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  • Cable handling and machine tool protection.
  • Over 20 years supplying a variety of industries.
  • Cable entry systems, plastic/steel drag chains and more.
  • Cable handling and machine tool protection.
  • Over 20 years supplying a variety of industries.
  • Cable entry systems, plastic/steel drag chains and more.
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M Buttkereit Ltd

Welcome to M.Buttkereit - Advanced Machine Components

Advanced Machine Components

M.Buttkereit Ltd is a invaluable source for all areas of the manufacturing industry. For over twenty years we have supplied to the automotive and railway industries, steelworks and specialist machine tool and equipment manufacturers.r>
We have an extensive range of cable handling and machine tool protection equipment. Standard products are available off the shelf or we can work with our customers, from the design stage to ensure they find the best possible solution.

Cable Gland Entry Systems

The cable gland entry system is a combination of cable gland entry plate and captured split grommets. The extraordinary advantage for the application is the split system which enables a retro-fit of prefabricated cables or wires.

Cable Drag Chains

Cable Drag Chains are designed to guide and support moveable cables / hoses and are available in plastic or steel construction.

Cable Clamps

Our cable clamps are designed to hold and support a variety of different power cables in a variety of situations. The clamps are all short circuit tested and can clamp single or multiple cable arrangements.

Flexible Conduit

We supply a complete range of flexible conduit systems to many industries across Europe.

Apron Covers

Apron type cover systems protect machinery from chips and coolants. The cover systems are available as single parts or as complete modules including guide track systems and roll away covers, making them flexible to fit in existing environments.

Slideway Wipers

Slideway protection plays an important part in preserving the life of modern machine tools.

Slideway Coating / Filler

The quality and outstanding technical properties of SKC slideway coatings have been proven over a period of almost thirty years.

Spring Steel Covers

Spiral Springs are circular telescopic covers that are excellent for the protection of spindles and shafts.

Electrostatic Filters

A company’s future is dependent upon the health and welfare of its skilled workforce. Health & Safety regulations concerning air quality in factories is becoming increasingly rigorous and Elbaron Air Cleaners are setting new standards due to their commitment to research and development.


Fabric bellow guards provide protection to any exposed machinery.

Roller Covers

Roller covers provide machine protection on a wide range of applications. They are available with steel or fabric covers.