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  • Design & manufacture of Mould Gauge Equipment
  • Special Gauge Manufacturing Service
  • Penico Gauge Calibration
  • Design & manufacture of Mould Gauge Equipment
  • Special Gauge Manufacturing Service
  • Penico Gauge Calibration
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Penico Gauges Ltd

Mould Gauge Equipment
As one of the UKs leading designers and manufacturers of mould gauges and reamers, Penico offers one of the widest ranges of quality products and services for the mould industry.

With over thirty years of experience in the glass container industry Penico Gauges has developed a deep understanding of the problems often faced by the mouldmaker and mould repairer.

The gauges we supply have been designed and manufactured for the inspection of mould equipment not only during manufacture but throughout the whole mould repair process.

These gauges provide the basis for the correct interlocking fits that guarantee mould interchangeability and improve efficiency of I.S. machines including prolonged mould life.

Our Aim
Penico Gauges works closely with its customers to provide solutions for individual applications. We therefore offer an efficient and competitive multi-gauge service to the worldwide glass container industry.

  • To meet the demands of today’s market through innovation
  • To develop our products and systems to meet our customers specific requirements
  • To remain the market leader in our products and services
  • Continual program of investment for improvement in products and manufacturing

Penico Gauges offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of gauge and reamer products including:

  • Penico Blank Reamers for Neckring Fittings
  • Penico Plug Gauges
  • Penico Bottom Plate Dovetail Profile Gauges
  • Penico Fitter Gauges
  • Penico Mould Reamers for Bottom Plate Fittings
  • Penico Blank Mould Dovetail Flush Pin Profile Gauges
  • Mould Baffle Gauges
  • Penico Series III Rotary Tables

Penico Blank Reamers for Neckring Fitting
Our range of blankmould reamers are an essential tool for the mould repair industry and provide an extremely cost effective alternative to expensive and difficult machining operations by transforming the whole process into a bench fitting job.

Penico Digital Mould Dovetail Flush Pin Profile Gauge
This accurate gauge differs from the more traditional type of profile gauge because it actually measures the exact size of the dovetail width. It also helps the operator to set the machine more accurately and with fewer mistakes.

Penico Plug Gauges
The range of Penico Blank and Blowmould Plug Gauges from Penico have been manufactured specifically to inspect the pinch diameter of the dovetail profile in the blank & blowmould.

Supplied with Go & No Go ends our plug gauges are available in a wide range of diameters from 2” through to 7” inch diameter.

Penico Bottom Plate Dovetail Profile Gauges
The Penico Bottomplate Dovetail Profile Gauges from Penico are used to inspect the dovetail profile of the neckring and consist of a Go and No Go profile.

These are also available with carbide faces for prolonged operational life. Once again these are available in sizes ranging from 2” to 7” diameters.

Penico Neckring Dovetail Profile Gauges
These gauges also have a Go and No Go profile and have been designed to inspect the dovetail profile of the neckring.

Penico Blowmould Dovetail Flush Pin Profile
The highly accurate Penico Blowmould dovetail Flush Pin Profile Gauge is specifically used to inspect the dovetail profile only and is made up of a fixed and movable anvil.

This gauge is available with carbide tips for extended use and can also be supplied with a digital indicator to further improve its efficiency.

Hollow Mill Gauge
Our hollow mill gauge allows you to accurately determine the hollow mill measurement required for counteracting a bend in a mould. The bend occurs when working temperature is reached in the mould set.

Rotary Table Series 4
The rotary table series 4 has a chuck size of 400mm and has been designed for greater stability. It is waterproof to 1P54 standard, rugged in construction and suitable for Production and Toolroom work achieving surface flatness of 0,003mm.

Export and Delivery
We have exported to over 50 countries worldwide. We provide a delivery service to most parts of the world and all are dispatched using major carriers. We are also able to provide the relevant documentation for the custom authorities.

This is only a small sample of the wide range of precision engineered gauge products and services available from Penico. For more detailed information about all products please refer to our website.

Plunger Inspection Gauges


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