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KiD Catering Equipment

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Oaktree Court Business Centre
Mill Lane
CH64 8TP

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One of The UK's Main Approved Suppliers of Catering Equipment

KiD Catering Equipment was established in 1991 primarily as a service organisation and has now evolved, through our established customer’s constant word of mouth recommendation, (“no better way, they say”) into supplying high quality, innovative catering equipment products that KiD Catering Equipment genuinely feels comfortable in being associated with, for both build quality and longevity of working life.

Whether it be project management, kitchen CAD design, specialist equipment sales, food service equipment Installation, service maintenance contracts, service & repairs or equipment spare parts, then KiD Catering Equipment has a wealth of expertise from qualified in-house personnel that are dedicated to serving the customer in the most effective way to suit each individual businesses exact needs, requirements and wishes.

Bar Design

We are specialists in bar design utilising the Hagola range of high quality products. KiD is your designer, catering equipment supplier, service provider across the UK and also for overseas countries for example UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Mauritius plus cruise ship(s).

Commercial Catering Equipment Supplier

Incorporated alongside KiD Catering Equipment, we have KiD Equipment Solutions that specializes in being the authorised UK supplier of specialist equipment to the food service Industry such as "Hagola" for German bar & counter delicatessen systems, "Nemox" for Italian Frix Air & ice cream machines, "Delaubrac" for French cooking ranges, "Frucosol" for Spanish cutlery polishers & juicers, "UniC" for Italian fan ovens and all of these products are shown within the KiD E-Commerce web Site, which are all generally available ex stock.

Foodservice Equipment

KiD are appointed agents/distributors for various manufacturers foodservice equipment & associated products from around the globe and therefore we can offer you a full turn-key service whether it be front of house for food servery or bar counters, beverage equipment, lounge & dining room furniture, EPOS systems, ventilation & air conditioning, or back of house for cold rooms, kitchen wall cladding, anti slip flooring, storage bins, shelving & racking, water boilers, veg preparation units, prime cooking equipment, ware washing comprising of glass washers, dishwashers & pot washers, stand alone refrigeration units, ice cream makers, gas interlock proving systems, grease traps, water filtration, hygienic refuse bin cooling, waste compactors, insect control, wash room products i.e. hand dryers, vending machines, soap dispensers.

With our various lines of commercial catering equipment, kitchen catering equipment and bars coupled with 36 years experience, we can help you design the perfect kitchen or bar layout in a space saving, efficient manner within the area you have to work with. Planning includes not only the basic equipment you need right off but making allowances for extras you might like to add at a later date for convenience or expansion of business.

If you are already setup but needing to add additional equipment for expansion or updating we can help you with a design incorporating the new additions into your existing layout. Financing your project is made simple by our ability to offer highly competitive rates to enable you to have the equipment you really desire with payment terms that are both sensible and cost effective.

Equipment from Leading Manufacturers

KiD Commercial Catering Equipment Services offer equipment & spares from all manufacturers from around the globe i.e. Baron, Blue Seal, Bonnet, Calomax, Caterlux, Cidelcem, Clenaglass, Convotherm, Dawson, Delfield, Dualit, Falcon, Foster, Frucosol, Garland, Gram, Hagola, Hoshizaki, IMC, Ital, JIMO, King Edward, Lincat, Mareno, Meiko, Merrychef, Metcalfe, Moffat, Moorwood Vulcan, Nemox, Parry, Rational, Robot Coupe, Rollergrill, Rowlett, Samsung, Sammic, Silesia, True, UNIC, Viscount, Williams, Winterhalter etc

Catering Equipment Spares

We supply spare parts for a whole host of manufacturers equipment including the unusual long forgotten units that are collecting dust in your storerooms. Providing you can supply us with the make, model and serial number of the item(s) of equipment, then we will endeavour to supply you with the required component(s) to bring it back to a fully functioning piece of equipment.

When you next require advice, a quotation for a project, new equipment, maintenance contract, a service or repair, or maybe a spare part, then call KiD

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