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Unit A1, Continental Approach, Westwood Industrial Estate
Margate Kent

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    Hamilton Laboratory Glass Ltd

    Celebrating 50 Years

    We specialize in manufacturing water stills, Organic Chemistry Sets and creating Scientific Glassware for laboratory use. From simple glass tubing to complex screw top threads and condensers, our skilled staff are able to create the kind of apparatus you are looking for.

    We offer Laboratory Glass, Organic Chemistry Sets and Scientific Glassware all of which can be produced bespoke to meet your specific needs and requirements. We can take customers drawings for any bespoke project, we can also undertake research and development projects.

    We are based in Margate, Kent but have clients all across the world who always put their trust in our services.

    All of our Laboratory Glass and Scientific Glassware products are made to the very highest standard possible and are designed for use in laboratories in industry and in education.

    Laboratory Glassware

    Many years experience in the manufacture of scientific glassware employing highly qualified glassblowers with many years of expertise in this field.

    Supply other manufacturers with components such as sockets, cones, screw threads for further manipulation in the glass trade.

    � - We aim to provide a quick and efficient service.
    � - All Hamilton glassware is manufactured to British or international standards
    � - Hamilton laboratory glassware is produced and sold on a competitive basis.
    � - We undertake repairs of all types of laboratory glassware.

    Bespoke Glassware

    � - Make non standard glassware from customers drawings and specification.
    � - Can manufacture one off prototypes to aid research and development.
    � - Can repair bespoke glassware.
    � - Manufacture non scientific items such as lampshades and domes and items for artwork.

    Water Stills

    � - Hamilton laboratory glass pride them self on their extensive range of water stills.
    � - Used worldwide in commercial, research and education laboratories.
    � - Efficient low maintenance and reliable in service.
    � - Meet all current safety regulations.
    � - Complete answer to all water purification requirements.
    � - Built up a trusted reputation in UK and abroad.
    � - We have many agents that represent us and distribute our products.
    � - Export to far east, middle east, Asia and europe.

    Organic Chemistry Sets

    � - An extensive range of semi micro sets designed to cover the widest range of techniques in organic chemistry
    � - Interchangeable and easily replaced should a loss or breakage occurs

    Bill Hamilton and Eric Bodley were the founder members of Hamilton Laboratory Glass Ltd who had previously worked together at W G Flaige �Excelo� Glass Works. Bill Hamilton was a machinist and Eric Bodley was a glassblower, together making the perfect partnership. In the early years they developed an extensive range of glassware from volumetrics to water distillation. Eventually through demand the company concentrated their production manufacturing onjointed ware and water stills.

    After William Hamilton�s sudden death in 1987 Eric Bodley took over the sole directorship of the company and over the years has been joined by his wife Janet, son Christopher and daughters Lisa and Gemma. In 1993 the company relocated to Margate where it is still based today.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 08:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 08:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 08:00 to 17:00
    Friday 08:00 to 12:00
    Saturday Closed
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    Pro-Forma 30 days
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    Products and Services

    1. Absoption Tubes
    2. Adaptors
    3. Aquamatic Water Still
    4. Aspirator Bottle
    5. AWC
    6. Bespoke Coils
    7. Bespoke Glass Design
    8. Bespoke Glassware
    9. Bespoke Manufacturing
    10. Borosilicate Glass
    11. Bottles
    12. Budget Water Stills
    13. Capillary Tubing
    14. Chemistry Equipment
    15. Chemistry Set
    16. Chemistry Sets
    17. Chromatography Columns
    18. Coils
    19. Columns
    20. Condensers
    21. Customied Laboratory Equipment
    22. Deionisers
    23. Distillation Equipment
    24. Dreschel Bottles
    25. Dreschel Head
    26. Economy Water Stills
    27. Educational Products
    28. Educational Supplies
    29. Extractors
    30. Filter Funnels
    31. Flange Lid
    32. Flanges
    33. Flasks
    34. Glass
    35. Glass Aspirator Bottle
    36. Glass Bespoke Designs
    37. Glass Blowers
    38. Glass Blowing
    39. Glass Bottles
    40. Glass Components
    41. Glass Cut To Size
    42. Glass Jars And Bottles
    43. Glass Laboratory Equipment
    44. Glass Manufacturers
    45. Glass Processing
    46. Glass Rod
    47. Glass Stopcocks
    48. Glass Supplies
    49. Glass Tubes
    50. Glass Tubing
    51. Glassware
    52. Glassware Supplier
    53. Jointed Glassware
    54. Lab Glass
    55. Lab Glassware
    56. Laboratory Bottles
    57. Laboratory Equipment
    58. Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers
    59. Laboratory Glass Blowing
    60. Laboratory Glassware
    61. Laboratory Heaters
    62. Laboratory Supplies
    63. Labware Beakers
    64. Labware Bottles
    65. Labware Apparatus
    66. Labware Cylinders
    67. Labware Distillation
    68. Labware Flasks
    69. Labware Funnels
    70. Labware Stoppers
    71. Labware Tubes
    72. Manufacturing
    73. Multi Lid
    74. O Ring Joints
    75. One Off Prototypes
    76. Organic Chemistry Set
    77. Organic Chemistry Sets
    78. Plastic Laboratory Equipment
    79. PTFE
    80. PTFE Stopcocks
    81. Refurbishment Of Water Still
    82. Research And Development Service
    83. Reservoir For Water Stills
    84. School Equipment
    85. Scientific Equipment
    86. Scientific Glass
    87. Scientific Glass Blowing
    88. Scientific Glassblowing
    89. Scientific Glassware
    90. Scientific Instruments Manufacturer
    91. Scientific Laboratory Glassware
    92. Screw Cap Joints
    93. Screw Thread Adaptors
    94. Screwthreads
    95. Separating Funnels
    96. Sintered Discs
    97. Sintered Glassware
    98. Specialist Glass Products
    99. Spherical Ground Joints
    100. Spherical O Ring Joints
    101. Splashheads
    102. Stillheads
    103. Stopcocks
    104. Stoppers
    105. Test Tube Glass
    106. Tilt Measure
    107. Vertical Water Still
    108. Water Distillation Units
    109. Water Production Equipment
    110. Water Purification For Laboratory
    111. Water Still Refurbishment
    112. Water Stills


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