspex Picture Frames
    71. Perspex Products
    72. Perspex Routing
    73. Perspex Screens
    74. Perspex Sheet
    75. Perspex Sheet Supplier
    76. Perspex Sheets
    77. Perspex Shelf
    78. Perspex Shelves
    79. Perspex Shelving
    80. Perspex Shopfitting
    81. Perspex Showcases
    82. Perspex Signage
    83. Perspex Signs
    84. Perspex Sweet Domes
    85. Perspex Thermoformed Panels
    86. Plastic Cut To Size
    87. Plastic Cutting
    88. Plastic Cutting Machine
    89. Plastic Cutting Machinery
    90. Plastic Cutting Machines
    91. Plastic Cutting Service
    92. Plastic Cutting Services
    93. Plastic Fabric
    94. Plastic Fabricating
    95. Plastic Fabricating Service
    96. Plastic Fabricating Services
    97. Plastic Fabrication
    98. Plastic Fabrication CNC Milling
    99. Plastic Fabrication CNC Routing
    100. Plastic Fabrication CNC Turning
    101. Plastic Fabrication Equipment
    102. Plastic Fabrications
    103. Plastic Fabrications To Specification
    104. Plastic Fabricators
    105. Plastic Laser Cutting
    106. Plastic Laser Cutting Service
    107. Plastic Laser Labels
    108. Plastic Sign
    109. Plastic Signs
    110. PPE Childrens Face Visors
    111. PPE Face Visors
    112. Prototype Plastic Fabrications
    113. Retail & Commercial Signs
    114. Robot Based Plastic Cutting
    115. Signage
    116. Signs
    117. Small Components
    118. Sneeze Guard Protection Screens
    119. Sneeze Guards
    120. Sneeze Protection Screens
    121. Sneeze Screens
    122. Sneeze Shields
    123. Sub-Contract CNC Plastic Machining

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