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  • Suppliers of ozone generators
  • Manufacturers of electrostatic precipitators
  • 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Suppliers of ozone generators
  • Manufacturers of electrostatic precipitators
  • 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects
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Ozcon Environmental Solutions

Since 1988 Ozcon Environmental has been providing clients from all walks of industrial and commercial sectors with innovative clean-tech ozone solutions designed to protect the environment we live in.

Today Ozcon delivers hundreds of projects and thousands of products to some of the world’s leading organisations such as KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Microsoft and Coca-Cola to name but a few.

Industry leading solutions for a wide range of applications offered by Ozcon Include:

Air Treatment
Ozcon Environmental offers a range of products that use ozone technology which have been created for applications such as odour removal, disinfection, air treatment, smoke, voc's, contaminants and industrial emissions as well as various other applications.

Ozone Water Treatment
Where bacteria and viruses are concerned Ozcon uses ozone technology to deliver a number of solutions for disinfection, wastewater, colour removal as well as other uses including swimming pools to break down and kill all microorganisms with no harmful effects to people in and around the pool area.

Food Safety
For food safety Ozcon offers a range of high performance products that use far less energy than other existing and conventional hygiene systems on the market. The range of ozone technological solutions provided by Ozcon Environmental includes:

• Electrostatic Precipitators
• Ozone Generators
• UV Systems
• Clean Room Air Purifiers

Electrostatic Precipitators
Covering both the commercial and industrial sectors Ozcon offers a range of electrostatic precipitators which have been developed and manufactured to provide solutions for destroying biological and chemical contaminants that are known to circulate throughout the home.

Ozcon’'s highly efficient electrostatic precipitators are designed for kitchen ventilation extraction as well as pollution control for the kitchens exhaust system.

Ozone Generators
Equipped with the very latest corona discharge technology the Ozcon ozone generators ensure high concentration at all times and will provide a whole range of industries with maximum benefits and flexible production.

Industrial Ozone Generators
For industrial applications the large scale ozone generators provided by Ozcon all incorporate the patented and innovative dual corona discharge system capable of covering a whole range of high capacity applications.

Commercial Ozone Generators
Whether kitchen, domestic room or car, Ozcon offers a commercial ozone generator for most applications, all of which have been created to destroy odours, grease particles and clean and protect your health.

• Lightweight Mobile Ozone Generators
• Floor Standing Ozone Generators
• Wall Mounted Ozone Generators

If you have an existing Ozone project and would like to find out about the wide range of high performance Electrostatic Precipitators and Ozone Generators Ozcon has to offer please visit our website or get in touch.

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five stars
Baris Ergun, McDonald's Turkey

Fits perfect for our extraction systems. We’re using ESP’s in our many restaurants and we’re very satisfied with their performances. Although we’re producing too much grease particles in our cooking fume, Ozcon Electrostatic Precipitator never let us down.

five stars
Dincer Atak, Emaar Square

We use Ozcon electrostatic precipitators in our food court’s cooking smoke extraction. ESP units are working without any problems and their efficiency is great. They are running simultaneously with our extraction fans so we don’t need to operate them. Well done!

five stars
Paul Newman, Sterafill Limited

In the time we at STERAFILL LIMITED have been dealing with OZCON Enviromental we have had a fast and comparative experiance and we are looking forward to future dealing to come