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Specialising in Magnetic Separation Equipment

Master Magnets Ltd is the UKs leading manufacturer of magnetic separation equipment and a supplier of Eddy Current Separators.

Established over 35 years ago back in 1978, the company has built up one of the widest ranges of metal sorting equipment, ensuring the most suitable and cost-effective solutions can always be supplied.

Whatever the application, whatever the industry,
Master Magnets has a magnetic solution to meet the most demanding requirements.

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Master Magnets Electro Overband & Eddy Current Separator System

Mobile Eddy Current Separator


Mastersort Eddy Current Separator
at RWM 2016

Eddy Current Separators
 at UK Metal Recycling Plant


Eddy Current Separators:
The Eddy Current Separator from Master Magnets is an advanced metal processing unit capable of separating non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminium from industrial and domestic waste.

Overband Magnets:
Our Mastermag Overband Magnets are known globally for their effective continuous removal of tramp ferrous metals from the product stream.

Suspension Magnets:
At Master Magnets we have increased our range of Suspension Magnets to allow us to cater for the ever increasing size of today’s conveyors and their deeper troughing and conveyor speeds.

Drum Magnets:
Our range of impressive Drum Magnets can be used in applications where there is a high input of material being processed and a need to remove some of the smaller particles of ferrous material.

Pulley Magnets:
Master Magnets range of Pulley Separators offer easy to use and reliable solutions for the continuous extraction of ferrous materials from the product stream.

Metal Detectors:
We are able to supply a range of Metal Detectors designed to suit most applications, from conveyors to pipelines. The sensitivity can vary dependant on the size of the contamination and industry use.

Tube & Grid Magnets:
Master Magnets are also able to manufacture a wide range of magnetic tubes and grids which are mainly used for the removal of fine and general unwanted iron so as to protect products from metal contamination.

Laboratory Equipment:
Our experienced staff in our testing laboratory at Master Magnets are able to make sure only the most suitable and effective machinery is supplied for each application.

Can Sorters:
The extremely compact Can Sorter from Master Magnets is specifically designed for beverage can separation and to offer customers an easy to install product.

`R` Type ECS:
Master Magnets have specifically design this equipment for applications that do not require the separation of fine non-ferrous particles using a high intensity ECS.

Bullet Separators:
Our Bullet Separating equipment offers cost efficient use when extracting iron particles from gravity feed or pipeline chutes and is designed for either vertical or near vertical installation.

Plate Magnets:
Plate magnets from Masters Magnets provides customers with an inexpensive form of magnetic protection from the occasional tramp iron contamination.

Magnetic Sweepers:
As manufacturers of a wide range of permanent and electromagnetic sweepers, in 2009 Master Magnets launched a new range of cost effective Magnetic Sweepers.

Liquid Pipeline Separators:
Our Liquid Pipeline Separator known as the Master Trap offers highly effective use where the extraction of fine iron from viscous or wet products is required.

Forklift Magnets:
At Master Magnets we are now able to provide custom built forklift stabilising magnets which are designed to retain steel loads by holding items fast against the forks while lifting.

Wet Drum Permanent Separators:
These are used mainly in the recycling industry for the recovery of magnetic/ferrosilicon in iron ores and dense media plants.

Disc Separators:
Our Disc Separators are now widely used in industries such as mining and minerals, plastic and glass manufacturing and ceramic and powder handling. They ensure accurate separation of materials that have varied magnetic susceptibilities.

Whim Magnetic Separators:
The Master Mag from Master Magnets are wet high intensity and high gradient WHIM separators mainly used for continuous extraction of fine paramagnetics presented in wet state.

Electro Magnetic Filters:
The High Intensity Electro Magnetic Filter from Master Magnets has been specifically designed for the continuous removal of ferrous/magnetic particles from liquid based applications.

Induced Roll Separators:
The Master Mag Induced Roll Separator is for the extraction of small magnetic particles from minerals to produce purification for a wide range of ceramic and mineral processing applications.

Rare Earth Roll:
Our `Mastermag` rare Earth Masteroll contains Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets. The product to be treated is fed by a vibratory feeder on to a short centred conveyor belt to enable a smooth feed of material on to the magnetic roll.

Vibratory Feeders:
We are able to supply a complete range of Vibratory Feeders which are designed for any type of material handling applications. They produce an even spread of free flowing material.

Stainless Steel Separators
Stainless steel separators are used to either recover valuable materials from the primary product or to remove weakly magnetic material. The stainless steel separator has a far greater strength magnetic field than a standard separator.


Master Magnets are also able to provide a range of services.

At Master Magnets we can custom design and manufacture a wide range of machinery and equipment to meet your specific requirements and applications.

We will often insist on a site visit so as to enable us to get a better idea and evaluation of some of the more specialised and complex applications.

We also offer a complete installation service for our customers using our own highly experienced engineers.

Having a fully equipped laboratory enables Master Magnets to operate a sample testing service using up to date equipment and modern techniques.

Repair and refurbishment is also carried out for customers requiring mechanical, electrical and fabrication repairs.

  • Wet Drum Permanent Separators
  • Tube & Grid Magnets
  • Suspension Magnets
  • Stainless Steel Separators
  • R-Type ECS
  • Pulley Magnets
  • Plate Magnets
  • Overband Magnets
  • Metal Detectors
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Eddy Current Separator Systems
  • Drum Magnets
  • Can Sorters
  • Bullet Separators
  • Disc Separators

5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
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By Faye Crowe ,

From advising us on the magnet order, right through to installation Master Magnets have been extremely helpful and professional, the magnet is working very efficiently and we are extremely pleased with the results.

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By Keith Mcgrath ,

We use Master Magnets for both our metal detection and magnetic separation requirements, as their products are an efficient and reliable solution to metal contamination. The services that they have provided us with have also been second to none.

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By American Ref-fuel ,

Just wanted to drop you a note and give you an update on the two electro-magnets supplied to us by your firm last year. The magnets came on line last September, and their performance to date has been remarkable. We are experiencing higher than expected ferrous recovery from both.

Was this review useful?
By Jylhan Metalliromu Oy ,

We bought an Overband Magnet from Master Magnets in September 2000. We have been very happy with it: The first machine in the history of the scrap industry that seems to need no maintenance and repairing.

Was this review useful?
By Karsten Rasmussen ,

Upon first contact with Master Magnets, I was most impressed with their knowledge of the application and the crushing plant. Upon delivery of the Type ‘K’ overband separator, (which was prompt) I very was impressed by the quality and strength of the magnet.

Was this review useful?

News & PR

Mastermag Returns For 9th Consecutive Hillhead Show!

Mastermag will be demonstrating a range of equipment at their 9th consecutive Hillhead show this year.

Tradeshow Sales Key To Successful 2016

We’re enjoying a great year of exhibitions so far at Master Magnets, with June’s ‘Waste16’ show in Manchester getting us off to a great start.

Laboratory Equipment Supplied To Belgium

Research Institute Vito NV located in Belgium has bought several items of Laboratory Magnetic Equipment from Master Magnets to evaluate the magnetic properties of different minerals in their research.

Mastermag Supplies ECS To Spanish Metal Recycler

Master Magnets have recently worked very closely with one of Spain’s leading plant and equipment manufacturers Cometel S.A...

27 Year Old Magnet Still Going Strong!

In July this year Master Magnets were contacted by a customer whose transformer rectifier for their electo-magnet had failed.

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